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I only write when it rains

Probably not the best thing to do, but I’ve been using this blog mostly as a way to pin down and analyze my thoughts.

Anyway,  things suck.  My hours have been cut for three weeks.  I still haven’t heard anything from any job since the first day they were cut.  The project my boss had said I could work on a few hours a week at home to help round out my hours has been nixed. 

Oh, and my dps sucks btw.  Seriously, I’ve been tweaking things for months, doing everything I can.  I’ve taught myself to push buttons and not click, I’ve been watching cool downs.  Nothing.  And, since this comes on top of all the other bullshit, its really dragging me down.

I just have trouble justifying playing a game when I can’t even do average.  The game is easy, so everyone says, so why can’t I even do this right?

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