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Everything changes

So, Keltyr’s player’s schedule has changed a little. And I have been off the RP bandwagon a little anyway. And this weekend I realized that I want to RP more. TO do this, I have to let those I rp with know that I am around to RPs.

Focus on that more. Stop being so raid intensive. And remind myself I need to take a breather once in a while.


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Also known as the “it’s a small world” problem.

You never know who you will meet or how that meeting could affect you in the future. This is the reason I constantly advise people to at least be courteous to whoever they interact with. The value of this advice became apparent today.

You never know when the person you are trolling might be important to what you want. One day that obnoxious griefer who is trolling you about your gem choices, while you are trying to RP, might want to be a part of your raid. AWKWARD!

So, the same advice I always give is this: Even if you think their RP is ridiculous, keep your reactions in character. Yes, there are still going to be people you have to ignore just because they’re going to try and force themselves into your consciousness. I know it can be frustrating to have that mammoth in your face, or dancing idiots on your table. People like that want your irritation. They want you to go away.

And while it is fun to giggle when they screw up, remember that the best victory we have over them, is not mocking them or lording over them. It’s not giving up.

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