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I have a bunch of screen shots on the laptop at home, but at lunch today I was looking at the huge number of pictures taken by Karjin of Errant Pride. One picture stood out to me.

So, in loving tribute to I Like Bubbles and Manalicious


And just to show how oblivious I was to going on around me. Here is Dorri, completely oblivious to the whelp on head moment behind her.

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More Arts

I got a trivia questions right!

Lore drew a sketch of Pill!

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Dealing with Allies

“I am forced to wonder what you thought that little display in the bazaar would accomplish.” Then’liath Firebloom continued to pour tea for Lord Suncrest, as she waited for an answer to her question.

“Should I simply allow the woman to prance around Silvermoon?”

Then’liath gave a soft sigh as he raised his voice again. Dealing with her old allies reminded her how she had ended up taking a fortunate exile in the first place. She was surrounded with the young and impetuous. There were so few of the older nobles that were also members of the Magistrate. Though Suncrest could barely call himself that. “Yes.”

“Yes?” Lord Suncrest puffed indignantly, filling the overly decorated jacket a bit more fully. The popinjay ignored the cup of tea she placed before him. “You would have had me say nothing to the power grubbing flauntings of that harpy?”

“I would have you think before you act, Lord Suncrest. I do not think you are incapable of such. Your intemperate actions have cost you.”

“Cost me?”

Then’liath suspected that Lord Suncrest would be scandalized if she compared him to her hotheaded sister, Dorri’tow, but the only difference between the two of them, was that Lord Suncrest was merely ignoring her tea, rather than destroying the furniture. “You were witnessed threatening another Magister in public over a personal matter. Worse, it appears that the only reason you did not actually strike Magister Dayfire was the timely intervention of some passing Blood Knights. Though we can all be grateful for Silvermoon’s brave warriors for coming to your rescue.”

“My rescue?”

Belore, the fool sounded like a parrot. She could remember the days when she once found him dashing and handsome. Now he was just a tedious boy, hardly worthy of the power granted to him by both his birth and his luck at leaving through the Scourge attack. “You nearly struck a magister in public. Had you done so, she would have been free to retaliate. Then you would have been dead, your house masterless and I would be without a valuable ally.”

“My apologies, Lady Firebloom. I had not realized the gravity of my actions.”

“Apology accepted, my lord. I am so glad we had this little talk.” Then’liath watched Lord Suncrest leave and then flopped down into her seat with a sigh. There would be days of that fool visiting the allies of his house and making simpering apologies. It was truly unfortunate that his apologies would not erase Biara Dayfire’s knowledge of at least one of her enemies. More unfortunate for the headstrong Lord Suncrest though, since he was going to find that his former friends were keeping him at a distance.

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“Where the hell is he?” Dorri bellowed as she shoved the door to the sitting room open with her foot.

Then’liath Firebloom looked up at her sister from a small couch, pausing just a moment before returning to pouring a cup of tea. She placed the filled cup across from her on the table; an invitation for Dorri to join her. “I assume you are still demanding to see my husband?”

Then’s calm demeanor in the face of her anger was insulting. “Yes, I’m still demanding. I assume he still is your husband since the Silverdawn banner is still displayed on the spire.” Dorri’s lip curled into a sneer as she spoke. “And your husband, Lord Silverdawn, has been following a member of my order.” Then merely raised an eyebrow. Enraged, Dorri drew her sword and slammed the blade through an upholstered chair. the blade stuck in the applique wooden floor. “Why are you watching us, Then?”

“Why do you think? You are my sister.” Then poured another cup of tea and sipped from it. “I am trying to protect you, from yourself if need be.”

“I don’t want or need your protection, Then. I want you to leave me alone!” The blood knight wrenched her sword free, glaring at her sister.

“You are a member of this house, Dorri’tow. You are a Firebloom and it is my duty to make sure you don’t get into trouble. You should be grateful that you have a House!”

“What has House Firebloom ever done for me? Tell me! What has the House done for me? My father only wanted me when I could touch the arcane, My sister only cares when I might bring down her name. Mother… when was she ever around? And our brother, need I remind you what dear Razkiel did to me?”

“What Razkiel did has nothing to do with our House!”

“Doesn’t it? Why did he do it, Then? Out of desire to rule it. The Houses are a blight. This one is no better than House Shadedpath.”

Then placed her cup on its saucer and put both on the table with less care than was typical. The china cracked ever so slightly. “Don’t be ridiculous, Dorri.” Then paused. “You wonder why Veec and I are watching you? You don’t even understand what you are doing; what kind of danger you are in.”

