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Dalomire Lyrander has joined the PoL this weekend.

I’ve known the player behind Dalo for a while. Even my husband who doesn’t play any longer remembers Veec as a good dude.
Dalo has just been around whenever the PoL is hanging out lately. He didn’t actually come out and say he wanted in until he was directly asked, but it was obvious.

The best part of it? Freaking out Dir because Dalo is courting his sister, Ezma.


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My Hair it is purple

The Anvil killed two new bosses in one raid period.  And so I dye my hair purple.

I also cut of nearly a foot of the hair and donated it.

debhair 002

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Dorri has a pet

It’s a little hatchling, tied to the new lizard mount quest from un’goro (I bought the hatchling pet to add to RP).

He/She is a very fierce little thing. And not at all cute.

Call it cute and she might dent your head

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So, I mentioned in a previous post that I did not win the story contest I entered.  This happens.  Lots of people lose contests.  It happens.  Only a small number of people can win. 

The frustration sets when there is no tangible reason for why you lost.

No offense to the WTT:[RP] ,  Too many Anna or Lorecrafted blogs, but being told it’s not a matter of improving, just that there were so many good entries is not only distinctly unhelpful, but disheartening.  In short, there is nothing to be learned from this loss, except that losing is frustrating (and hey, I knew that already.)

I can’t say I feel like I wasted time writing the story I submitted, since I had already crafted it.  But I do feel somewhat let down by the process.  I’m essentially left in the same position I started with and no way to understand exactly how my submission was substandard when compared to the winners. 

And make no mistake, my story was lacking in some way.  In the introductory post for the last story, Anna of Too Many Annas, says that the final story eked out the second place story by a vote.  So we know the selection process was done by vote.  We don’t know the criteria for selection, but we do know they voted.

So I am left unable to determine exactly where my submission was deficient and that frustrates me a great deal.

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Official brief QQ

I did not win contest.

Hammaryn (Hammardin for blog regulars) won third place! Yay, Hammar!

I’d really like to know what I could do better.  /sigh

QQ over.

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I am up too late

So, I agreed to go to Ulduar far too late tonight. And I get to hear this statement.

Moholith to Kuniko: What WOULD you do if you were a pretty Japanesee girl.

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Regatta: Wanna’ hear a funny story? Also, kind of gross, but mostly funny.

Itanya: sure

Regatta: It will reinforce your decision not to have kids.
I come down this morning and see a pile of wet, naked Barbies on my kitchen island.
“What happened here?” says I.
“Guess.” says Pangea. And I am filled with dread.
Whenever I am greeted by a strange sight and told to guess the reason behind it, it is always bad.
“They took a dip in the toilet?” (A common occurence since my girls see the toilet as a giant water play land.)
“Not this time, no. Guess again.”

Itanya: heh

Regatta: “Dog water?”
“Cat water?”
I close my eyes. I rub my temples with my fingers. “Why are they so gross?”
“She said they were having a beach party.”
Yes. My daughter had arranged the Barbies in the cat box.

Itanya: /cackle

Regatta: Pangea tells me it is psychologicaly disturbing to soap and bleach wipe down a naked Barbie doll.

Itanya: /snigger

Regatta: So next time someone asks you why you don’t want to have kids tell them it’s because they wash their hair in the toilet and have Barbie beach parties in the cat box.

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