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Congrats to Verdus

For getting a cool job at a cool place (No matter what the Husband says about it!)

Have fun, dude!


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Okay,  So as you all know, I made it into WoW beta.  I let this suck a little of my usual blogging time.  Anyway, here are my goals for this week:

1) Apply for at least three new jobs that have a listed salary of at least $16/hr. and are closer to home.

2) Increase my Nordic track time to 20 minutes (currently at 10)

3) Continue to watch caloric intake for the week.

4) Complete 2/3 of the mailing list given to me by my boss.

5) Clean up my work space and get all lingering things done.

6) Spend at least four hours on writing projects

7) Clean the bathroom.

8 ) Do 2 loads of laundry beyond what is required for work/after work.  Fold the results and put them away.

9) Clean my desk and find a workspace for beads.

10) Watch at least one movie (dvd) with my husband.


10 things.  I can do that.

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Another New Link

Added Adorable Girlfriend.

Fear the love (and her rabbit)

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One of those damn days

Sometimes it is possible to analyze yourself too much.  The husband says I do this because I still kind of worry that I might be going crazy.  He’s not wrong, mind you, and it’s not nearly as bad as it has been in years past, but I cannot deny that it is still there.  Every single time I feel down/depressed/angry/irritable/stressed/lonely etc, I indulge in it ever so briefly and then I ask “should I be feeling this way?”

It is not exactly healthy, I suppose.  I should probably try and stop it, but I am not sure I can.  And maybe that means I might be a little crazy too.


So why am I thinking about this right now?  I’m having one of those days.   I have friends that are in the WotLK beta and I feel really kinda depressed about that.  I want to play the beta, but no beta key for me.  (Or for Conan, or for Warhammer.  I used to beta test lots of games.  I must be too old or something?  Who knows)

I have friends that just spent a fantastic weekend in Wisconsin and I should be eating up the stories, but I’m actually more silly weepy because I was home.  My trip to the Seattle Feathermeet was tanked.  I’m starting to feel a little trapped and lonely.  I HATE feeling this way.  (Almost as much as I hate getting weepy, which is a whole other rant about how fucked up my mind is sometimes.) 

Which is not to say that I don’t want to hear about the Beta or about the awesome time at the cabin in Wisconsin, just that feel kinda left out and I am upset with myself for feeling left out and it is feeding on itself.  And I don’t want to take this out on my friends.  Lords knows they have enough people bitching at them about incredibly stupid things and they don’t need me adding to it.

So instead I blogged about it and bitched at you all.



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The past couple of days, I’ve been getting hits from another blog.  It’s a WoW blog.  It’s a paladin blog. 

So far, I like what I see, so I have added it to the games and gamers links.

It’s Paladin Time!

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Yes yes

I haven’t blogged or written much of anything for over a week.

No, I don’t have a good excuse.

Right now I am working on a strat for Azgalor and then I have this project I am doing for work.


Also, I mock Nancy for not being able to eat hot peppers!  HA HA!  😛

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Oh, its true that it took us 7 attempts to kill Vashj and that I was frustrated with some people.

And it is true that work is still less than what I want it to be.

But, when you end a long hard night with kill Don Carlos, walking around in a sombreo and goofing off and RPing with friends…

that’s a good night.

❤ to Kansin, Azunma, Fyriat, Gharr and Keega.

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