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Rose Ball

Every year, The Order of the Rose hosts a server wide RP gathering called the Rose Ball. They pick a location, collect food and drink, get translators for the horde and design events. This years Rose Ball was in Shalazar Basin near the waygate. There was a huge showing of the servers RP community and great fun was had by all.

Here are Kel and Dorri in their outfits.

Thanks to the Roses for yet another excellent and fun time!


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Shoe on the other foot

Just over a week ago, Keltyr lost his temper and threw a beehive at Then’liath. He blamed her for Ghaar asking him if Dorri stayed with him because she was programed to. Dorri’s been worried, but keeping it to herself. A conversation with Dir pushed her to broach the subject with Keltyr.

““Are you going to pick something?” Dorri turned around to face Keltyr. The black silk clung to her as she turned and she did not bother to hide a smile as her lover’s eyes traced up and down her body. He did not say anything, just continued to stare. “You already made up your mind.” She crossed her hands over her chest and gave him a mock scowl.

“Maybe. Or maybe I am tired of looking at dresses.” Keltyr smirked at her and put the bottle of wine he had been drinking on the floor.

Rolling her eyes, she joined him on the bed. He wrapped his arms around her waist and she traced the fading welts on his wrists, remnants of angry bees from the hive he had thrown at her sister. With a sigh, she leaned her head back against his shoulder. Dir’s words from earlier in the evening continued to prick at her.

Kisses traced along her ears. It was hard to even concentrate, but if she did not talk to him now it would be tomorrow. He laid down, pulling her with him. And, no matter how distracting he was being, the conversation she had with Dir would bug her in the night. “Kel…” She could hear the rumble of irritation in his response. “You shouldn’t have thrown the bees at Then.”

“She deserved it. Your sister has been telling stories…”

Dorri agreed with him. Then deserved the bees and more. What had she been telling Ghaar that would have made the orc shaman say those things to Kel. No matter what she believed about the punishment her sister, they had to be cautious. “Stories we have used to protect ourselves.”

“She knows they aren’t true!” Keltyr’s flame colored brows knitted together as he scowled at her. His hands tightened on her arms. “She knows…”

“Light, Kel.” She wanted to touch his face, but he had her pinned against the mattress, so instead she merely traced his forearms with her fingers. “Then knows that I am not programed to obey you, but she doesn’t believe that I can do anything on my own.”

“Hells, I should have found more bees.” Cursing, he flopped down next to her and glared at the ceiling. “The priest saw into my head, into your head. What is it going to take to convince her?”

Dorri turned onto her side to stare at him. “Why does it matter?” She poked him in the chest when he did not immediately respond. “Kel?”

“I would never do that.” He finally looked at her. “I don’t want that.” Dorri ran a hand over his face, trying to smooth the creases. Even the mention that he would have to take a woman by force, made him angry.

“I know that. People who know you, know that.” She struggled to think of the right things to say. “But.. Dir… If you lash out when someone repeats… When they say, you wanted me.” Dorri watched his jaw clench and he looked away from her again. “Hey!” She tried to poke him in the side, but he knocked her hand away. “Hey!” Dorri repeated, finally throwing a leg over him and straddling his waist. She looked down at him, pressing her hands against his shoulders. “I know how hard it is.”

Keltyr looked away, but she could not let him ignore this, not now. “I know how much it hurts you to hear people say those things. I do know.” Dorri leaned farther down until her nose was only a fingertip away from his. Before she think of something else to do, he gave a loud and long sigh.

“She deserved it.” He repeated slowly, emphasizing each word. Keltyr’s eyes blazed with anger. “She deserved more than just bees.”

“LIGHT!” She glared back at him, “Of course she fucking deserved it! She and that mealy mouthed asshole she is with have been pushing at us both for weeks! My sister or not, she deserves to be covered in bees.” There was a triumphant glimmer in Keltyr’s eyes and Dorri knew before she opened her mouth that she was going to cross a line. “But you let her get the best of you. I don’t know what she is up to, but if one of us keeps lashing out when she taunts us. She won’t have to betray us. Ghaar asked the questions this time. Stonemantle has friends in Silvermoon. Silverdawn is sharing her bed and we don’t know a thing about him except his name. And that he has a horrible taste in women. How long before word gets back to the Magisters that there is some question about what is really going on?”

“Hells.” When he did not make a move to lash out, she began to move back towards sitting. He moved to get up and she let him go. He prowled around the room, found some thistle and lit it. He paced as he smoked. When he went to light up a second cig, Dorri intervened. She grabbed one of his legs and motioned for him to lean down towards her.

“It’s not an easy thing…”

“Useless again.” He tried to pull away and she impulsively kissed him.

“If you say that one more time, I’ll kick you.” One of his eyebrows raised and a corner of his mouth crept up as well.

“I can’t believe I let that bitch beat me.” Dorri rose to her feet and wrapped her arms around his neck. “I shouldn’t have thrown the bees.” He conceded. “But it felt damn good.”

She grinned at him. “And she did deserve it, love.”

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Pill and Sheep

My friend Bika has been doing a lot of silly sketches.

She did this one today.

The picture is awesome and kinda takes my mind off the fact that my ability to raid ten mans and therefore get a drake for Dorri is pretty much in the toilet.


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((Then’liath’s fiance, Veec, has been trying to make Dorri attack him without thought. So far, she has been able to resist the taunts, but his words have begun to push at her self control. And Dorri has, of course, told Keltyr. So they have hatched a plan to let the priest know that what he says can get him killed. It is going to be an interesting few weeks.))

“Come on, Arille.” Dorri leaned against the bar, grinning. A tray with coffee and the small savory pies that Kel liked in the morning was already prepared, but the blood knight had more on her mind than just breakfast. “Just tell me what room he has rented.”

“What? So you and your commander can go terrorize another one of my customers?” Azuregaze frowned at her.


“Aside from the complaints for patrons about the two of you drunkenly heckling anyone around in the early morning hours, let alone that poor Tauren you both insist is an anteater. Oh, and should I mention the hunter companion you two attempted to poison?” The innkeeper continued with his busy work, cleaning mugs.

“What? It’s not our fault that stupid lizard will eat anything that isn’t nailed down. We didn’t attempt to poison the damn thing. Just wanted to teach the farstrider a lesson. He kept sticking his nose in where it wasn’t welcome. Besides, it worked itself out.”

Azuregaze snorted. “I am not sure how you worked that out. I’ve seen your version of diplomacy and so has much of my furniture. If you think I am just going to hand over information…”

“My sister is going to marry the guy, Arille.” She ran a hand through her hair. “You know about family and how important that is to us. So, what room?” She grabbed the tray and took a few steps back from the bar.

“Fine, he’s rented room 4 on the second floor.” Arille Azuregaze pointed a finger at her. “Your word, Firebloom. Your word that you are not going to go charging in there and wreck anything.”

“You have my word of honor, Arille.” With a triumphant grin, she took to the stairs two at a time.

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