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Pigeon – Cylinn

Cylinn is my rather dimwitted human warrior. She is rather hard to RP or write for in large quantities, mostly because I find it hard to be that… childlike for large periods.

The dwarf who ran the stables just stared at her when she said she wanted to buy a griffon. “I gots the money! I gots it from a dwarf too. He’s a nice dwarf. He’s my friend.” She barely kept from saying that Beltar was nicer than the dwarf who humphed at her and led her into the stables. It was hard, but she remembered what not to say just in time.

She was so excited. Her very own griffon! She could fly wherever she wanted. Provided she could pick one. The stable was full of griffons and she wasn’t sure how to choose just one. After staring dumb-founded at the choices, she remembered she could ask some people. She turned on the buzzbox and asked how to choose a griffon. As she listened to Anna and Akeelah talk about what to look for in a gryphon, she walked slowly down the aisle. She looked over each and every gryphon, trying to listen to the buzzbox and the dwarf and remember what to look for. It was very hard.

The dwarf began muttering under his breath, glaring at her. She fiddled nervously, trying to work up the courage to ask for a test flight of a black gryphon that seemed to look okay. Then the cooing started. The dwarf muttered again and walked towards the end of the stable. Curiously, Cylinn followed him.

“You don’t be wantin’ that one, lass. Thinks a lot of himself, he does. Somethin not right about that one, though. That cooin, ach. Tis not natural.” Cylinn looked over the stable gate to see a large mound of grey and white feathers. With each movement of the feathers came a soft coo.

“I like him!” She paused, “or her. I want that one.” She could hear Anna and Akeelah speculating about a cooing gryphon.

“Now lass, he’s not the kinda mount for a strong lass like yourself…”

“Nope, I want him.” She crossed her arms over her chest and looked down at the dwarf. “I want a griffon that coos! It’ll be nifty.” The dwarf shook his head, but he took her money. By this time, the gryphon had woken up and was preening all his feathers into place. She led him out of the stable and threw a saddle on him.

She paused as she mounted up and asked one last question into the buzzbox. “What do I call him?”

Anna replied without hesitation. “Pigeon” That was just perfect.

“Okay Pigeon. Let’s fly!” And they did.

The next morning in Shattrath, she rushed to the place where she had stabled her Griffon, making Buttons race as fast as he could. People had to dodge out of her way, but Cylinn didn’t care. She had to make sure he was real, had to make sure he was okay. The run to the stable was quick and the stabled griffons and wyverns were all in the yard, but she knew which one was hers.

Pigeon looked pretty intimidating in the morning sun. The griffon was fluffed up, grey and white feathers pointing in all different directions giving him the appearance of a giant. He was also cooing softly in his sleep, which made him rather less ferocious than a first glance might garner.

Cylinn leaned against Buttons with a large smile on her face. Buttons was a good horse; he stood still and didn’t rear when she was trying to mount. It was the nicest present she had ever gotten from her da and she was very happy with him, but Pigeon had been her choice. All hers and no one elses.

`course, Anna and Akeelah had helped. She reminded herself sternly. She had to remember the people who helped her. Cause they were friends and friends were important.

Pigeon cooed again and Cylinn giggled. The gryphon opened one eye and then began to prune his feathers back into place. He was rather proud, her Pigeon. She giggled again as one feather on his crown refused to fall correctly.

“I can fix it!” Ignoring the dangerous beak and claws, Cylinn moved in and laid the stray feather properly into place. “So handsome!” She hugged Pigeon in excitement and he cooed at her, straightening her hair as well.

“I wanna fly!” She told Pigeon and then turned guiltily to look at the stoic Buttons. The horse shook his mane and whickered. “We’ll be back soon Buttons! I promise!”

She climbed into the saddle and Pigeon shot into the air. Flying was the best thing ever.


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Dark Journey – Tarelyn

Right before BC was released, there were free transfers to Sisters of Elune. I transferred a number of characters. One of them was my Aside pally Tarelyn. As Davien began to play Aside more and more and I followed her storyline, I thought I would get involved. And therefore transferred Tarelyn back to Feathermoon. Not everything in that worked out the way I liked. Mostly because it takes a lot of work for me to feel involved in things. And, it seemed, no matter what I did I was always on the outside looking in. (To the point where at times I was barely acknowledged in channels. But, that could just as easily be because people are involved in talking to people they see every day.) Aside things make me uneasy, because of all that. but I still like this story. If you are curious, the scenes are broken by lines from Psalms 51 and the Prayer of St Francis.

