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Fy and I were just trying to figure out exactly what this blue post meant

Fyriat: Yeah, I can’t make heads or tails of what the difference between .3 and .3a is supposed to be

Itanya: .3a actually has the shattering

Fyriat: Then what’s .3?

Itanya: It has all that content, but it’s not turned on

Fyriat: So there is no /3a

Itanya: pretty much what I got from it

Fyriat: It’s just Jimmy the cultist poking Deathwing with a stick

Fyriat: Hey boss! Wake up!
Time to destroy the world!
Hey! Listen!
Rwaaargh! /smash

I understand now!
That fairy from Zelda is one of the Old Gods!
Who has singlehandedly driven Deathwing insane
Trapped beneath the earth constantly harassed
Hey! Listen!
For years and years!

And this is why Fy is #1 on my gtalk list


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The PoL grows again

We inducted two new members last week, Lieu Boarhorder, daughter of Hallis aka Governor. And Nat (Think of Pat of SNL fame, though with more temper). Can’t remember Nat’s family name right now. They are played by Baji and Fusaba respectively. Since I had new victims, I looped them into a story that lets people know that the PoL is back in Silvermoon.

“Good Morning, Fabrio.” The secretary jumped at the muffled words and then flushed as he tried to prevent his inkwell from spilling onto his desk. “Hells…” Dame Firebloom muttered as she moved fully into his office, nibbling at the edges of pumpkin muffin.

“Good morning, miss.” He approved of her eating, though he would never say it to her face. Both Dame Firebloom and his cousin, Keltyr, had come home from Northrend showing the strain of two years of campaigning. Hopefully with the Lich King defeated and the Armistice between the Alliance and the Horde in place, both she and Keltyr would take the time to rest. “I trust your evening was restful?”

She shrugged one shoulder, dismissing his inquiry. Her eyes scanned his office and she straightened the cushions on the couch. “So, Lieu and Nat show up? Did you get them situated?”

“I have assigned them rooms upstairs. I do appreciate you thinking of my needs.” He barely stopped himself from continuing. She would not understand why he would have wanted to choose his own assistant, not that the young woman wasn’t more than adequate. He had merely wanted to do it himself.

Unfortunately, a confused Dame Firebloom was often a violent Dame Firebloom and the last thing he wanted to do was explain to his cousin why he was cowering under his desk while the woman put holes in the walls, again.

“Good. I think Nat is a Blood Knight. I was going to stop and see if Baschi knew anything about him.” Before Fabrio could respond, the Order’s grand master took a step into the office and took the half of the muffin from the hands of his fellow blood knight and started eating it. “Dammit, Kel!”

Fabrio felt a smile tug at his lips as his cousin smirked in response, took another bite and then handed the muffin back. “Good morning, cousin.” Keltyr Sunsworn deliberately ignored Dame Firebloom’s angry glare as she stuffed the remains of the abused muffin in her mouth.

“Good morning, sir. The young miss Boarhorder has settled in nicely.” The secretary thought it best to simply continue the conversation he had been having. “The stablehand… Well, he or she seems to have had an incident with Brutus.”

“Is Brutus okay?”

Fabrio looked up, shocked. He should not have been surprised to hear Dame Firebloom was concerned for the violent lizard. “Brutus is fine, I assure you.” As if Nat would have been a threat. “The young man, at least I think he’s a man, made a mistake I do not think he will make again. He had quite a scare.”

“Well, as long as Brutus is okay. I’m going out shopping.” Dorri’tow poked his cousin in the side. “If you want that metal bought, you better come too. I know you didn’t make me a list.”

Bickering, the two blood knights left his office. Fabrio sighed and wondered how he was going to manage to convince Nat to come out of his room for breakfast.

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While fiddling around with Then, leveling her herbalism and mining I got this thing from an herb on Hyjal.

Using it did this:

And this is the buff wording:

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Fyriat: I’m worried about the pally set
At this rate it’ll either be the best set since tier 2 or the worst since tier cylon

Itanya: We’re going to get the steve martin “king tut” performance outfit. I just know it

Fyriat: Born in Babylonia, moved to Dalaran-ya, Pally tut.
Kel tut, egomaniac belfy!

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I might have mentioned that the Anvil tends to be a bit coarse in their conversation. We are not for the timid or the easily offended. We are NOT for children or safe for work.

But we are funny. Last Saturday, Ambika came by to help us with our ten man raid. Verdus started standing on Dorri’s corpse and making sucking noises like he was devouring it. Somehow that got us onto the topic of a giant slime with Dorri’s hair. All of which brought this picture about.

Bika added this caption: “It’s a very long story, and you probably think you want to know, but you don’t. I’m sorry.”

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So I mentioned a few days ago that we have had some interesting adventures on the weekly raid the past two weeks.

This morning, I am greeted with this:

Ghaar: I figured out how to be legit in wiping on patchwork
pull the little oozes all the way to him.

So, that’s two officers inffected, right?

Wait, there is more!
Fyriat: Oh, I thought the trick was to dance into the slime pit

Itanya: RIGHT! Fired

Fyriat: What? If I’m going to be put in a situation where I’m forced to fail, I intend to do it in such a way that I am clearly superior

Itanya: I am not touching that statement at all

Fyriat: Aww, but I was so proud of it

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What hell

So, for the past two weeks we have done the weekly raid on the 25 man. And both weeks we have wiped. The first time was enough to cause the Panzercow to write a cautionary tale about our experience.

Last week, we valiantly walked into Noth with only one decurser (yours truly) paying attention. The wipe was rather spectacular.

We have our own forum thread about the Anvil’s excellent ability to wipe on old content. Some of my raiders are now planning how we wipe on more bosses. And all of that inspired me to write this!

Patchwerk is bigger
He’s bigger than you
And you are not me
The lengths that you will go to
The hand over my eyes
Oh no, I’ve seen too much
you set it up

That’s me in the corner
That’s me sitting at my desk,
Covering my eyes
Wondering why am I here
And I don’t know why you do it
Oh no, I’ve seen too much
You set it up
As we wiped, I heard you laughing
As we wiped, I heard you sing
As we wiped I think I saw you die

Every moment
the raid is take damage I’m
staring at my raid frames
Trying to keep an eye on you
Like a hurt lost and blinded fool, fool
Oh no, I’ve seen too much
you set it up

Consider this
Consider this
The wipe of the century
Consider this
The wipe that brought me
To cry on vent failed
What if all these fantasies
Come falling around
Now I’ve seen too much
As we wiped, I heard you laughing
As we wiped, I heard you sing
As we wiped I think I saw you die

But that was just a dream
Wish this was just a dream

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