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Drunk pally fun times

Dorri was chasing Verdus through the city because he made her tiny.

Afterwards she yelled

“I hope your eyes get eaten by termites!”

Verdus replied “This is what happens when you don’t say please.”

Keltyr yelled back “Please have your eyes eaten by termites.”

“That’s better” was the reply.

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I’m a Starcaller, babeh

Last night Keltyr was busy yelling himself hoarse at a football game, so I subbed into his 10 man Ulduar raid.

They killed Algalon for the first time.

Unfortunately, Firefighter was not as easy to achieve. But the group was willing to try and that meant a lot.

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Hooray for Pilgrims

I’m a little behind in keeping the blog up, so here I catch up.

Dorri and Kel got to be Pilgrims.

Here they are with a bunch of others heading for Ashenvale:

And here they are defending Undercity from evil Alliance Pilgrims trying to steal our scrumptious pie.

And then resting on the steps to Undercity after a long day of defending.

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Imagine if you will:

Earlier this week, Linedan’s player graciously sent me a white tickbird to add to Dorri’s collection of pets.  Today we got into discussion about pets and how Dorri dislikes animals:

Linedan: I thought she liked them…what’s she gonna do with that poor tickbird I sent her


Itanya: That is totally OOC dude
Actually, Verdus bought me a little KT for an early Bday present (Thank you, Verdus)
Linedan: Now I’m picturing Sholazar Fried Tickbird stands going up across Northrend
Itanya: Cleanest fast food in teh North!
Linedan: Dorri makes a mint off franchise fees and retires
“Dorritow, I appreciate your business skills, but I will NOT stand outside your tickbird stand wearing a board that says “EET MOR TICKBRD”
Itanya: /giggle
Keltyr would forget to fry things and just stare at her till stuff caught on fire
Oh god. Evil plan
Linedan: You two would end up with some very inconvenient grease burns if you opened your own restaurant
Itanya: Linedan as a walking billboard
Linedan: No.
In which Dorri and Kel discover that getting their freak on on the floor in front of the fryer is BAD
I changed my gtalk status to: Linedan is made of awesome (And makes a great billboard)
Linedan: /sigh
Itanya: You know I ❤ you
Linedan changes his gtalk status to: EET MOR TICKBIRD
Linedan: I know
You mercilessly harass because you ❤
Nobody can call me a noob in the special way that you do
Fyriat: I can see it now, the new Un’Goro Crater
caused by Dorri’s hair and a grease fire
Linedan: Dorri has her Michael Jackson moment
Itanya: Fy thinks that Cuddles would make a better billboard
Linedan: Who’s Cuddles?
Itanya: Fenn’s giant trex
Linedan: Hmm, well, yeah
So look out Cuddles!

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Zombies, Oh my

Just a bit over a year ago, there was an event in the World of Warcraft commonly referred to the Zombiepocalypse.  The most illustrious Panzercow made a post that even made WoW.com.  Reading all that made me remember this small bit of RP.  It was only supposed to be the RP that shifted ownership of the Prophecy of Light from Lamis to Keltyr.  I don’t think any of us understood just what we were getting into.  Honestly, I can’t remember if Keltyr and I even had a real plan of where we were going to go with the PoL on that day.  But damn, it has been a cool ride.

They crouched, breathlessly behind the crates. The evening had been spent destroying anything that attempted to approach the boats that were leaving booty bay. They were the only defenders left for the moment. The fools that had been attempting to cleanse the port had finally fled. Despite their ridiculous calls to purge the infected, they had been forced to retreat. And one of them had the outright nerve to call her a coward.

They had not barricaded themselves before the dock out of any desire to save the wretched town. Booty Bay was a worthless piece of real estate and Dorri’tow could not understand why Lamis had decided to come all the way out there on her latest drinking binge. Lamis’ descent into debasement had interrupted an otherwise pleasant evening with Keltyr.

Angry, they had come to Booty Bay to find it in a mild state of panic. The danger had not quite escalated to the full disaster they would soon see. Instead of any real danger, they had only heard Lamis’ drunken ranting through the goblin stone. There had been confusion at the dock, shouting and bedlam. Dorri and Keltyr had pushed their way through the crowd, ignoring the random cries for cleansings and calls for burnings. Some dead man had the gall to call her a coward, but she had no time to waste on him.

Together, they walked side by side, unconcerned with the strained voices that swirled around them. It was all below them. Let the goblins worry about the goblins and the other rabble. Lamis was their concern and nothing else.

They had found the guildmistress deep in her cups, drinking deeply of goblin swill. Words were exchanged but, in her exhaustion, Dorri could no longer remember the exact words. It had been something about feeling ill. The change was sudden and dramatic. Their guildmistress had turned from annoying and feeble woman into a ghoul. She had blinked and from the corners of the inn, goblins had descended to slay her. Lamis fought with a strength and determination that had never shown itself when she had been alive.

The goblins slew her easily, but they had been beaten. While the little green idiots had been congratulating themselves, She and Keltyr had drawn their weapons and slaughtered them. Together, they fought their way back to the dock and took up position. They vowed that nothing would leave at least not by boat. For a while the fury of what had happened sustained them. They were driven by memories of Silvermoon ravaged by the scourge.  They would not allow that to happen again.

Even fury cannot carry you forever. Others had come past them into Booty Bay, as ignorant as they had been. No doubt, some had escaped already infected. It was just the two of them, alone. Dorri’tow forced herself back to her feet.

It would have to be enough.

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