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So, I have been in the Alpha. Over the next few days, I will be talking about what I have seen and what I think of certain things.

But, first things first!

Orgrimar has been completely remade. And I found this awesome bar!


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The large public balcony of the Ledgerdemain was blessedly empty. No Dir to harass her about whatever was bothering her. She assumed that he had merely wandered up to his room, unable to find Keltyr. At least he was no longer screaming. No Nuff trying to silently comfort her. She had appreciate the gesture of the troll warrior, but the arm on her shoulder had only set off all the feelings of wrongness. The small bit of the city she could see was still filled with people, but they were not crowding her.

Dorri’tow leaned against the metal railing, clutching a mug of burnwine in her hands. She did not bother to drink it. Her inability to even lay a hand on Dir, let alone her clumsy walk up the stairs, reminded her of how much she had imbibed over the past few days. Light, she was not even sure how many days it had been.

She lowered her head and sighed. Simply moving her head, caused the entire balcony to list to one side. Dorri closed her eyes and tried to regain her balance. Light, she was so tired. The last thing she wanted to do was to try to walk back to the tiny rented room in the Underbelly. The paladin kicked the iron railing with frustration.

Behind her, she heard someone give a long forlorn sigh. Startled, she dropped her mug, cursing as it fell to the ground and shatter. With a snarl, she spun around to confront whoever had snuck up on her. Just to the side of the entrance to the balcony, leaning against the wall, was Keltyr. His back was against the wall, with a bottle in his hands. His eyes were on the stones before him.
“I’m not doing nothing.” He muttered to himself. She gave a long sigh and then scowled at Keltyr. His eyes barely flicked in her direction before he took another drink.
Seeing him sitting there brought to the surface a wild combination of feelings. She was still furious at him for not wanting to help protect Ysani and livid that he dared compare her to Then’liath. At the same time, she had spent most of three days they had been apart thinking about him. Light, her head was swimming from more than just the booze. Finally she shrugged, “what the hell?” With a shrug, she sat down next to him, being careful not to touch him.
She tried to act like the argument had never happened. “I don’t want her to get hurt.”
“Course not.” He was quiet for a long time. “Always gonna be a risk though.” He finally said quietly.
Dorri gave a slight shrug. “I guess.” She looked at Keltyr out of the corner of her eye and noticed how worn he looked. He took another long drink from his mug. He looked disheveled and tired. Impulsively, she blurted out, “you… You’re not like him.” His eyes flickered towards her. “Well, not all the time.. I just. Light, Kel, I don’t understand how you can just do nothing. If Kei is really bullying her.”
“If he is, she’s smart enough to know it.”

“If he’s not, why would she say it to Dir.”
“Why would he do it in the first place? None of it makes a bit of sense.”

“You think Dir lied about it? Keltyr shrugged and Dorri frowned. “I could see Kei doing it.”
“He has been acting strange lately.” Keltyr agreed.
“He was concerned about Ysani. I remember you talking to him about it.”

“He’s probably still concerned,” Kel conceded, “just an odd way to show it.”
She shrugged in response. It made an odd kind of sense. Maybe Keilos was just overly concerned about Ysani and was trying to protect her. Dorri was not convinced that pounding him would not help, but maybe she could wait and see. She looked down at her hands. “I want to come home.”
“It’s still a mess.”

She could imagine what kind of mess it was in, considering how she had left it. “I can clean.” Dorri paused briefly, thinking about what it would take to clean the room. “.. in the morning.”

“Must be pretty bad if you don’t mind waiting til the morning.” There was a ghost of a smile on his lips.
Dorri put her hand over his, relaxing slightly when he did not pull away. “I drank too much. Not sure I could stand.”

“That’s why I haven’t gotten up.” The smile was real this time and Dorri snickered in response. “We can probably make it at least to the room.”
Dorri nodded, regretting it immediately. “I don’t know how to make this right, but I missed you.”

“Me too.” Keltyr used the wall to climb to his feet, letting her use him as a ladder so she could stand as well. “We’ll come up with something. It’ll just have to wait until the morning.”

