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Bricu: btw: I’m still trying to come up with something funny for an eventual metion at your blog.
I’m totally failing here.

Itanya: Heh. You have steep competition. The intential cutting sarcasm (and occasional Fail) of Fyriat.
And Linedan’s outrageous kinky statements

Bricu: I KNOW. I’m screwed

Itanya: Fyriat says it is just inspiration and timing

Bricu: christ, I have neither.

Fyriat: Well then, he could always fall back on booze and puns

Bricu: Man, I wold be so fired for drinking on the job. The puns would be a dead give away.
Bricu’s Wife: how did you lose your job?
Me: I was wasted and saying puns to Pill to get on her blog. Totes worth it.
bricu’s Wife: …

bricu: then my head explodes from her psychic powers.

And THAT is how you get mentioned in gtalk maddness

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Story Art

So facebook has been good for connecting up with some of Feathermoon’s RPers.

One of them, Xessa Kneads Ahaer’kut, started an artwork story with this:

And I responded what with Dorri would do and this is what Xessa drew.

Dorri is not thrilled at being told to kill the frog.

I am hoping Xessa picks me again for his next panel!

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New Arts

Not quite a story, but I am working on one.

Instead have a bit of Dorri artwork by Misuchan.

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Dorri’tow did not start paying attention to the orcs dressed in purple and black robes until one of them started preaching right under their window. They had spent another evening entertaining Admiral Hatchet and her fledgling sea dogs with stories of Garrosh’s bravery, and stupidity. Her head was pounding from the large quantities of cheap ale that accompanies such stories.

Beside her, Keltyr groaned and pulled the pillow out from her her and covered his face with it. She could get up and close the shutters, but even winter in Orgrimmar was broiling. The room would only grow oppressively warm.

Just as was drifting back to sleep, the loud orcish preaching began again. “You’ve no doubt heard the phrase…”

“Bloody hell is that?” She asked but Keltyr merely grunted and tried to pull the pillow tighter over his ears. Dorri gave him one strong jab in the side and then threw her one remaining clean shirt on. She stuck her head out the window and looked over the drag. Even in the deep, ever present shade, of the canyon that created that area of Orgrimmar it was hot.

“…”all good things must come to an end” and so it is with your life on Azeroth.” The grunts of approval drew her eyes to the robed orc and the small gathering around him. At the side of the gesticulating preacher was a stack of papers. Another orc and a troll, dressed the same as the preacher, were handing out sheets of paper to everyone who was passing by. The drag was already filled with activity, as people tried to get as much done before the day’s heat was truly oppressive.

“Go take your rabble somewhere else!” Dorri shouted down at them, glaring.

“Join us, Blood Elf! We can save you from the doomsday coming!” The orc preacher reached out to her, trying to draw her in from her third floor window.

“I’ll bloody well show you doomsday!” She turned away from the window and pulled on her small clothes and her armor. By the time she was ready, Keltyr had grudgingly got up and followed her downstairs. He was muttering darkly.

As they exited the building, the number of orcs milling around had increased. The noise made her head pound and the smell of all the unwashed orcs in one place made her stomach roll dangerously. Keltyr stopped with her in the doorway as they surveyed the situation. There was a dangerous amount of desperation in the air.

“There are a lot more of them this morning.” Keltyr spoke in her ear. “Look over at the entrance to the Valley of Honor.”

She looked at yet another preacher with another large crowed. The orcs that surrounded him all nodded their heads with every gesture that orc made. Dorri could not make out his words because the preacher around the corner of their building was still pontificating. Probably more of the same.

There had been a small gathering of these robed orcs around the city for weeks now, but nothing like this. Of course, there had also been rumors of elementals just appearing at random and destroying whatever was in their path. And rumors were all they had since Ambassador Dawnsinger had insisted that they remain in the Horde capital. And now this!

“We should go see Madame Dawnsinger.” Keltyr led the way, weaving in and out of the throng. By the time they had cleared the drag, Dorri was completely on edge. These people were desperate and frightened. And there was no sign of the orc guards anywhere in the drag. What was going on in this city?

Dorri paused on the road towards the main citadel, realizing that Keltyr had stopped some steps behind her. She turned to go back to his side, when she was accosted by a Forsaken woman wearing a wooden sign with letters scrawled on it in orcish.

“You don’t have to be afraid during these harrowing times. You don’t have to die. We can help you ascend to a new way of life, beyond death, beyond fear, and beyond the powerlessness of mortality. Join us today!” She grabbed towards Dorri’s hand and jerked it back when Dorri snarled at her. “I just want to save you from the end of the world!”

“What hell! Khelsia?” Dorri glared at the priest, who smiled at the show of hostility.

“The world is going to end! Have you heard?” Dorri would have stayed to argue, but Keltyr had started to move towards the citadel with purpose. “Don’t forget to come back! I can get you in good! You’ll only burn a little!” Whatever else the priestess had to say was lost in the distance.

Warchief Garrosh was already talking to members of his court by the time she and Keltyr arrived. Ambassador Dawnsinger gave them both withering glances. No doubt they would hear from her later about how embarrassed she was at their late arrival, despite the fact that had come on their own.

“The Warchief has decided to clear the city of the cultists.” Master Pyreanor spoke quietly. Ambassador Dawnsinger volunteer some of her personal guard to help with the expulsion.”

Dorri grinned widely. After months of lazing around the city and having to amuse herself only with bar fights, she was going to get an excuse to actually pound someone without having to worry about breaking too many bones.

“Who do we report to?” Keltyr asked.

“You two report to the gate.” Ambassador Dawnsinger said, lifting her chin to look Keltyr in the eye.

“The gate?” Keltyr’s voice was deceptively mild, but Dorri did not bother to hold in her anger at the noblewoman.

