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We bought tires.  they are not awesome cool 1337 tires.  Just average tires.  $500 bucks.  It might not seem a lot to some people, but $500 bucks is a lot of money to us these days.  I took a HUGE cut in pay when I left my job as a benefits administrator to complete my college degree in Molecular Biology.  I have yet to see any benefit from it.

Okay, no true, there are some benefits.  I’m not rabidly buying clothes, or doing other financially destructive things.  But man, I’m also not putting money into my retirement either.  Sad to say that we are more financially stable now, then when I made more money, but equally sad that I am now so much more in debt with nothing to show for it.

This is not to say that I don’t love the company I am with, but I finished my degree to get away from accounting/office work.  Mostly becasue sitting in front of a computer all day is boring as hell for me. 


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1) Buying Tires

Hello Money!  Goodbye Money!

2) People who refuse to take care of themselves

You have a chronic illness.  When something happens to aggrivate this, you do not go to the doctor.  How is this healthy, prudent or reasonable?  You are doing harm to yourself and for what?  For a shit job that pays crap and already abuses you.  Seriously, go to the goddamn doctor already.

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1) People just not showing up

At least tell us, you’re no longer going to be raiding, raiding with us, being around for us to harass.  It’s just common courtesy.

2) People applying to other raids that the officer core subs in (but making themselves available on the days we run)

That’s right, man, we’re not going to be happy about you deciding your not available on a day, especially since you never mentioned anything to us about it BEFORE we saw your name on the other raid’s roster.

3) Random Drama-Llama

Just leave the raid’s recruitment post alone.  Sheesh.

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Okay, so I didn’t sleep much last night.  No sleep makes me irritable, but surprisingly little has irritated me today.

1) The way I feel after hearing news stories about vets.

Because all I can think about is Blake.  We didn;t talk as much as we used to.  Could I have helped?  I have no idea, but he was changed by his time in the service.  It makes me sad.  I have this whole issue with grief, which leads me too…

2) Fat girls should not cry.

Seriously, I hate crying.  I absolutely hate it.  I went through this same beligerent attitude towards myself when my dad died.  I am trying to be more aware of it this time.  When my dad died, I completely shut down for almost a year.  Pity the man, for he had to suffer through all that.

I did, eventually, see a counselor after realizing that my job was in jeopardy.  The counselor was pretty cool considering how hostile I am towards people in the mental health profession.  I told the woman at our first meeting, “I don’t like or trust people in your profession.”  Great way to start!  She did give some good tips, considering my attitude about crying.  Time to schedule crying time.

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I’m going to have to leave this town.  I have struggled for over a year to find a job in the field I have a degree in and there is nothing. 

I really love Portland.  I’ve been to lots of places across the United States and I have never seen any place like it.  It hurts to know that I have to leave it.  The husband is very supportive, but he has also commented on how much he likes this place.

Where ever we go, we will be together.  That’s something.

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1) McCain calling for more off shore drilling.

John, john.  I used to be for you.  I was one of those people that rooted for you in 2000.  I’m one of the people that got angry when you party pulled the rug out form under you.  I’m one of those swing voters you might have been able to count on.

It’s true, you lost my vote when you decided to support the American Governement using torture, but this last thing is beyond ridiculous.  Offshore drilling is not going to stop the rise in gas prices, even if it were viable and safe (which there is no guarntee that it is).  It will take years before any new wells will produce a decent amount of oil.  This is pandering.

Is it possible that you believe that people are stupid enough to fall for this?  You should have stayed as the man you were in 2000.  You should have stayed different and unusual and cocky.  We loved you then, John, when you were a man we could truly believe did what he thought was right.  We like that, after all, America reelected George Bush for reasons like that.  Now, you just look like any other pandering politician.  In a contest against a “man with a vision” trotting out the same-old, same-old, is a recipie for disaster.  Just as Hilary Clinton.

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Oxana of Feathermoon in a thread about RP qqing.

“You come get da voodoo, mon! Der be good aahrrr peeh ou’ in da troll towns, an we be havi’ a go ol’ time, and den dem droods come an’ be all unhappy, mon, an tell us we be dancin’ wrong, mon, an’ da druid tells us we can’t have no more cat-girls, mon. Den we gotta throw dem bears out, mon, an’ dat upset all de odder bears, mon. ‘Cause dat bear was der friend, mon. Whatchu wanme to ax, mon?”


My funny bone is tickled

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