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Death, it sucks

My cousin has been in Hospice for over a week now. So, its not like this is sudden.

But it doesn’t mean it sucks any less.


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I’m juggling a lot of things right now. I have the idea for a few wow focused posts and all that, but not really the time to give it the effort it deserves.

I think I’ll just add one thing about pride. Pride can be a good thing in moderation. When pride makes you do stupid stuff, well that just stupid.

There are lots of times that you don’t want to admit that you need help or just some extra leeway or hell just an ear to let you ramble about stuff too. It is as though admitting those things make you weak or your afraid that your friends will think less of you.

Let me tell you, my friends. Take it from me, that is pure poppycock. No one in this world can go totally alone. We all need people. It’s a good thing to tell your people that you need those things and to let them know they can come to you for things.

So, to my people, all that and more.

You all are awesome.

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Was home sick yesterday and pretty much did nothing but tooled about in WoW and sleep.


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And The Blarg sets in

So, good times in WoW last night. Destril and Then’liath got married. It was fun. We also found out that Ambika is not pregnant.

I, for my part, thought it was damn funny when Kansin leapt up, ran around and started dancing in the middle of the ceremony. Some people not so much.

I also liked all the stuff afterwards. It wasn’t one of those big RP affairs, but it was funny and people had a good time.

It was fantastic to have people we don’t RP with often, like Teevi and Azunma, show up.

Overall, it was a good night. Even if I did manage to prod a sick Destril into tanking and then healing a heroic for the benefit of the Pill.

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Rainy days and Mondays

Okay, so I am taking up my challenge starting today.

It’s monday. I spent most of the day yesterday drugged up with benedryl because I have had the allergy attacks from hell.

This makes for very difficult Mondays. one, because I hate mondays and two because my body wants to stay in its drug induced coma.

But still, I am here at work, plugging away at this, a reconciliation and a post I promised Destril two days ago.

I also forgot to do the in-game invitations for Destril’s and Then’liath’s wedding.

let me just say here that RPing Dorri not being able to sleep last week was not as much RP as it was me suffering from next to no sleep.

Hopefully this week will be better.

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I have been challenged

If I blog everyday for a month, Bricu will write me a Pill ficlet. How can I resist that?

So, what are the rules for this blogging?

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Hello people

I am blogging because if I don’t Kerbada will harass me.

Mostly, I am just plugging away at work and generally getting by.

Also, working on getting some beadwork together to send teh mommacow.

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