Together, they stumbled their way up the stairs to their room. As they removed their armor and did their best to put it away, Dorri tried not to think about the papers and other junk that was strewn on the floor; all things that were left over from when she destroyed the table in a fit of rage. There was none of the usual passion as they slipped into bed together, but there was something good about. Laying beside Kel, but not touching him, she slipped easily into sleep.

The faint light of morning filled the room when she opened her eyes. Dim as it was in their room, the light still pierced her skull. Light, it was like recovering from Brewfest. At least, she did not feel like she was going to hurl. With difficulty, Dorri made her way to the bathroom, relieved her bladder and padded back into the room. It struck her once more, the mess. It made her shoulders twitch anxiously. The paladin bent over to pick up a pair of Kel’s pants and the room started to tilt. With a groan, she went back to bed.

She pulled the covers over her, rolled onto her side and stared at Kel’s back. Hesitantly, she put an arm around his waist. She felt him tense briefly, but before she could pull her arm back, he put his hand over hers. With a sigh, she kissed his shoulder and the pressed against his back. Listening to his breathing, she forgot to think about the messy room behind her. She could rest, just a little longer.

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Three Days Inn

Dorri grabbed a bottle, shaking it to make sure there was something still in it. She no longer felt the burn that gave the wine its name. The tiny room she rented was surprisingly clean and cheap. Good thing too, since she only had the small amount of gold she kept on her for emergencies. She could tap her account, but most of the money was at the chapter house and that meant talking to Fabrio.

Light! She did not want to talk to him. Did not want to explain to the mouse why she wanted her gold. Why she did not just ask for it in the courier packages he sent ever few days.

The bottle was empty! Dammit! The paladin threw the bottle toward the large box by the door. The bottle never made it and instead it hit the wooden floor with a hard thump. She heard it roll across the floor. An irritated growl escaped her lips and she leaned wearily over the edge of the bed and glared at the lack of bottles.

Since there was nothing to distract her from the out of place bottle, Dorri pulled herself upright with a groan. One long breath told her that she stank of booze and sweat. She scanned the room and spotted a towel folded nearly on the table. Good enough. Still lurching drunkenly, she grabbed the towel, picked up the bottle that had rolled under the table and tossed it into the box that held all the empties from last night.

Walking down the hallway towards the bathroom that all the rooms on the floor shared was difficult. The walls kept getting in her way. Some prissy little woman screeched at her as she forced the door open. Without a second thought, she tossed the screaming elf out and slammed the door in her face.

The shower was disgustingly cold, which annoyed her since she knew the underbelly innkeep would likely charge her extra for taking it. She paused to stare at herself in the large but dingy mirror. Dorri finger-combed her hair. Thinking of her hair being wet made her think of Keltyr and thinking of Kel reminded her of why she was in this crappy inn in the filthy bathroom having taken a shower and drying off with the shabby towel. She grabbed the edges of the mirror, howling with rage and ripped it off the wall.

The woman she had tossed out for being in her way opened the door. Before the bint could even start to complain, Dorri hurled the offending mirror at her. There was a satisfying crash which had the misfortune of being followed by outraged screeching. Dorri stormed out of the bathroom and the other elf immediately shut up. She stormed to her room and slammed the door behind her.

Today should have been her rest day. She should be waking Keltyr up to get breakfast, spending the morning listen to him grumble about paperwork. Her schedule was screwed. The feelings of being completely lost threatened to overwhelm her. What time was it? How far off was she? It was hard to tell with no windows. Of course, she had not slept much either, between the booze and the feeling of wrongness, rest had been nearly impossible.

“Right, armor up.” She told herself. “Get dressed, get something eat.” She fought to get her armor on properly. Out of habit, she turned to ask Keltyr for help. It hit her again, where she was and why she was here. The table was kindling before she even realized how angry she was. Leaning on the haft of her saronite forged axe, she contemplated cleaning up the mess. Light, she needed to get out of here! Out on the street! She needed to move.

