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Argents come calling

As the silence continues, Dorri and Kel continue to grow anxious, wondering what will come of Ghaar revealing their secrets to Califas and whoever has employed him, both of the blood knights are on edge.

Keltyr snarled at the paperwork on his desk for the third time in the past hour. Lieu and Veldarin did their best to do Fabrio’s work, but they were not him. Fabrio knew the merchants, knew all the servants; Fabrio just knew how everything worked. And Fabrio was Fabrio. Over the years, Dorri’tow had learned that while Keltyr could keep track of amazing amounts of things in his head, he had no patience for the paperwork required.

Dorri rescued another chart of accounts from her lover’s irritation, but not before Fabrio’s meticulous accounting was marred but yet another ring of coffee. Kel signed a few pieces of paper and pushed them over to one side. Before he could make some obnoxious comment, someone knocked on the door.

“What?” There was a harsh frustrated snarl in the Grand Master’s voice as he answered the knock.

Lieu opened the door, hesitantly. “Sir, Some people from the Argent Crusade to see you.”

Keltyr scowled and then nodded. “Fine, let them in.” At any other time, Keltyr might have shown a kind of glee at being able to shove the paperwork to one side of his desk, but any small amount of joy he got from dispensing with a task he despised was overshadowed by his anger towards the Argent Crusaders walking through his door.

Dorri rose to her feet as they saluted Keltyr. The blood knight wore no armor, but she still stood at attention at Keltyr’s back. The Grand Master of the Prophecy of Light did not even bother to stand. Nor did he offer either of the Forsaken knights a seat.

There was a long drawn out silence as the crusaders waited to be acknowledged and Keltyr just glared at them. “I was told you could be difficult.” One of the crusaders finally spoke in a deep rasping voice. “I do not know what your issue is with the Argent Crusade.”

It was an obvious opening for Keltyr to interject, but he said nothing and the silence dragged out once more.

“Very well, then. A member of your order was a liaison between us and the Magistrate in the continuing clean up of the Dead Scar.” The crusader paused as his companion whispered softly. “Dame Dawnsorrow has not reported for duty in a few days.”

“She was ordered to take leave.”

“We were not informed…”

“You were not informed because it was obvious that you gave no care for the stress she was under. Much like your whole wretched group paid no attention to where they built their ridiculous arena.” Dorri glanced down, watching as Keltyr’s ears slowly began to redden.

“We take pride in the care of those who server under our banner.”

“Pride? You take pride in it? Did you take pride when your stupid games created more fodder for the monster we should have been fighting? Did that bastard Tirion Fordring take pride at the number of people that died when the Lich King’s pet bugs took out the floor in the arena?” Keltyr put his hands on his desk, giving Dorri’tow just the smallest amount of warning before he surged to his feet. The Blood Knight leaned across his desk, meeting the eyes of the shorter forsaken man.

“Did you take pride in my uncle’s murder?” The Forsaken crusaders stared at Keltyr, mouths hanging open. “Don’t tell me about how much you care about those who serve under your banner!” The blood knight stood upright and began to make his way around his desk. “If you truly cared about any of those foolish enough to wear your colors or server under your banner, one of you would have noticed a woman cracking under the constant stress of dealing with the scourge. Or with a young knight suffering such severe nightmares that he shook at the gates of Icecrown Citadel. Or one of you bloody idiots would have done more than pay lip service to the danger presented by someone calling himself the BLACK KNIGHT!”

“The Argent Crusade has murdered no one.” The lead forsaken took advantage of Keltyr’s pause for breath.

“One of your sworn fools didn’t plunge a dagger into his chest and then animate his corpse, but it was your failures that led to his death. The Lich King is dead, Crusader.” The Grand Master said with a snarl. “There is no reason for any of you to even wear your colors or spout your pretty lies. Get out of my sight. If Hammaryn decides to dance to your tunes again, you will know soon enough, but not from me!”

