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Of the Nightfall




Except that dirty Thede has my dragon


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Normally, I love to debate. It is a great mental exercise. It makes you think or it should. You evaluate your position and try to lay it out logically. And most of the time, it doesn’t bother me when people don’t agree.

But hey, right now, I am in a perpetual state of tired. I know that being tired makes me oversensitive and grouchy. I have the feeling that I am just not presenting my case in anything well enough to even get an acknowledgement that my ideas have merit. Which frustrates me. Frustrated Pill tends to be a pretty nasty person. I don’t like her very much. She does incredibly stupid things.

I might have mentioned that I love to raid. Love to help organize and put things together, to be part of a team. I love that feeling of accomplishment. I’ve been lucky to have my choice of ten mans, and was able to find a way to do things with both groups of friends I enjoy most in WoW.

But, I have to admit that I am rarely enjoying raiding. I feel off. My tanking seems wrong. My DPS is off. I feel like I spend more than ½ my time in game working on recruitment (I hate this, btw. I hate having to stop dead in an instance to deal with raid stuff and I do this a whole hell of a lot.). Plus, I feel like if I do something with one group of friends, I get left out of other things I want to do. If I go with my Tuesday raid, I miss out on vault (and good luck getting a 25 man together, or finding a decent pug). I know how stupid it is to try and make people happy. I never knew it would be so hard to make myself happy. All this is only exacerbated by the tiredness.

And RP, the stuff that makes the game worth playing.

I am too tired to write coherently. I am tired enough that every little thing is an irritation. There is a part of me that wants to finally just spill some vitriol at certain people, even though I know that at least half of why I feel so upset is because I am tired. I don’t want to write anything for any contests because I feel like I am destined to lose. I feel horribly guilty about logging off even when I am tired.

And I hate being Debbie Downer. Even when I know it’s just the exhaustion talking.

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My guildies gave me a perfect opening for a Fabrio meltdown.

Now I need to wake up enough to write it.

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Hello Arena

Well, I finally managed to get on an arena team. Kansin and Fy have taken me on. Learning to Arena on a Melee class is a challenge, since I am much more used to PvPing in general on a mage.

Still it was still kinda fun. I know I need lots of practice.

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Dear new GRF idiot

You are not Simon Cowell.  You’re not being blunt, funny or honest.

What you are doing is being insulting and deliberately provocative.  Mostly, you’re a tool.

And get off Evol’s soapbox.  he looks better on it.

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Song List

So, the blogger at Doubled Trouble has been constructing playlists for her characters.  It’s not something I usually indulge in, but I have run into a few songs which seem to fit will with Dorri.


1)      Ava Adore – Smashing Pumpkins.  Totally a random find.  The husband had the CD “Adore” in the car and I popped it in.  I can easily see Keltyr saying this to Dorri.  The contrasting lines describe a relationship that is more than a little about obsession and extremes. 

2) Hammer to Fall  – Queen.  Keltyr has a saying “everything changes.”  And in a way, despite how carefree they act, they know there’s a chance that everything could come down around their ears.  They have their paranoid moments. 

3) Fighter – Christina Aguilera.  When the truth of what happened in Dorri’s youth finally came out.  There was some expectation that Dorri would go out for vengence and while she did participate in the deaths of some of those that robbed her of her ability to wield magic, her first reaction was not one of revenge.  It was one of reflection and in some perverse way grattitude.  This song perfectly reflects her attitude towards her brother.

4) Fearless – The Bravery.  Dorri does her best to project this image.

5) Uprising – Muse. Despite being part of the Sin’dorei system, neither she nor Keltyr believe that the Magister’s should be in power. They’re subversive in their own way.

6) Pain – Three Days Grace. This really reminds me of Dorri’s point of view. Admittedly, Keltyr has helped tone this done some.

I’ll add some more as I think of them

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So, Kat and I were insulting each other:

Itanya: You’re a looney

jazalin: why am I a looney now? 😮

Itanya: cause
jazalin: wat
Itanya: cause
jazalin: wat!
rofl my shift sucks
Itanya: Your mom
jazalin: Oh yeah? Well…your….Keltyr!
Which of course led to the G-talk status of :I now own Keltyr, kat says so.
Later, from Verdus, we get this conversation:

Verdus: o rly?  how much do you think he’s worth?

Itanya: Dunno

Verdus: well, is he good for stuff?  maybe you’re looking to sell him?

Itanya: I dunno. he is pretty handy and coming up with funny story ideas

Verdus: true, true… and he’s fun to torment

Itanya: Almost as much fun as you

Verdus: and, more to the point, it isn’t me!

Itanya: Hmm. I am beginning to suspect some self interest

Verdus: from ME?  unpossible!

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