Once she had found her way out of the underbelly, she realized that it was still early morning. She slammed gauntleted fist into a stone wall, grunting with the pain. She forced herself to walk to the Ledgerdemain. It was too early for Keltyr to be awake. She snarled at Azuregaze as the wife greeted her. When the human tried to refuse her burnwine with her oatmeal, Dorri slammed a fist into the bar. Amisi gave her the burnwine and then walked away from the bar. Dorri knew she would not be back. So, she nursed the burnwine, while forcing herself to eat the lumpy oatmeal.

Eventually, she pushed away a half-eaten bowl of oatmeal. It sat in a cold lump in her gut. She glared at the nearly empty mug, clenching the thick pottery in her hands. The day was slipping away and she could not order her thoughts enough to put it in order.

She wanted to talk to Dandill. No, Dandill had abandoned her for Katanya. Pretty, soft and pliant little Katanya. And Master Winterspell would never see her. Her temper was too wild. She was too off balance. She squeezed her eyes shut in frustration and slammed her feet into the bar repeatedly. She wanted the lightning back, Holy hells, she wanted it. Some way to rid herself of the rage. Snarling, she got to her feet. She tossed a fistfull of coins on the bar, reached behind it and grabbed five bottles of burnwine. She threw the bottles into a satchel she found behind there. Maybe walking would help. She cracked one of the bottles.

She counted steps, making herself take a drink every time she thought about Keltyr. By the time the sun was high, she was laying on a bench in the center of Dalaran. The desire to move, the need to destroy was still there, but she could no longer stand.

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Dorri glowered at the stairs and then glowered at the fine tile in the hallway. Her hand tightened around the flower filled vase that adorned the table next to the door of their rented room. With a curse, she flung it down the hall and then push open the door so hard it slammed against the far wall. She turned around and slammed the door shut with just as much force.

The paladin took the sword she was carrying and put it on the rack where it belonged. Then she stalked around the room, picking things up and putting them away. She could see the light from Kel’s eyes and from his cig on the balcony. Occasionally, she looked up to glare at him but every time she did he was not looking her way. Light damn him! She slammed a fist into the table, snarling.

Dorri’tow turned to glare at her lover as he walked inside. A cloud of blood thistle smoke followed him. Keltyr took another long gulp from the bottle of whiskey in his hands, seemingly oblivious to her angry stare. She went to grab the bottle of his hand. Keltyr grabbed her wrist and pulled her forward, setting her off balance. As she spun around, Dorri caught a glimpse of him downing the rest of the bottle. With a grunt, he tossed the bottle into the hearth. The glass shattered against the wood and the fire flared up briefly.

“Tell me why…” Dorri started, glaring into his eyes.

“I told you why. I am not explaining it to you again.”

“He is hurting her.” Dorri snarled, balling up her fists.

“Less than a year ago, you were bragging about how she could take care of herself.” Keltyr reminded her, leaning towards her with his arms now crossed over his chest.

“She can”

“Then LET HER!” Keltyr’s frustrated voice boomed in her ears.

The yelling was all the spark she needed, Dorri’tow threw a low punch catching Keltyr hard in the ribs. She would have followed it with a second punch, but Keltyr pushed her away. The few steps she stumbled backward was enough to allow him to recover. When she charged forward, Keltyr did not defend himself, as he usually did. Instead, he attacked. She was not prepared for the closed fist that slammed into her chest or the leg that swept her feet.

She pulled herself up on a chair just in time. Keltyr swung another punch, which she dodged. With a howl, she charged at him. When he tried to throw her off balance, she dragged him with her, allowing her body weight to take them both to the ground. Still, she landed flat on the stone floor, with Keltyr over her. With a snarl of his own, Keltyr drove his knee into her side. While she gasped for breath, Keltyr slammed her shoulders back on the floor. “Say you pound Keilos? What’s the point?”

“He’ll stop bossing her around.” She tried to yell back, but she had trouble finding the force of breath to get the volume she wanted. Before he could open his mouth to argue with her again, she wedged a knee between them and pushed him away. “She’s my friend! She deserves better than that!”

