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I have a headache

My head hurts

lemme alone


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Dear Hammar

You’re blog needs updating.



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So, the crazy death knight general was around again tonight.  We gave him some attention.  We yelled at a young blood knight and got thrown out of a Silvermoon bar.  And while dude that does not know his lore was annoying, the rest of it was pretty cool.



This was the bartender in Silvermoon.  He was awesome, going along with our loud drunken outrageous elves.  Enough so that he tossed us out for being drunk and disorderly.


Kudos to you, Vladimire.  You rock.

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We’ve all had it happen, some random RPer walks up to you and starts conversation.  And then they impart unto you their fantastic backstory.  Now WTT:[RP] covered the reasons why this is not the smartest move here, but that’s not the problem.  You can deal with the beginning RPers or the people so caught up in their own backstory that they don’t get why this may be wrong.  No, you are smacked face first into some glaring lore holes.  How do you deal with this?


Well, the first thing to consider is how much your character knows about that particular bit of lore.  If it is something esoteric as a blood elf misidentifying a type of troll, you can probably overlook that, unless you’re a troll.  There are some things you simply cannot overlook.  “Queen of Silvermoon” yeah, not going to fly. 


So, how do you react to the lore-breaking without resorting to the trap of ooc?  This is a pet peeve of mine.  The goal is to remain in character at all times.  A lot of times, when the lore errors are gaping huge it is easiest to have your character react like the person speaking has lost their mind.  The problem in dealing with a freeform environment, and WoW does qualify as freeform since there are no actual rule limitations, is that there is very little recourse and your character’s impact on the world only exists through the acceptance of others.


But, leading an army of thousands of Blood Elves, Forsaken and trolls against Icecrown a couple of hundred years ago?  That is simply impossible for a host of reasons:


1)      There were no Sin’dorei a hundred years ago, even ten years ago.

2)      The hatred between Sin’dorei and trolls runs deep

3)      There were no Forsaken a hundred years ago

4)      There was no Lich King a hundred years ago

5)      And finally, we’ve never heard of you.  A war in Northrend a hundred years ago involving an army of at least a hundred thousand?  We would have heard of that.

And the person RPing that would have remained a sad and insane bastard surrounded by people humoring him except for one small detail.  As we were trying to puzzle out this tale this person was weaving for us, someone emoted that they pickpocketed someone in our group.  Not that they tried, but that they succeeded.


My Paladin being a suspicious and grouchy woman, automatically assumed that the man had been weaving this fantastic tale because they were being set up to be robbed.  And all of it took place in character.  It’s not the best of RP circumstances, but it can be dealt with.  You never break character, because situations like these do not call for it.

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When you invite your squid “friend” into Silvermoon, you take a risk. We’re blood knights and we take our duties seriously. That includes removing the trash from the streets.

And when we do attack your “friend” shouting “3v1 is pro” is not RP.

And afterwards, as we are RPing taking out the trash, running up to us and saying “Maybe our RP is better” also not RP.

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CoWorker: I’m back
Me: hokay
CoWorker: Won’t be monitoring chat, though. Call me if you need anything
Me: Send me a pony
Coworker: UPS won’t pick up out here
Me: Damn the man, keeping me down

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I understand being upset because forum troll A acted like a jerk. (Cause saying messing up someone’s wedding is pretty damn jerky) But let’s be honest with ourselves here. Coming onto someone’s vent and into their raiding chat channel looking for trouble is a jerk move. You do yourself no favors doing that. Any more than you do yourself a favor by dragging out even more ancient old and tawdry drama.

Xandir pegged it right. Cat came out looking like a rose, and she deserved to.

And all the catty littlle backstabing and grand standing? You all need lives.

Far away from me.

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