“The Warchief has decided that there will be random spot checks of any of those coming into the city. I want both of you to go there and show that the Sin’dorei support the Warchief’s efforts to keep the city free of this dangerous rabble.”

“As you wish, Madame Ambassador.” Keltyr saluted her, while Dorri only acknowledged Pyreanor.

They marched side by side, past Khelsia and her signboard and through the crowd that had no idea that they were about to be removed from the city by force. “Why the hell didn’t you try and get her to change her mind?” Dorri finally asked as they were clear of the crowd.

Keltyr turned to look at her. His face was already flushed from the heat and sweat was forming across his brow. His eyes were bright and eager. “Because were going to help the Kor’kron search people coming through the main gate of Orgrimmar. And her precious delivery of Silvermoon wine is due today.”

Suddenly, Dorri laughed. “Everything comes through that gate.”

“Everything.” Keltyr agreed with a grin. “And we wouldn’t want to let any of the cultists back into the city.” He slammed a fist into his palm. “None of the orcs are going to care what methods we use.”

“Wait!” Leaving Keltyr standing at the gate, Dorri ran back to the drag. She reached into an open box of robes, the preachers and their helpers were passing out.

“Joining us, sister?” The orc smiled at her and Dorri felt sick at the smell of onions and salted lizard on his breath.

“I’d rather kiss a human.” She pushed the preacher away and snatched the robe she had been reaching for. Just in case Ambassador Dawnsinger tried to cast any doubt on them, they could plant a robe in the crate of her wine.

“You’ll burn, elven whore.”

Without a second thought, Dorri ran the orc through. She snarled into his surprised face, as sounds of shouting came from the other end of the drag. “Nothing you or your stupid end of the world freaks can do can’t be stopped by Sin’dorei power, filth.” She let the body fall to the ground and ran to join Keltyr before the frightened crowd could be herded past them and out of the city.

It would not be long before she knew just how wrong she was.

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Making Friends

“You did instruct us to make overtures to those that we met.” Keltyr repeated calmly. Dorri did not even need to look towards him to know that his jaw was clenched tightly. Ambassador Dawnsinger’s dressing down after they had followed her orders was irritating.

The smaller woman glared up at Keltyr. “Overtures! Starting a brawl in the middle of a tavern is not making overtures.”

Keltyr’s head moved so quickly that Dorri’tow thought his patience had finally given out. Her hand dropped to her sword before she realized that it was just her fellow blood knight finally looking the diplomat in the eye. “What exactly did you expect us to do?”

“I expected you to extend invitations to dine or something of the sort. I certainly didn’t expect you to make a public spectacle…”

“You wanted us to invite them over for tea?” Dorri bit the inside of her cheek to keep from laughing as Keltyr put his gauntleted hand over his eyes. “They’re orcs. You want us to cultivate social interactions with orcs. Not with Sin’dorei.”

“I am aware of the fact they are orcs. That does not mean we have to act like uncivilized barbarians.”

“They are uncivilized barbarians!” Despite the fact that both Keltyr and the Ambassador looked at her, Dorri’tow refused to be cowed.

“I am starting to understand why Lady Liadrin sent us here.” Keltyr muttered softly.

“But, I thought…” He gave her a sharp glance and she shut her mouth with an audible snap. Right, they were not talking about that. So what did he mean… “Oh.”

“Right,” Keltyr started softly, gesturing for the ambassador to sit. “You’re used to dealing with Thrall and those who believed in his ways.”

“The Warchief…”

“Former Warchief.” Keltyr corrected.

“Former Warchief was a very intelligent creature. He understood the importance of diplomacy and of culture. He was…”

“Not at all like an orc.” Keltyr cut her off. “No matter what you or I or even Cairne Bloodhoof might think of his capabilities, Thrall was not like most orcs.” Keltyr joined the ambassador at the small table in the receiving room, leaving Dorri to stand. “The new warchief doesn’t think like that. He’ll talk with his axe or with his fists.”
“So you’re saying…”

“I’m saying,” Keltyr interupted the Ambassador brusquely, “that you should let us do the task you set before us.”

“I don’t believe you are approaching this situation with the proper amount of gravity. While you are here under my command…”

Dorri’s hands had already bunched into fists, but Keltyr merely raised his voice a little louder. “Let’s stop pretending. We are here because Lady Liadrin is intelligent enough to devise a discipline for us that would also provide benefit for Silvermoon.”

“I don’t like Orgrimmar. It’s hot, dirty and filled with orcs. The food is rancid and there is nothing decent to drink. It’s impossible to get any bloodthistle that is worth smoking and the constant barrage of insects, dust and dirt means that I can’t get a decent night’s sleep because things constantly have to be cleaned.” Dorri was blissfully nodding along with each of Keltyr’s complaints until the last one. Neither of them could afford her losing her temper, so she scowled at the back of his head.

“There is, however, plenty of angry stupid orcs to sit at the bar with and to insulted and be insulted enough to start fights with. Because that is what orcs do when there is nothing else to fight. They’ve got no respect for those that won’t fight. Dorri and I may not win every battle, but we won’t back down. They’ll respect that.”

“You’ll get a bit of your prestige back and I’ll get the chance to sleep in a few times a week.”

For the first time in the weeks since they have arrived in Orgrimmar, Ambassador Dawnsinger actually looked at both of them. “You’re smarter than I was led to believe.”

Keltyr took her statement as a dismissal and rose to his feet. “You see what you want to see.” The Sin’dorei ambassador’s cheeks flushed at Keltyr’s scorn. “We’ll be at the inn in the Valley of Honor for the evening, madam ambassador.” His bow to her was correct in every detail, but there was no way to mistake how much he disliked her.

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I finished a story!

Just waiting for a Keltyr thumb’s up and I will post it.

I am so relieved!

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