The crusaders bowed stiffly and walked out of the office. Keltyr slammed the door, glaring as the door refused to stay shut the first time. He kicked it, damaging the wood along the bottom, but it stayed closed. Dorri put her hand around his wrist as the blood knight continued to glare at the door.

“Hells, I want a drink!” She said nothing. They had both stopped drinking and smoking weeks ago. “Grab the sticks, I want some combat practice.”

“No armor?” Dorri let go of his wrist and moved to grab the practice swords.

Keltyr turned to look at her, a tense violent smile on his lips. “None.” He ripped the door open, slamming it against the wall as he walked out.

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Verdus: it’s been a rather poor day, full of fail, far too much of it my own.

Itanya: I can relate to that. I have been one with the fail.

Verdus: that damn fail. i wish i knew how to quit it.

Itanya: I will tell Fyriat you said that

Verdus: ???

Itanya: /cackle /flee

Verdus: is there a joke here i’m missing? bah, probably. one more for the list

Itanya: Well, Fy is our master of fail, is he not?

Verdus: i’m starting to wonder. i mean, even he has his own particular specialties when it comes to fail. i don’t think he can claim dominion over the whole thing

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As my readers know, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm went live last week. I took four days off from work, pushed two toons through to 85 (Thenliath and Dorri) and generally was a slug for a week.

You might think that this has been the reason for my silence on the blog, but it really has not been. There have been a few things that have happened over the past month that have greatly thrown me off my stride in terms of writing and general well-being. Before I go into this, I want to make it clear that this is not a boohoo poor me kinda thing. For the past three or four years, I have used this blog to do more than just show off small bits of my writing, or my noobishness. I have used this as a way to explore lots of things about myself. Anyway, enough of the explaining, onto the stuff.

1) Friends of mine started a blog. It looks spiffy, they have decent articles. No one asked me if I was interested. No one even said they were starting it. It stings. I have to admit that I have not asked any of them about it. And I admit that I would probably not be able to dedicate myself to the blog the way I could. And that I would have arguments with some of the people writing on that blog. It was weeks before I could make myself go look at the blog. I’d see people tweet about the posts and feel just awful. So, I avoided the blog.

It’s actually an interesting blog. It has some fascinating articles. (There are some pieces in there that make me very angry too) I enjoy reading it now that I have had the time to get over the bad feelings. But the sting is still there. I find myself wondering what I did to get excluded. How I failed in being valued enough to be considered. You see where this is going? Yeah. You do.

2) Back in June, I posted on the forum for the ten man I had been running with that I planned to continue with them in Cataclysm, provided that any time they chose did not conflict with the Anvil raid. (I’m technically the raid leader. I should probably be there for my own raid.) A person I know told me that they had already set a day and time. In fact, they were nearly full. This came as a shock to me. I had been checking the forum waiting to see if there would be any follow up to that thread. It made working on Heroic Sindragosa an annoying and hazy dream (we beat her, earning the rest of that raid their heroic ten man drakes.)

I could not understand why no one had said anything. True, I had not gone to play league of legends with them a lot of times, because the game just didn’t interest me the way RPing in wow did. The fight just drained out of me. I had seen and ignored other ten man inquries because I had been waiting on these guys. I could not figure out why I hadn’t made the cut, why I had been kicked to the curb. I thought they were my friends. I spent a lot of time angrily sobbing, which made it very hard for Wes because he still hangs on skype with them and plays other non wow stuff with them.

Even after I spoke with some of them, I am still at a loss. It seems that they decided en mass that I would not be able to have a toon ready to raid with them and have one ready for the Anvil. One of them made the constant point that I wouldn’t make their ten man a priority (which is probably true. It would not trump ALL THINGs WoW for me.). Still, I knew I could have had a toon ready. So, once again I was trying to wrack my brain to figure out why I didn’t make the cut.

3) I turned 40 last week. I got many Bday weekends, the husband surprised me with candles and cake. It wasn’t a horrible Bday, but it is still startling to think that I am 40.

All of that combined into a storm of just horrid ick that made it nearly impossible for me to focus on writing or pretty much anything that was good. So, I buried myself into Cataclysm for a long while. Now, however, I have a ton of stuff to write and things to organize.

