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When I started working with Keltyr on the Prophecy of Light, I created an NPC. I didn’t intend him to be much but a way to drive the story around Dorri’s fall from grace. But, I added one twist. I made him Keltyr’s cousin. I never expected that to create so many possibilities. As a rule, I tend not to play male characters. In WoW, I have had three. Dorri’tow’s little brother, Razkiel, Tarelyn’s younger brother, Micah, and now Keltyr’s cousin, Fabrio. I should mention that Razkiel and Micah are both dead, killed for the story, so to speak.

Fabrio has been a mentor and a foil, but mostly a way to explore Keltyr and Dorri from an perspective away from the crazy center that those two create for themselves. As Keltyr’s player has slowly revealed some of Kel’s past, I have been able to use that to flesh out Fabrio. And suddenly, I have enjoyed playing him.

So what do we know about Fabrio?

Well, I have an idea of things in my head. Some of which, I have to admit, I have not rub by Keltyr’s player. partially out of embarassment, but also because I am enjoyed the reveals of backstory through RP. Keltyr’s player operates differently from me. I get a lot out of writing stories, while he is more into doing RP in real time. He’s also one of my closest friends. So, if he comes along and thwacks me or points out something he doesn’t like about this list, it’s going to change. Fabrio’s story is far secondary to Keltyr’s. And I want it that way.

1) Fabrio is Keltyr’s cousin on his mother’s side.
Evidence: After Jaeren Sunsworn was killed, Dorri asked about Fabrio’s relationship to Keltyr. Keltyr responded that Fabrio was a cousin on the other side of the family.
How I ran with it: I just assumed that Keltyr’s father was either Jaereen’s brother or his nephew (brother or sister’s son). There are some reasons for this that I will get into

2) Fabrio is older than Keltyr
I have no Evidence for this one. It’s an assumption from how he’s been played in stories. But they are close in age, so Fabrio is likely only ten to fifteen years older, hardly a long period in a Sin’dorei’s lifespan

3) Fabrio and Keltyr’s parents shared a domicile
No evidence for this either, but it ties in with the idea that Keltyr watched his parents (and Fabrio’s too) get slaughtered. Fabrio was running an errand. I have story behind that. But it was seeing them slain that drove Keltyr over the edge. it is why he is a blood knight and why Kel has referred to his parents as weak and useless.

4) Fabrio and Keltyr were once pretty close in temperment
It’s obvious that the two men feel some familial closeness. They tolerate each other’s foibles (though they both grumble). I suspect that while Keltyr was less of a killer, that Fabrio was probably a lot less skiddish about everything.

Anyway, I am writing about Fabrio now and this stuff was on my mind.

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Ways to make Davien Cry

Itanya: Kill Arthas on hard mode and they will give you the love of his life

Davien: …
It’s not a fucking Pegasus, it’s a HORSE.

Itanya: It was raised from the dead and Arthas fed it red bull!

Davien: /weepz

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Small Update

I have updated my Song List for Dorri.

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RP: Good and Bad

I have this problem. I have two friends, people I love to hang out with. They are awesome people and good RPers and generally just fun.

They also are involved in a Tauren/Sin’dorei relationship. If you cringed, then we have that in common. I’m a huge Sin’dorei lore nerd and I know that my Sin’dorei characters will not exactly approve of this. However, they are playing it rather tongue in cheek. It is also kinda funny.

I do not want to impinge on their fun, but I can’t bend my toons enough to simply accept this development. It would be very out of character for them.

So what do I do? What I have been doing is keeping my head down. I try not to be on either of the Sin’dorei when they are on and RPing. I go out of my way not to be nearby so I don’t ruin their mood with my in character reactions.

I miss out on some fun RP this way, I know, but it sits better with me than deciding an incident is totally out of character for me.

I want to be clear here, I think the RP itself is comical and amusing and I think that kind of RP is entirely needed. (Which is why I have a dumber than dirt warrior and a mage that isn’t nearly as crazy as she likes everyone to think) But, it is not always something I enjoy delving into.

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I’m back

I’ve decided to remove the privacy block from my blog.

For those who have asked, there were some issues with my blogging. In retrospect, I should never have allowed someone to fluster me enough to take the blog down.

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All I want to do:

I just want to know that if I spent a few days away from the game that things would get done. I really do not think this is something that should be that difficult to achieve. Right now, I don’t have that feeling. I don’t know about you, but I take the commitments I make seriously. I’ve written before about how frustrating things can be and when people do not do things… Worse when they don’t do them and don’t say anything about not being able to do them. It’s frustrating.

Right now, I am quickly coming to the point where the only thing I am finding enjoyable is RPing (which isn’t happening much because I am so keyed up, I can’t focus on RPing.)

If you can’t do something, for god’s sake, just say something. Even if its just cause you don’t want to be on the hook for the drama. Just ignoring the situation and saying nothing is really rude and inconsiderate of the other people that depend on you.