“No,” Keltyr corrected her angrily. He watched warily as she got to her feet. “She deserves to be treated like more than a pet.”

“I am not treating her like a pet!” She yelled back, incensed by the look of scorn on Keltyr’s face.

“You are acting just like your sister! Deciding what is best for Ysani, instead of letting her make her own decisions.” Anything else Kel had to say was lost. The entire scope of Dorri’s vision turned red. The enraged paladin lost track her blows or strategy. She threw punches, kicks and bites with ferocity. The object of her rage managed to get away from her, but she tracked him with her eyes. Her chest ached from the blows he had gotten in and her hands ached from the punches she had thrown.

“I’m not Then! I’m not!” She shouted, trying to find a way to get an advantage over him.

“You’re acting just like her!” Keltyr shouted back, putting more distance between them. Blood ran from deep scratches along his chest.

“You’re not doing anything!” She shouted back at him, still furious. “Just letting it happen,” Dorri took a few steps closer to Keltyr. “Letting Keilos bully her, letting Dir hit on her.” She was only a few steps away. “Sit by and do nothing. Just like your father.”

Keltyr’s normally pale skin was suddenly flushed with rage. She managed to dodge the fist that flew at her face, but could not keep him from slamming her against the wall. His body pinned her to the wall and his forearm pressed against her throat. He glared at her as she struggled to breathe and she glared back definitely, while clawing at his arm to relieve the pressure against her throat. Abruptly, he pulled away.

With one final glare, Keltyr stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him. Dorri howled in rage and threw a chair at the door, watching it shatter. It took over an hour for her to destroy the table and she ruined two swords and an axe doing it, once she could no longer bear the pain that shot through her fists.

She wanted him to come back. Wanted to make him do what she wanted him to do. Compulsively, she cleaned up the shattered bits of the table and chairs. As she did so, she glared at his armor. How dare he say that she was like Then! She was not trying to control Ysani’s life. She just wanted Ysani to be safe and cared for. And what was he doing? Nothing. Damn him! Nothing at all, just sitting there smirking as Dir worked his charms on her. She nearly worked herself back up into a frenzy, but making fists made waves of pain that flew up her arms. She grabbed a bottle from over the mantle and started drinking. She did not stop until morning.

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Helping Hands

Introducing some new troll characters. My hunter hit 80 and I am enjoying playing a level headed, not crazy down to earth kind of character. Bika and Keltyr(Zerajit) helped. Vindu will be contributing to this plotline later.

“You coming down for breakfast?” Kaylisani looked up as Zerajit loomed over her. He was already armored and ready to go. They spoke in Zandali, since it was only the two of them.

“The little woman is still sleeping. I can’t just leave her.”

Zerajit grunted in annoyance. “She’s not a baby bird. She’s got tits so she’s grown. Got fine robes too.” When she didn’t move, he waved his hand, dismissing her.

“I was thinking that maybe Vindu should look at her.”

“Hah! That zulfli? What’s he going to do? Shake a little rattle over her and call down on what impotent loas listen to him.”

“You should have more respect for our ancestors and the Loas.”

Zerajit flexed, making sure he paused long enough for her to admire his physique. “Loas only get you so far. For real things you need strength!” He clenched a fist. She shook her head at him, muttering at how loose the braid was. “Fine, I’m eating your share of squirrel stew then.” His good-natured chuckle chased him across the upper loft and down the stairs.

‘Some day, he’s going to say something and BAMB!” Kaylisani slapped her hands together. The sound was harsh in the mostly quiet corner where she had taken to sleeping. Velexial started with a wolfen growl but Shanks, slovenly lazy pig that he was, merely snorted, ruffling the hair of the little troll woman he was sleeping next to. “Right out of the sky. Probably kill Vindu and I too. Loas aren’t so good at seeing from up that high.”

Shanks snuffled the troll woman’s face as she started to awake. With difficulty, Kaylisani pushed the boar back away. “Stop that. She doesn’t want your dirty snot on her!”
The little troll woman muttered in her sleep, then cuddled up against the snuffling pig. “Kansin.”