Expect to see more story stuff.

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Checking up on a friend

Fenniel’s older sister opened the door as they knocked. Despite the fact they were wearing full armor, she still smiled at them. Dorri held out a small basket of food. She knew the sister cooked. She seemed… Dorri was not sure what to think, but Aedoren seemed a great deal older than she could possibly be.

“Keltyr… We made you a whole meal this time.” The blood knight did her best to smile and pressed the basket into the older woman’s hands. Kel was a quiet angry presence at her back. “Mind if we try and talk to Fenni?”

The older woman smiled and gracefully accepted the basket. “Of course not. Please, come in.” She stepped back, gesturing down the hallway to the two blood knights. “He’s laying on the couch.”

As Keltyr moved past her down the hallway, Dorri turned to look at Aedoren. “Ysani said that every time she’s come by, he’s been moping on the couch.” She heard Keltyr’s voice from the other room, a deep rumble and Fenniel’s voice in reply. “Hells, maybe we should just drag him outside… Cuddles would like a walk.” She tightened her hands into fists, repeating in her head that she should not bust someone else’s walls.

Aedoren nodded, lowering her head. “He’s not taking it well. I have to admit, I’m not any good with the raptor. You might be able to persuade him to go out, if it’s for the devilsaur’s benefit.”

Dorri nodded curtly and started to turn away. She paused for a moment. “You’re pretty nice, like Fenni always said. He’s lucky to have you. Cersei… Cersei wanted us to beat Fenni up in her place.” She turned to walk down the hallway.

“Uh…excuse me? Miss?” Aedoren’s hand lightly touched onto Dorri’s shoulder.

Dorri jerked back from the hand. She shook from the self control it took not to strike out. “What?”

“I’m…” Aedoren shook her head, her smile quickly fading from her face. “Would you mind repeating what you just said?”

“What about the swamp whore? She wanted us to beat up Fenni, because she was a sniveling little coward.”

“You…you’re telling me that you beat my sister.” Aedoren took a step back, bumping into the wall. Her grip on the basket of food loosened.

Dorri snagged the basket. “She screwed with Fabrio.” The blood knight frowned, narrowing her eyes.

Aedoren sighed, cupping her face in her hands as she leaned into the wall. “I always knew this would happen to her some day. She’d use the wrong person.”

“Fabrio’s a bit like Fenni. We protect our own.” The twisting of emotions in her gut caused her bunch up her fists again. “And who the hell would hurt Libby? Light. Libby was good to Fenniel. She protected him. She never hurt anyone.” Her eyes darted down the hallway and then slammed a fist into the wall with a snarl.

Aedoren jumped back, startled. “Please…I…are you upset? Can I get you anything?”

“What? Hells? No. I…” Dorri dragged a hand through her hair and then gave Keltyr a smile as he looked back down the hallway. His sword was half drawn. “I just don’t like being touched.” Keltyr looked over her and Fenniel’s sister and then moved back out of sight. They were both so on edge, she was surprised he did not push the issue.

Aedoren pressed a hand over her chest. “Please accept my apology then, I certainly didn’t mean anything by it. I don’t know if Fenni has ever told you, but I’m a nurse, and the only thing I know of combat is cleaning up the aftermath. I hope I didn’t upset you, I’m just feeling a bit shocked.”

Dorri gave a slight shrug. “Who wouldn’t be with Libby killed like.. well like she was.” She had to move. The blood knight turned and fled towards Keltyr. She stepped very close to Keltyr, which earned her an inquiring look. With a small shake of her head, she told him that Fenniel’s sister was not a danger, she was just set off her stride.

Fenniel’s large lizard did her best to lounge in the space made for her in the sitting area. It looked just a little smaller than the pen that Brutus lived in. Cuddles lifted her head and Dorri faced off with the large scaly thing with a snarl. “You lick me and I’m gonna thwap you.”

Usually a comment like that would have earned her a high pitched protest from Fenniel, but the Farstrider barely made an objection.