Hide thy face from my sins and blot out all mine iniquities

The shovel crunched into the dry soil of the plaguelands. The tan dirt was as lifeless as everything around it. Any plant life was as twisted, as dead, as those around it. The little crawlies that gave the soil its fecundity changed by the plague that could not seem to be purged from these lands. The hole she had dug was deep enough for a body, but it did not seem deep enough to hide her deed from the Light. Despite the long hours the corpse had laid there, robbed of life, there was no movement. No sign that the bane had touched it. Perhaps the Light had responded to that desire, the only pure one she could recall through this long darkness. No matter, she would dig a little deeper. Even a Forsaken could not dig forever, could they?

Cast me not from thy presence and take thy spirit and power from me.

There were not enough stones to cover the mound of dirt and there was nothing to declare who lay beneath it. Better that way, better to hide from the Light what she had done. Bereft of strength, her legs crumpled beneath her. It was so quiet in the plaguelands. There were creatures, sick and twisted things, only a few feet away, but they made no noise. So quiet. Only the living were truly noisy here.

She crouched by the dirt, staring at it, waiting for it to move. The sun moved in its course, but the loose soil was touched only by the faintest breeze. The light grew dim and still the mound remained still. “Thank the Light.” Her voice sounded harsh, forced out of a throat dried from lack of water and excess grief. She forced herself to her feet and began the slow and dangerous walk to Light’s Hope. If she completed the journey, perhaps she would be ready for the next step.

Create in me a clean heart and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

“Child, this penance is unnecessary.” The priest spoke quietly to the woman who remained on her knees in the cathedral. For three days she had kneeled in this spot from morning until late in the evening. “Nothing you could have done…”

“What I have done… it cannot be undone.” She spoke softly with a voice that remained as harsh and torn as it had been weeks ago in the plaguelands. “When the archbishop is ready to speak to me, I will be here. Until then, I will remain here.” Her eyes never left the marble floor of the cathedral. She heard him move away. The cathedral was always filled with the buzz of voices, friendly human voices, but all she could think of was how quiet it had been in the plaguelands. The aches in her body still were minor compared to the aches of her heart.

Make me an instrument of your peace

“What we are asking you to do, won’t be easy.” They were all treating her as if she would break. For the first time in weeks, Tarelyn Montrose felt they were wrong. Her knees, back and legs still ached, but the penance she had imposed on herself seemed worth it. “But that doesn’t make it any less necessary.”

“I understand m’lord. I will do as you bid, for the Light.”

“All your preparations are made?” She nodded. “Good. Your father will be none to happy to see you go, but he is a good man.” Again she merely nodded. “I won’t keep you any longer. Travel safely, paladin.”

“Thank you, m’lord.” She bowed and walked out of the cathedral.

Where there is hatred, let me sow love

“Again girl! And less slow this time.” Herod’s voice echoed harshly through the yard. Her arms ached, but raised her sword once more. She would endure but the attack did not come. She followed the gaze of the champion and saw who was approaching. “Again with the interference!”

Tarelyn bowed her head as the High Inquisitor approached, hiding the smile as Herod stalked off in annoyance. “Herod seems to approve of your skills.”

“I think he approves more of having a breathing target.” Tarelyn raised her eyes smiling hesitantly.

“Oh no doubt, but all of us must be prepared to defend ourselves against the Scourge and those who collaborate with them.” Tarelyn nodded, but Whitemane had already turned away from her. “You leave for the outlands tomorrow. I have heard good things about you; I expect to continue hearing them.”

“They say there are many refugees in the city of Shattrath.” Tarelyn looked around as if trying to memorize how the monastery looked at this moment. “Humans among them, perhaps even those that went through the portal before.”

“Just be careful. The Church may not speak directly against us and the fools of the Argent Dawn know better than to strike against us. Only with our help has Kel’thuzad and the Scourge been kept at bay. But with new recruits and perhaps old friends we can complete our task.”

“We must have any remaining members of the Silver Hand left in outlands! Those fools reforming the silver hand.. they do not understand the dangers we truly face. But you know all this.” The High Inquisitor smiled and patted Tarelyn on the arm. I won’t keep you any longer.”

