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I should have seen it coming

“You know where i said, I’d like you cut your hours?  Can you start that next week?

At least you got some extra hours.”


Yes, I was hired with the understand that this job was part-time.  And yes, I have been hunting not quite so hard because I was making full time work.

But no, I am not planning on just sitting around to see if your marketing stuff works.

You can’t pay me 40 hours a week, but you shell out tons of money for that guy.  Yeah, you know the one.


I’m hitting the job trail heavy this week, people.


Oh, and Bika…  NOw I really am upset.

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Family News = Bad News

My mother had wracked up a massive number of family information failures.


Bri has gotten married.  Congrats Cuz (if you ever see this)


My uncle(mom’s bro) has gotten a divorce. 


My mom’s aunt (great auntie Pug) has died


My “kissing cousin” has moved back in with his folks.


Oh, and BTW, his dad had an operation to remove a brain tumor.


Now, I have not been the best communicator with my family.  I felt pretty hurt about a lot of things that happened.  It isn’t all their fault, I admit, but damn…


I miss them too.  Mostly, I miss the cousins.


Gah!  Gotta work to stop crying.

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I am slacker: Weekly list

So, I’m a slacker.  here is my list for this week.  I have no ogood excuse for not blogging.  I will, however, gladly blame Riley.  Kerbada, you cat needs another lecture.


1) I will complete my CV and get it to AG for her to tear it to shreds and mock me, by friday.

2) Begin the actual writing of the Fire and Light story.  Begin the outlining for the Dhiarroden story.

3) Work up to 7K steps.  I’ve been at 6 for two weeks. 

4) Take some “before” pictures.  Since I can’t really afford a scale that can acturate measure my weight, I’d like a frame of reference.


Maybe I will add somemore, but I have other blogging to do.

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