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Dangerous (Ficlet)

Another Ficlet challenge. I thought this might help satisfy my craving for working on the Belf plot.


“I dunno, Faylen”  Dorri tried to feel the thrill of sneaking away as she followed him into the family sunroom.  Nothing had the same feel anymore, not since she had failed at anything that mattered.  She even suspected that her father had told the two women that were supposed to make sure that she and Faylen Sunray followed the rules of the house that they were no longer needed.


“Come on.”  He pulled on her arm.  His smile was the same, but she thought it was just silly now, not alluring.  The door to the room fell shut behind them  “What does it matter anyway?”


“What does it matter?”  She pulled her arm away and took a few steps back.  She listened to him talk with a growing sense of disbelief. 


“… and even if you do get pregnant, it won’t change anything between us.  I still plan on marrying you.’  Still stunned at Faylen’s callousness, she let him get close.


“No.”  She shook her head as he tried to kiss her.


“No?  Come on, Dorri.  We’ve talked about this before.”


“I said, no!”  She took a final step back and went to open the door.  It was locked.  When she turned around, he was leering at her.  Gone was the veil of concern for her.  Much like her father, Faylen saw her as something lesser now. 


“You’ll do what I tell you one way or another.”  There was a spell on his mind, she knew that look well enough.  She struck before he could finish.  A swift punch to the throat ended that.  Since the door was locked, Dorri moved towards one of the large windows but someone was waiting for her.


“Vreldor, you tell her to do what I say.”  She heard Faylen’s voice croak behind her.


“Are you all right?”  She was not sure why she felt uneasy as Razkiel came through the door she had been certain was locked. 

“Faylen…”  Her brother hugged her.


“It’s all right.  I’m here now.”


“NO!”  She heard Faylen’s cry out outrage.  “You promi..”


Someone was sitting on her.  She tried to push them off, flailing as she tried to find purchase on the slick wooden floor.  Her hands were covered…  in blood!  The young Sin’dorei did the first thing that came to mind.  She screamed.


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I want to post stuff for evil plot of doom, but it would take away the reveal of evil plot of doom and I don’t want to do that.


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Well, bored Pill is bored… Wait! I will make a list.

Why Bored Pill is bored:

1) My job is mind-numbing.

Despite everything you might hear, it is not a horrible job. It is a good place to work with great people. Problem is that I do not find it stimulating. Lack of mental stimultation makes me ferret like. My work suffers. It’s suffering right now.

2) I can’t find something to do that is stimulating… that pays enough.

I can’t stress the second part enough. I have come to the conclusion that unless I am going to work at a job that involves blogging and/or creative writing, I need to be away from my desk or constantly stimulated.

If I could find anything lab orientated that paid a decent amount of money, this would be perfect. But, $12 an hour can’t pay my bills, let alone cover my student loans.

3) I went to school for four years for what?

Apparently to do the same crap I was going to school to get out of. Nearly 2 years of job hunting and I have nothing to show for it.

And finally…. I’m bored and I want to go home and I am stuck in the office for another four hours by myself.

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Dear Destril

Please update your blog.

I am very bored.

Love Pill

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