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1) In the past week, I have had three maybes for my Friday raid.

I want to raid. I like to raid. Filling three slots, two of them healers and one of them my co raid-leader does not make for calm Pill times. No worries, I will muscle through. Just /flailing some.

2) Still not sure what to say about the whole Rift vs WoW thing. Still worried that if I say I don’t like something, or that I am hesitant it will blow up in my face.

I do not want to be left behind in Rift, mostly because I do not want to treat this game like a solo game. So, I have to go and push a little at leveling. I have done two dungeons now, but most of it is pretty hit or miss.

Here’s the big thing though, I would much rather be playing WoW. I really like WoW. I like how it looks. I like how it plays. I understand the story and lore and the complexity. I don’t get that with Rift. Maybe I will, but the game does not live for me yet. That makes it really hard for me to get into the heads of my characters. I sort of understand the older two. I have their personalities, but I do not know who they are. And even while playing I am not getting a sense of the world. It still seems very dry to me.

There are a lot of mechanics in the game, but the world is still not all there. Mechanics are just mechanics. I need to game to live. It’s not there yet. It has potential, but so did Warhammer. At least there is more of interest to me than there was in LotRo, which completely seemed bleh to me.


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