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I know, my blogging has been crappy. My writing has been crappy too. My RP has gone up. Keltyr and Dorri got their revenge on Cersei, for making Fabrio blubber like a baby. Ambika has gone off her rocker. I have some story ideas for Dorri and the new warlock Califas Darksun (god, what a sueish name)

But what brings me here today is the furor generated by Anna of Too Many Annas. A few days ago, Anna came across a post from another blogger. It made her ranty. So she did what any blogger would do, she ranty blogged. It’s the blogosphere. This is what happens. I have lots of ranty blogs too! The person who made the post deleted it. Anna did not delete her post or her copy of the post. Now there are people that want to make her pay!

Putting aside the content of the blog that made Anna all ranty (if I had seen it, I doubt would have been as measured as Anna, though I hope I would not have crossed the line that some have), I have some small issues with what is happening.

Here are the claims made against Anna. I will try to refute them without being nasty.

1) Anna’s blog has a wider readership, so she should have just approached the other blogger quietly.

There is no reason for Anna to do this. The moment your blog is published, its out there for the public to see. I have a ton of posts about my own self-image problems, my health problems, my childhood, how much I dislike my mother. I have to assume that people I would prefer not to have seen these. It’s like sending a letter to the newspaper. Once you hit publish, you lose control.

2) By mention the blogger and continuing to keep the post up, Anna is griefing the other blogger. Part of this reason has to do with the content of the blog post that started the controversy. It encouraged other bloggers to actively grief RPers, to take screen shots and blog about it. It was a warcraftsues to an extreme.

Anna never encouraged her readers to actively grief the other blogger in question. She never called this other blogger a horrible person. What she did point out was that what the person was asking others to do was against the ToS for World of Warcraft. She also pointed out why it was wrong in other respects. There was nothing about the other blogger as a person. There was no “Join me in mocking this blogger.”

3) Anna is a big name WoW blogger. Her pointing out the other blogger to others was essentially bullying the other blogger, who has chosen to stop blogging.

Bullying is an act of repeated aggressive behavior in order to intentionally hurt another person, physically or mentally. Bullying is characterized by an individual behaving in a certain way to gain power over another person.

One blog post is not being a bully. There was no repeated aggressive behavior here.

Now, I have responded to the thread on Anna’s blog and responded to one outraged supporter of the other blogger. There is another blogger that I refuse to respond to, because I don’t entertain people of his sort. I have been asked to stop responded on a blog, because they dislike the medium of back and forth discussion. It is their blog and I will respect their request. I do not agree with them, their actions and I find their attempts to appear to be the bigger person while snipping at my questions both laughable and disappointing.

Let me be clear, that I find nothing at all wrong with the way Anna handled it. I too have been taken to task for things I have blogged. I have redacted one rant because I felt it went over the top. I also took down my blog once because of someone objecting to a rant. That is the blogosphere. I am disappointed that the blogger in question felt they should stop blogging because a mistake they made was pointed out. The blogger in question got a wake-up call about blogging.

They were wrong on the internet.


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