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So, last night was Nox fire time.  And low and behold for various reasons, I was the only officer about (Not true, but Kansin was busy introducing yet another troll.  BAH!).  Then’liath isn’t technically a Nox officer, so that meant Pill had to go and run the story time.

Which she did, in usual Pill haphazard fashion.  but, it was actually pretty nice.  We had a quest Hammar and people introducing silly troll kids.  And, honestly, it was a lot of fun.

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For the Bada

I hate Mondays.

You are a toaster.

I want a nap.

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I hate being sick. I hate having to leave an instance run because I am sick.

It makes me a grumpy Pill

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Itanya: Hah, Aranil made a comment on a forum that he doesn’t DPS because it makes him an asshole… and a bunch of us said “wut?” And he comes back with “fine, more of an asshole, then”
I know far too many assholes on this server

Bika: hahaha

Itanya: I might know as many as Twee

Bika: hahahaha

Kansin: hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Kansin: no
Kansin: twee likes in the butt, not the otherway around.

Itanya: /cackle

Bika: hahaha
he’s right!

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Noxilite’s Lore Mistress  has written a blog post on a most interesting incident from last evening. 

If nothing else, the entire incident added some interesting flavor to the evening and managed to provide Then’laith plenty of opportunities to not say anything about the current thread of teh belf RPs. 

Still, you have to wonder exactly how this stranger expected things to go down.

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Ugh. I hate stomach sickies.

It has to be the ferret cooties that Bika sent me.

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For some reason, I always forget to blog on Saturdays.

I blame Verdus.

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