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Always read the Manual!

Pill: Humph. Fyriat isn’t buying my /halo. This halo you lent me is defective.

Davien: Hrm. Are you sure you’re wearing it correctly?
Bending it in half and making it look like horns is usually ineffective.

Pill: …. Oh
No one tells me these things

Davien: Yeah, see, that never works.

Pill: BAH! I used that to light Ghaar on fire.

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Dorri and Kel completed their noblegarden questing last night.  Not much to say about it, except they did attempt to break the ferret in their usual way.


Stopping off in Un’goro crater for some pictures.bunnymobile1

To the Bunny Mobile!

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Behold! Upgrades

After some conversation with the most adorable husband (he let me buy stuff. He’s very adorable right now. Tonight, I may have to deal with conversations about poop, but for now, adorable.) I am purchasing upgrades for my computer.

Not HUGE upgrades, but modest needed upgrades to my desktop.

Mainly a dual core (2.9) and 4 megs of shiny ram.


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Raid Update

Yesterday was better. Hopefully tonight will see us with a dead robot.

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Crystals vs Purples

As a raider, I hate seeing pieces melt, but I had something happen this week in one of the raids I participate in that made me take a second look at that idea.

I’ve been taking off-spec loot in Ulduar, because well.. there is no one else there to use spell power plate but me. Unfortunately, this particular raid uses Suicide Kings, so even taking off-spec loot drops me to the bottom of the list.
What I am not is the only plate DPSer (or rather, DPS in other raids). So, taking offspec loot causes me to lose my change at on-spec loot. Of which, admittedly, there is not that much in the 10 man.

So, I’m just going to have to watch things melt if I want to improve my toon. And I still hate that.

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Really anxious about Ulduar tonight, since last weeks run was terrible enough that I thought about quitting my raid.

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I had a bad four days. 

1) Bad raid day

2) Mostly sick/mental insanity (2days)

3) And recovery (1day)


Welcome back to the workweek.



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