“Not this rubbish again.” Then sighed. The resignation in it, turned Dorri’s vision red. “Is this where you remind me that I can’t make my own decisions, again? Where you imply that I dance to Keltyr’s tune.”

“What Razkiel did, Dorri…”

“Oh shut up! Kel doesn’t control me. I make my own decisions.”

“I know you want to believe that, Dorri. But a lowborn Sunsworn…” Then shook her had sadly. “His father was a social climber too. He turned his back on his family, refused to do his duty as a member of the Sunsworns. Refused to follow the prince to Dalaran. Do you really think his son is any different? He’s only with you to get a foothold into our House.”

“Light, Then, you’re an idiot!”

“Watch your tongue, sister mine.”

“Keltyr’s not interested in the House.”

“He clawed his way up to the head of a military order, Dorri.”

“Hells, that’s all he wants. He’s not you, Then. He doesn’t like having to hide how he feels to make bargains for power. He hates being all smiles and friendly with people that he would rather gut. Kel doesn’t like pretenses or illusions. He likes things direct and honest. It’s why he loves me!”

“He loves you?” The scorn and pity in Then’s voice filled the room. “He loves you? Is that what you think? Has he ever said so?”

“What’s that got to do with anything? How many times did you say you loved the priest? Saying something doesn’t make it true. Not saying it doesn’t make it not true.”

“You leave Destril out of this!” Then’liath shot to her feet and the room darkened as the shadows gathered around her.

In response, Dorri called the Light, felt the warmth of it strengthen her, feeding her anger. “How many times did you tell him that you loved him?”

“I love.. I did love him, damn you. It just… He.”

“He what? He wasn’t important enough?”

“He didn’t understand! He was always telling me how wrong I was, always correcting me. ‘you’re being rabid, love’ or ‘you’re wrong, love’.” Then’s hands clenched into fists. “I was tired of being wrong all the time and he would never have been right for this. And this is what I want!”

“Sounds just like you!” Dorri shouted back. “‘You’re wrong, Dorri. You can’t be controlled, Dorri. You’re too dangerous.’” Dorri slammed her sword back in its sheath.

“It’s not the same!”

“The hell it’s not.” Dorri took a step towards her sister and did not bother to hide her pleasure as Then’liath’s attempted retreat caused the shadow weaver to sit back heavily on the couch behind her. “You just wanted him to change, like you want me to change.”

“I never wanted to change him, you selfish spiteful little girl. I wanted ME to change!” Then’liath looked as stunned as Dorri felt after that shout. “I wanted to be more like him. None of that matters any more. I made a mistake.” Then’s voice had lost the raw angry edge. “And when I realized I made a mistake, I corrected it.”

“Too bad you can’t correct the mistake of being related to me, Lady Firebloom.” The crack in Then’s near perfect facade was gone. The blood knight felt another surge of anger as Then’liath refused to rise to the bait. The table between them was easily overturned. The sound of breaking china finally drew in Then’liath’s guards.

“Escort Dame Firebloom outside.” One of them tried to put a hand on her, and Dorri put him on the ground within seconds. She looked Then’liath in the eye, but her shadow drenched sister showed no expression. “And then let the staff know that I will be receiving Lord Suncrest in Lord Silverdawn’s sitting room, since this room has been made unsuitable for civilized quests.”

Then’liath rose to her feet and the shadows fled down her body and vanished into the cracks of the floorboards. “Thank you for bringing me your concerns, Dame Firebloom. I assure you that my husband and I will take them under consideration. Good Day.”

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“I’m going to hurl.” Ysani’s voice echoed off the walls of the gate as they walked through. The younger woman was thrown over Keltyr’s shoulder as they made their way towards the chapter house.

“Right! You are not puking all over my armor.” Keltyr propped Ysani up on her feet, snagged the cig out of Dorri’s mouth and put it to Ysani’s lips. “Smoke that, it will help.”

“HEY! That’s mine!” Dorri shoved Keltyr roughly as he stepped away from Ysani.

“I’m not spending half of the only night of leave we’ve had in two months watching you clean my armor!” Keltyr shoved her back. Her back slammed against a stone wall. Her lover smirked and placed both of his hands on either side of her shoulders.

“Not really fair with you wearing armor and me in a dress.”

“Not interested in fair.”

Dorri wrapped her arms around his neck and lost herself in the smell and taste of her lover.

“Hey!” Ysani’s voice was a splash of cold water. “Do you think there are brownies at the chapter house?”

“Hells.” Keltyr whispered in her ear. “Shouldn’t take long to get her home.”