Kaylisani blinked in surprise and then grinned. Shanks stuck all four feet out and gave a contented sigh. “He’s going to be insufferable if you don’t stop spoiling him.”

With disturbing suddenness, the troll sat up and opened her eyes. She was up on her feet in a fluid motion, largely assisted by some sort of self-levitation. Her skin crackled with a brief, cool spark that dispersed almost before it could be noticed, and then darkened as the woman shifted into the shadows. A priestess, then. “Day. Daytime. Fire’s out. Door please.”

With a frown and a shrug, Kaylisani slipped into Orcish. “Chu ba lookin fa da fire. Dat ba downstars. I don tink chu shoul ba wanderin aroun, doh.” The hunter got to her feet, stretching as she did so. “Mayba day eff ba `ittin chu on deh `ead. Didn say no blood no bruise neitha.”

Kaylisani’s strange guest didn’t seem to register the conversation and merely stared expectantly at the taller troll, hovering two feet off the ground.

“Dere ba sometin na right abou chu, dat ba certain. Chu ba chaka `eaded, speakin all da nice orcish ba na one bitta sense.” Kaylisani frowned. Since she was the only one left in the loft, likely Vindu had already left. It would be easy enough to find the shaman, but she did not want to drag the woman around half the day trying to find him. She could ask Zerajit for help, of course. It would not be the first time, she had had to deal with him needling her about taking in strays. Would not be the last. “Ba a goo ting dat men ba sa useful. Chu know wha I ba sayin?” She tugged on the woman’s sleeve lightly. “Chu come with ma, I ba findin chu some `elp.”

The priestess hovered behind Kaylisani, floating on the air like some strange trollish balloon as she allowed herself to be pulled by the sleeve. “Where did the night go.”

“Deh same places all deh nighs go.” Dragging the floating priestess downstairs, Kaylisani muttered under her breath. Maybe the elf hadn’t been lying after all. Maybe he had just found the woman passed out on the road. Of course, who knew what nefarious things the elf had planned. Pausing at the bottom so she could look over the entire common room, Kaylisani let out a weary longsuffering sigh. No Vindu, but there was Zerajit sitting at one of the long benches bent over two bowls. She continued to pull the troll priestess with her, wondering if she could get one of those pet leashes from the critter store to make things easier.

“Zerajit” She shifted back to Zandali as she approached the man.

“No.” The warrior did not even turn around. Instead he kept eating, his back hunched so he did not have to see her.

“You don’t even know what I am going to ask.”

He looked over his shoulder at her and pointed a wooden spoon at the priestess behind her. “I am not watching the… Is she floating?” He shook his head, braids swishing along his back. “No, not helping. Not this time.”

“She’s a troll! She’s one of us. We can’t just leave her alone with all these elves and humans around.”

“She’s not our tribe. Not our business. She’s got her own people.”

“I’m not asking you to share blood with her, just help me not lose her until I can talk to Vindu. …” It took Kaylisani a few minutes to realize that she no longer had a hold of the woman’s robe. She whirled around and met the eyes of the floating priestess. She froze, almost caught in the tiny woman’s dark, intense gaze. An unseen presence seemed to be shoving itself directly into her head, rudely flipping through her various emotions and intents. Only two things were certain: the priestess’s name was Ambika, and Ambika was hungry.

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Dorri’tow did her best not to fidget, but she did shoot Keltyr a look. He was laying sprawled out the other wooden lounge chair. Wearing nothing but some strange short pants that Fabrio had assured her were for swimming, her lover looked completely relaxed. She hated him for it. He was going to burn, just lying there like that, but she would be damned if she told him to turn over. Dorri managed to hold onto the thought of letting him suffer through a sunburn, but then she thought of how grumpy he would be. There would also be a lack of other things. So, of course, she would remind him to turn over.

The paladin poured herself another drink and propped her sketch pad on her knees, glaring at the paper which was still frustratingly blank. She tapped the butt of her pencil against the page. The midday sun hit the spire of the Violet Citadel and it caught the light just perfectly. She started to sketch the spire, thinking about a piece of crystal she had traded a Taunka for earlier in the week. Inspried, she sketched out a basic idea for what she would carve and then realized that she wanted to see the crystal in the light before she went into greater detail.