“Right,” she heard Keltyr say, “Cuddles needs a walk and so do you. So get up.”

Dorri turned around to smile at Fenniel. It was not very fun to pick on Fenniel anymore. He hardly protested and Libby would never come to tsktsk at them anymore. Now, they were serious. He could not just lie here all the time. “Get up, or Kel will throw you over his shoulder and carry you out.”

Fenn groaned and sat up slowly, his head hanging forward. “I’m just tired.”

“You’re not tired.”

Fenn slouched in his seat. “Then why do I feel so tired.” He picked up his glasses off of the coffee table, shoving them on his face. “Don’t answer that, it’s not a real question.”

They managed to get Fenniel up and moving, pushing him towards the door. Cuddles was at their backs, pushing to get outside. Dorri grinned at his sister. “Don’t worry. We’ll have him back in one piece later. Maybe.”

Aedoren waited until Fenniel and Keltyr were just outside the door, and reached out a hand to tap Dorri’s shoulder. She pulled it back just as fast, remembering what had happened earlier. “Miss Dorri’tow?”

“What?” Dorri raised an eyebrow.

“Please tell me the truth.” Aedoren lowered her voice. “Did she threaten my brother?”

“Did she threaten…” Dorri paused and gave the question some thought. “She wanted us to beat him up instead.” She shrugged. “It sounded like she never thought much of Fenni. She called him dumb.” Her face darkened with anger as she remembered all the things Cersei has said.

Aedoren frowned. “Not surprising, as terrible as it is. Thank you, I appreciate the honesty.”

Off guard, Dorri merely nodded and then rushed out the door to catch up with the others.

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You’re certain of all of this?” Talionia looked up from his report with a frown.

“I have been as detailed as I could, mistress.” Califas smiled. He had been lounging on a soft chair since he had come in. He was reluctant to surrender his perch even to soothe her concerns. “All my interviews were recorded faithfully.”

“I expected you to find some things that we would have to exaggerate, but this,” she paused to stare at the paper before her once more.

“I wish I had known about that before I bribed the idiot city guards to keep Dame Dawnsorrow locked up overnight. That snivelling self-important bastard got what he deserved, I admit. But I feel as if I wasted money padding his ineffectual ego.”

“We would never have gotten any traction out of Master Sunsworn chewing out a Blood Knight trainee anyway. From what I have observed, that seems to be part of the training procedure for them.” Talionia’s displeasure in the waste in funds was obvious in her voice. “Between the bribes to keep the crass lowborn creature locked up and to cover up Cersei’s foolish and ultimately useless act of murder, you wasted a great deal of the coven’s money with little effect.”

“I would disagree, mistress. The two incidents did not lead to something we could use against Sunsworn directly, but it did point to a casual disregard for the proper order of things…”

Talionia cut him off abruptly. “We already knew all of that. And you, of all people, should have known better than to listen to anything Cersei Dusksinger might have said. Frankly, I find it ridiculous to believe that she was assaulted in the middle of the plaza by two blood knights. There is no plausible way for anyone to intimidate everyone there.”

“I assure you mistress, that Master Keltyr Sunsworn can be quite intimidating.”

The protest earned him a scathing look. “If you are afraid of one armored man or even two, then we need to revisit your training.”

His spine snapped as he stood as straight as he could, towering over the smaller woman who had taught him. “I’m not fool enough not to be cautious, mistress. It was you that stressed caution over impetuous action.”

She smirked at him in return. “Which is why you are here and Cersei Dusksinger was consigned to a swamp. She is neither untalented or incapable, but she is unwilling to learn restraint. I could never have trusted her to find a way to speak to other members of the Horde barbarians, let alone with enough diplomacy to have gathered the information that you did.”

“Will it be enough to accomplish what you wish?”

“There is no way under the Sun any one of the elite could ignore the fact that a blood knight under the direct command of our blessed Lady Liadrin, may the Sun shine always upon her, allowed the justice of Silvermoon to be thwarted.” Talionia smiled triumphantly.

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