Where there is doubt, faith

She rose to her feet after having spent another afternoon listening to the Draenai teachers. She felt a true smile cross her face as she walked towards the lower city. She still did not feel experienced enough to venture into the forests that surrounding Shattrath. The skill she had learned among the Scarlet Crusade had not been enough to prepare her for the Outlands. Truthfully, little of what she had learned in the Crusade seemed necessary here. It had been weeks since she had donned the scarlet tabard and days since she had trolled the city for news of the silver hand.

Instead, she had taken to talking to the Draenai priests and paladins that roamed the city. Their faith, their way of seeing the Light had woken her up. She could almost feel the touch again, the glow in her. But just as a shadow covered the clouds, the light dimmed in her as memories resurfaced.

Where there is despair, hope

“What’s wrong with that lady, Tare?” The little girl pointed to the strange woman that stalked past them, too intent on where she was headed to notice the blond haired waif that pointed at her.

“She’s a Forsaken, Kern. Don’t point it’s not polite.” Tarelyn pushed the girl’s arm down. “That lady died and then returned to life because of evil people.” The Forsaken witch continued walking, muttering under her breath. Straight spikes of matted green hair stuck up from her skull.

“How does she see with those things over her eyes.” The Forsaken turned to stare at them. Her lips were shrunken, revealing white teeth amidst green flesh. Kern squeaked and scampered behind Tarelyn. Tare rose to her feet, not sure what she would do. She had no armor and no weapon. The leather straps the crossed the Forsaken’s destroyed face bore vicious spikes. Tarelyn doubt she used those as a weapon, judging by the cloth that somewhat covered the green-tinged flesh and exposed bones, this Forsaken was some sort of caster.

“She didn’t mean any harm.” Tare held out her hands, trying to be as harmlessly looking as possible. The Forsaken sniffed the air around her and snarled.

“LOK!” Both Tarelyn and Kern jumped at the shout. The Forsaken continued to babble, waving her arms around. Another Forsaken, turned and sighed loud enough to be heard above the increasing volume of the disfigured undead. The two forsaken talked among themselves, while Tare and Kern remained still. Violence was not unknown in the lower city, it was the cheapest form of currency in the city.

Eventually the argument seemed to sort itself out, though the first Forsaken woman continued to be upset. She turned her disfigured face away and, still muttering, continued on her way. The second Forsaken, looking much less decayed, turned towards them. She spoke softly in common. “Just ignore her, sweetlings. Pill gets that way when she smells paladins. She’s mostly harmless.” Before Tarelyn could lodge her protest, the Forsaken had left as well. Only the top of her floppy hat could be seen over the crowd.

Where there is darkness, light

“There is nothing more for you to learn from us, child.” Tarelyn bowed to the Draenei priestess. Her thoughts were already away from this city and from all of Outland. “And there is nothing more that you want to learn.”

“I respect your teachings, Ishanah, but even you have admitted that you do not exclusively know the way to the Light. There are other ways.” She picked her packs from where she had left them by the door and smiled. “And Threnn has always been my friend.”

She saw the tight-lipped frown from the priestess, but she did not quail before it as she would have before. Months of self-doubt and anger had been purged by months of quiet study and reflection.

“You cannot help her.” The priestess would have said more, but Tarelyn shook her head and interrupted.
“You’re wrong. I can help merely by being her friend. I can’t give her back the light or her faith, that’s true. But that’s not the only way to help. Sometimes I think that in all the fighting your people have done, priestess, you have forgotten that sometimes just sharing a drink with a friend can heal better than all the spells in the universe.” She turned and missed the hints of a smile on the priestess lips.

Where there is sadness, joy.

Her boots touched the stones of Stormwind again. The city felt the same. The sun warmed stone streets still bustled with traders and travelers. A never ending stream of people all moving from one place or another. Tarelyn Montrose looked over them as she walked down the ramp from the Griffons and smiled. She was careful to stand to the side, allowing people to move past her unhindered. Even with that curtesy, there were still mutters and indignant looks. Finally, she walked down the ramp, still unsure of where her final destination.

Her father would be on duty. No doubt patrolling, though his rank would allow him to forgo that duty. He always liked to be among the people he was supposed to be protecting. She would leave that reunion for later. She would see her mother and father together. That should please them both.

Still undecided, she ran a hand through her dark hair and drew a lock of it into her mouth. She chewed on the strand trying to make a decision. So many things to do and not one to do first. Her stomach made the decision for her. She had walked aimlessly by the cheese shop. Before she broke her fast, however, she stopped at the mailbox. It had been a long time and she was too well bred to drop in unannounced.