Putting the sketch book down, Dorri went to go the crystal. Blinking as her eyes adjusted to the dim interior, she scowled at the room. The disorderly mess rubbed her nerves raw. Books and papers were scattered across the table. After putting the books away and organizing the papers, she noticed the bed was not quite made right and she fixed that. She picked up the shirt and pair of pants that Keltyr had laid strewn over the floor and put them in the basket by the door.

Sounds of snoring came from the balcony and Dorri stuck her head out the double doors and cajoled Keltyr until he turned over before his fair skinned burned. She had taken only two steps back inside before the snoring started up again. Why had she come inside again? Right, the crystal. She careful picked the precise tools she would need for the small sculpture and carried them and the stone back to her chair outside. She put the stone on a table beside her and looked from it, to the spire and then back to her pad.

Keltyr’s snores accompanied the scratch of her pencil against the paper. Luckily, he was already mostly in the shade before his back turned a lobster shade of red. Once she was satisfied with the sketch, she turned her attention to the crystal. The light, however, was already fading. With a sigh, she returned her tools, the pad and the stone to their proper locations.

Their evening meal was delivered, on time as always. She hauled out the food, utensils, wine and some thistle out to the balcony. This was the closest they got to a real holiday. One day in Dalaran before they went back out to Icecrown to continue assisting the Argent Crusade with cleaning up what was left of the Lich King’s tattered army.

Keltyr blinked as she finished setting up the meal and pulled the back of the chair up so he could sit. Dorri poured him a glass of wine and then sat at the end of the lounge chair, putting his feet in her lap. Ignoring the raised eyebrow he gave her, she opened a jar of warmed scented oil and started rubbing it into his feet. For a few seconds, he relaxed, then his eyes shot open and he narrowed her eyes at her.

“What are you doing?” There was a hint of a snarl in his voice.

She froze, hands still wrapped around his left foot. His fel-tainted eyes glared at her, the brightest thing on the balcony as the darkness grew. “Fabrio said you liked this.”

“I do.” He frowned and shook his head. “I did.” Dorri knew that look on his face. She turned her attention back to his feet, letting Keltyr decide what he would say. Dorri did her best to massage the oil into his feet as she waited.

A cool breeze caused her to shiver as she turned to his right foot. “It was one of the stupid primping things. The right clothes, the right jewelry, the right make-up.” There was an angry bitterness in Kel’s voice as he spoke. He so rarely talked about the past and, most of the time he did, he sounded like this.

Dorri wiped her hands on the towel under his feet and stretched out beside him on the chair. He held himself so stiffly but she placed her head on his chest anyway. His skin was warm against her cheek. “Me rubbing your feet won’t turn you into your parents.” She whispered.

His arms tightened around her and a long sigh drained some of the stiffness from him. “I know.” He kissed the top of her head. “What brought up the foot massage?”

“I wanted to do something for you.” Keltyr snickered and she poked him in the side, knowing what he was thinking. “Something that was just for you. Something that didn’t benefit me. Didn’t work though.”

One of his hands ran up and down her arm before he spoke. “It worked.”

“Not really, it was supposed to be relaxing.” She bit her lip and the scowled as he laughed at her again. “I’m not very good at just doing nothing.”

He shrugged, just as she knew he would. “Are you relaxed?”

Dorri snuggled closer against him, using his warmth as protection against the rapidly cooling air. “Yeah.”

“Good, now you won’t ask me to dance tonight.” She only poked him lightly in the ribs as he laughed.

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After weeks of dealing with a roster in flux for various reasons, things just came together last night. in three hours, we cleared everything but Arthas, including our first Sindragosa kill ever.

So stunned were we by this kill (and the speed with which it was accomplished) that we took no screenshots.

We did take a shot of all of us standing around the frozen throne. I will put one of them up when I get home tonight.

Congrats guys, you make me proud.

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