“We can just toss her into Kei’s room.” Dorri agreed as Keltyr reluctantly pulled away. By then, Ysani was already drunkenly weaving her way back towards the royal exchange. They threw her back on Keltyr’s shoulder.

Once they reached the main door to the chapter house, Dorri went fishing for her keys. “Hells, where are the keys?”

“You have my pouch!”

“They’re not in here.”

“Of course they are!” Keltyr dumped Ysani off his shoulder and snagged the pouch out of Dorri’s hands. Leaning against the entrance, he started looking through it.

Swaying, Ysani banged on the door. “FABRIO! Let me in!” Her open palm slammed one more time and the door swung inward. Ysani and Keltyr stumbled through it, taking Fabrio down with them and leaving Dorri alone on the doorstep, giggling.

“Do you have any brownies, Fabrio?” Ysani looked over at the secretary and Dorri giggled even more.

“Do I what? What is going on? It’s the middle of the night.” Fabrio shoved his cousin off his legs and struggled to stand up with dignity. “I do not have any brownies and I certainly do not have any time for this!”

“Fabrio!” Dorri lurched forward and closed the door behind her. “We found you a date!”

“A what!” The secretary looked horrified. “I do not need a date, certainly not one set up by the two of you.”

“Perfect, that’s exactly what she said!”

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Itanya: Don’t think can’t. Think things that can

Linedan: yeah yeah, I know, anger leads to hate,
hate leads to the Dark Side,
the Dark Side leads to muffins, blah blah

Itanya: MMMm Muffins

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“Where’s the damn tent?” Dorri glared into the store room, which was thick with dust. “Don’t you have people clean in here?” She looked down the hallway, glaring now in the direction of Fabrio’s office. The Order’s mousy secretary answered, but she could not understand the words.

“If you’re going to be studying all the time, maybe you should hire someone to make sure things run smoothly while you are gone.” The blood knight turned back to glare into the room. She was going to have to scrub the room before she could find what she was looking for.

“I am sure that Sir Dawnstar does what he can.” Fabrio huffed indignantly behind her, having walked out of his office finally. Keltyr’s cousin did look like he had lost some weight, but his fingers were still fat as he fiddled with his eyeglasses and looked everywhere but at her face. “It is difficult to keep things organized with all of you stationed in different places.”

“Veldarin did a good job.”

“When he was paying attention to his duties and not to Dame Dawnsorrow’s ample backside.” Fabrio flushed as he spoke..

“Not like he has a lot of time to stare at it now. He keeps asking Kel and I to help them build that ridiculous house in the Twilight Highlands.”

“Can we not find something else to talk about? Perhaps while I get one of the help to clean the storage room that you find so offensive?” If anyone else had talked to her like that, they would have ended up talking to her fists. Instead Dorri glared at the secretary who was still not looking her in the eye. “Do you need the tent right now?” The question was asked with an undertone of sulky rebellion.

“We’re supposed to observe and assist the combined might of the druids against the minions of Ragnaros.” The blood knight mocked Ambassador Dawnsinger’s voice, curling her lip as she spoke.

“Things are going well then?”

“We’ve been assigned to that woman’s retinue for more than a year, so far we have followed her around in dress armor, guarded a gate, helped put Orgrimmar back together, been sent out to the front and the confined to a fort. Might as well have chained me to a wall.” She slammed an armored hand into the wall.

Fabrio’s long suffering sigh irritated her, as did his continued questioning. “Is the ambassador pleased with your service?”

“Why? Have you heard something? If she’s been bad mouthing us behind our backs…”

“No, no… Lord Silverdawn approached me a few days ago.” Fabrio shook his head and waved his hands before his chest

“Then’s husband? What did he want?” Her lip curled into an angry snarl as she pictured the smug, self satisfied face of Veec Silverdawn. He was so certain that he could defend himself against her. The blood knight punched the wall again.

Fabrio swallowed loudly. Dorri forced herself to take a deep breath and forced it out slowly. It was not the secretary’s fault that the very mention or her sister’s self-righteous creep of a husband made her so uneasy. “He wanted me to know that he, and your sister, are keeping the Order under observation.”

“WHAT FOR!” Her bellow echoed down the hallway. “I’ve had enough of them, both of them. Sticking their noses into places where they don’t belong!” Dorri snatched her sword from where she had left it. She did not even acknowledge Keilos and Ysani as she stormed past them and out the door of the chapter house. Her sister and her obnoxious husband were going to pay for the constant interference.

Left in her wake, Fabrio nervously cleaned his glasses and looked sheepishly at the two startled blood knights. “Master Sunsworn is going to kill me for getting her so riled.” The secretary sighed deeply and went back to his office.

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