I know it has been a while since we talked, but I was wondering if I could snag you for a drink sometime soon. You can catch me up on all the exciting rumors and I can see what you need for a late wedding present. I’ll be in Stormwind for a few days and you can just drop a note at the house.


P.S. Thanks for looking after Cylinn for me.

That small errand taken care of, she turned her attention back to the demands of her stomach.

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And then there were 101

So, after running into Magister’s Terrace with the most illustrious Verdus, I ran a Warsong Gulch march for another 5K honor.

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Just one mount away

I got the Swift White Hawkstrider tonight.

Verdus let me have it. He’s so sweet

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Sand trickled through her fingers, as she watched the moon reflected in the calm seas. Some of the celebratory bonfires continued to burn farther down the beach, but most of the revelry had died down. The trolls had retaken the Echo Isles and the Prophecy of Light had been there to assist the Horde.

Dorri kicked the sand with a bare foot out of frustration. The battle had been engaging and the celebration afterward had been distracting. None of it had been enough to keep her thoughts from crowding back in. A few hours fitful rest at Keltyr’s side was all that she could manage.

With her hands clenched into tight fists, the blood knight got to her feet and walked down the beach away from large bonfires. The silk robe she wore did not lend itself to running, but walking even in the soft sand was not enough to drum the thoughts out of her head. Maybe if she was quiet, Kel would sleep.

Abruptly she turned around to walk back towards the tent. There was a bright flash from a match and when that bright yellow light faded, two dimmer green ones looked her way. The smell of thistle smoke reached her before she could see his face. She took the cig from his hand and took a long drag. Then handed it back as she exhaled. It was just enough to take the edge off her feelings.

“I didn’t mean to wake you.” Dorri said and Keltyr snorted in response. “I didn’t mean to wake you all week.”

“My armor is polished enough to kill someone with the light of the sun.” His voice was colored with frustration and affection as he flicked away the butt to die in the sand.

One hand grabbed her silk covered arm and Dorri felt the swell of frustration and she jerked away. Everything in her head just jumped out of her mouth. “Hells. I don’t know what to do about Ysani. Light, she cares about Keilos. She said she loved him. But then she slept with Dir…”

“Did she?” She glared at him as he asked the question.

“Dir was all over at the Rose Ball.”

“He’s been all over her for at least a month. He’d be all over me, if he knew you wouldn’t gut him. If she made that choice, she made it.” In the faint light, she saw his jaw clench stubbornly.

“I told her to do it. I told her if she wanted to sleep with Dir, to sleep with him. I thought, Light. I don’t know what I thought.” Dorri did not want to ruin their evening with a repeat of that stupid argument.


“I know she made the decision, but I didn’t think about what it might mean for Keilos.” She could not articulate the rest. She wrapped her hands around her arms, trying to restrain her need to strike out.

“You’re an idiot.” Keltyr pulled her into tight hug before she could punch him. “I am not Ysani and you are not Keilos.”

“What.. I” She sputtered. “That’s not what I meant.”

“Yes, it is. But you don’t keep things from me and I…” He stopped speaking and curiosity drew her eyes up to his. Both of his hands rested against her face instead of restraining her. She never thought to escape. Instead Dorri leaned into the kiss Keltyr offered. “I am not easily distracted.” He grinned at her.

She sighed and rested her head on his shoulder. This time he wrapped his arms around her gently. “I want to fix this.”

“You can’t.” His response was murmured into hair. When she fidgeted, he sighed deeply.

“I know, but it doesn’t keep me from wanting to. I’m not Then.”

“Too bad, I was looking forward to a quiet night.”

“WHAT!” WIth a howl, she pushed him, causing him to fall on his back into the sand. She straddled his waist before he could get up. Keltyr’s laughter warmed the night, even more than his hands slipping inside her robe to rest on her hips. “Liar.” She told him with a smile of her own. “You hate quiet.”

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Linedan: HAVE A BUNNY!

Itanya: …

Lewis: what, it’s a bunny. I figured you needed a bunny. You sure sounded last night like you needed a bunny.

Itanya: Linedan is trying to give me a rabbit

Fyriat: It would mean that you wouldn’t be lonely or you would, but you’d eat well.

Linedan: see? I THINK OF YOU. Sleepy Bunny is always there for you!

Fyriat: He’s helping!

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Working on another plot post

Finished a filler piece between Kel and Dorri tonight.

Still feeling a little distant from people today. Talked to the emo tree for a while, which was nice.

Wish I was better at not letting things get to me.

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