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Key to Trouble

So, I am horribly behind on posting. I am also behind on my stories. So, here is part of the backlog. Keltyr and Dorri managed to get the key to Tahlian’s room from Katanya. They thought long and hard about what kind of trick they wanted to play. The idea was to plant bombs in the hunter’s room. They really haven’t thought what Tahlian might think of this. It’s a fun prank for them. Dorri drank too much the night before, while Kel was up making bombs with Roxka. Roxka is the orc in the picture below.

“I don’t want to get up.” She told Keltyr after he poked her for a third time. She had already buried her head beneath the blankets. He stuck his hands underneath the blanket and she lashed out in irritation. She grabbed the back of his knee and pulled. Figuring, in her headache hampered planning, that if he fell on his ass, her lover would leave her alone for a little while longer.

Sometimes, she forgot just how quick he was. Instead of having the decency to just take his fall, the other blood knight grabbed her arm and pulled her off the bed. With a loud squawk, she landed in a heap across his legs with her covers falling with a loud plop behind her. Since he was laughing, she blindly punched him in the side.

Kel cursed and Dorri scowled for a moment. “Light, damn, move your hand!.” She slapped his hand away from where he had pressed it against his side, revealing the rather spectacular bruise she had given him last night. She called on the light and felt that warm power flow out of her into him. As his breathing grew less hitched, his grin returned.

“My ass is cold.” She told him with pique and then squawked as he slapped the body part in question. They wrestled on the floor for a few minutes, giggling and laughing. Eventually she had him pinned on the floor. Dorri slammed his shoulders back against the floorboards just once to make her point. She watched suspiciously as one of his hands moved at her side, but he grabbed the tail end of the blanket and pulled it so it lay at his side. Keltyr held his hands out to his side and Dorri took the invitation. She curled up at beside him, letting Keltyr pull the covers over her. As usual, he seemed completely unaffected by the cold floor beneath him.

“Right, there’s been no sign of him. You should get dressed so we can toss the bombs in.”

Dorri lifted her eyes from his chest to stare at the three large crates filled with explosives, or rather what looked like explosives. Kel had spent at least two evenings crafting them with the orc woman, Roxka. Last night he had assured her that they were duds, just a few had to at least look real to convey the proper sense of danger.

“I need to wash up first.” She could already feel the oil in her hair and smell the visceral stink of her unwashed skin. Strange, she never seemed to mind Keltyr’s smells.

“You can take a bath when we finish with the trick. I’ll help.” Dorri snickered, knowing exactly what kind of help he would be. In response, her lover went back to playfully poking her.

“Okay! Okay! I need to get my clothes.” A slightly crumpled bundle of slacks, shirt and small clothes was shoved into her face. “How long have you been trying to wake me up?”

“Couple of hours.” He was grinning as she started to get dressed. It took him only a few seconds to throw a shirt on. She sighed as she was pulled away from messing with her hair. Still, she was as excited as he was once they dragged the crates down the stairs and stood in front of Tahlian’s room. Keltyr pulled the key they had acquired from Katanya out of his pocket and opened the door.

Dorri shuffled through the door with the large crate and then stopped dead in her tracks. At first, she thought that the large bear skin rug in the center of the room looked uncomfortably lumpy, then the open mouth closed and it opened its eyes. The two large lumps on either side of the bear opened their eyes too. She was blocking the doorway, so Keltyr shoved her forward.

Dorri stumbled forward, and the duds dropped out of the crate in her hands and rolled across the floor. Her ears caught the sound of movement from another room.

“Umm, Kel.”

The other blood knight had his back to her, dragging in the last crate. “Hmm?”
Dorri watched the two cats and the bear slowly get to their feet. She figured that with the furniture between them and the animals, they would have to come at her one at a time. A large reptilian head appeared from behind the corner. She elbowed Keltyr to the side, dragged the crate into the room. Kel looked up as she got the crates through the door. Before she could straighten up, Keltyr pulled her through the doorway and slammed it shut behind them.

They both jumped as they heard the sound of something banging against the door.

“RUN!” She was not sure who shouted, but they both dashed down the stairs at full speed. Dorri pushed Azuregaze’s human wife out of the way as she bolted for the outside. She heard the woman scream at them and saw a round tray streak past her into the street, hitting a troll hunter in the back of the head. Keltyr ran past her, turned around to shout something back into the inn. The woman’s reply, whatever it was, was drowned out by the loud and dramatic display from the enraged troll. Dorri took one look at Keltyr and they kept running.

Neither of them bothered to pay attention to where they were running. When they stopped, panting for breath and still managing to laugh, Dorri had completely lost track of where they were. Thick grass was beneath their feet, but the wall of the city was on one side and the tall walls of a building were on the other.

After a few minutes, Dorri shivered in the chill air. Keltyr wrapped his arms around her, still smiling gleefully.

“I’m not going to get my bath.”

“You can take it later. The water will still be there. We can buy you a cloak later.” The blood knight’s smile changed to a pensive frown. “I would change one thing though.”

“What? I thought it went fine.”

Her eyes narrowed as he struggled to keep the frown. “Next time, I am picking you out a skirt.” She would have hit him, the thought did cross her mind. But as he lowered his lips to hers, she had to admit that a skirt would have made things easier.

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