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Itanya: I push buttons


Itanya: And Fy bitches about being harassed about walking off a cliff in BC

Linedan: well…yeah

Itanya: THAT is from me being a noob in BWL
“You just clicked the ready check”


Itanya: “I just pushed the button”

Linedan: I never knew where that came from
I thought it was just a Bika silly

Itanya: My SECOND week in the raid

Linedan: nothing beats rank 1 SW:P

Itanya: Nope
Not a damn thing

Linedan: not even Fy in SSC

Itanya: though “What is through this door” also comes close

Linedan: what was that from

Itanya: Evictus in Karazhan
The dragon was through that door, btw

Linedan: heh

Itanya: There was also Fy going, I wonder how close I can get to Aran

Linedan: I don’t think I’ve done anything that legendary

Itanya: Which is how we found out that Aran will target you through the walls
I love how Hammaryn did the whole LK strat in MS paint
And then Kansin walked off the edge of the platform

Linedan: I mean, there’s “WHEEEEE”
but I don’t think I’ve reached quite the heights of epic fail
(not for lack of trying a few times)

Itanya: Me either
On another note, I am not sure that Kel and Dorri would have bonded as well, if Kel’s ego did not need soothing
Kansin kept needling him about that in Shattrath

Linedan: awww, Hydross brought you together in twu wuv

Fyriat: Twoo Wub Fwuu Failure

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Her first had been Dir Shiningsky, back in the days where she had been all temper and little more. She had nicked some of her father’s finest jewels to pay the courtesan’s outrageous fee. At the time, she would have done anything to strike back at her father’s plan to get rid of his problem child by marrying her off. It would be years before she knew that Dir would have done the deed for free. He was always willing to help. Dir had been gentle and soft with her, as if she were made of porcelain. There would be more than a few trysts before she figured out how to get what she wanted.

It was true that she had not been the one that ripped Faylen Sunray’s life from him. Dorri had no doubts about having been the one who killed him. Even though she had not acted of her own volition, it had still be her body that had crippled him. She had broken him. The Scourge had killed him, but if not for her, that would never have happened.

Vreldor Anuthen had been her first. The fawning subservience the man had shown her father when he was around had contrasted harshly with the grudging instruction he had given her on matters of the arcane. It had only taken months for her to learn what little he had to teach. The years between then and when he had broken her made him a vicious bitter man. It was his meddling, when conspiring with her demented little brother that changed her. She was robbed of the arcane, but had gained so much. He made her, in a way, but even the chains he had wrapped around her thoughts had not been able to contain her.

Her finest was Keltyr. Not the first time, when she had made a casual invitation to him at a bar. Not the many times while he was stationed in Shattrath and had slyly managed to slip past her guard and her resolve to not have the same bed partner twice in a row. Not even when he had broken the law to reverse the re-education that had been her sentence for betraying him. No the Finest was the night she had told him that she was going to stay with him because she wanted to. The night he told her that he wanted her to stay. The first night she allowed herself to think that she might finally understand what love really was.

Ripping Vreldor’s heart out of his chest and watching the life drain out of his eyes had been the final act in her finest. She and Keltyr had kept the man alive for hours. They had mocked his cries for mercies and ridiculed him as he begged to die. The things that had done to him paled to the way he had changed her, molded her. She could not do the same to him, but she had no intention of letting him live long enough to suffer like she had.

Master Keladryn Winterspell was the only man to ever demand her to be better than she was and expected her to succeed. Even though she would never be his apprentice, since that part of her mind was broken, he had not thrown her aside. Dorri did not always please him. He had told her more than once that he was frustrated with her, but he had never turned her away. Keltyr and the other members of the Order might never understand why she snapped to attention whenever Winterspell was around, but she would never stop. Even when she did not agree with the older man, she would never stop giving him the respect he knew he was due.

This morning had been her last. Kel had grabbed her the moment she had slipped back into the tent with what passed for breakfast among those camped with the druids to assist with the assault on the Firelands. It had been quick; they both had duties for the morning. They had been together for years now, but the passion was stronger.

A twisted fiery kaldorei had been her last. He had charged up towards the tree that the druids of the Cenarion Circle had convinced to grow in the parched dead soil of the Firelands. Like so many of his brethren, he had charged towards the waiting army, but he had managed to get through a weak spot. The surprised look on his face as her axe took him in the side was not nearly as satisfying as the hot sting of his blood across her face. So little blood in this siege. She missed fighting cultists. Holding a position against elementals just did not have the same flavor.

It would have pleased her to say that she was her last, but it would have been a lie. It was hard to say exactly who or what was. She took advice from Dir and even Ysani, craved the guidance from Master Winterspell more often than not. She fought and made up with Keltyr. She lived her life as free of illusions and pretenses as she could. She had adopted a lot of the things that Keltyr lived by because they felt right with her. She was proud and strong and angry and amorous and full of life. Maybe she was her own master, after all.

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Verdus: i need a sammich

Itanya: Sheild to the face!

Verdus: gah!
that didn’t work out quite as i hoped
no shields! gimme sammich!


Verdus: /catches shield in teeth!
/noms shield

Itanya: That’s pretty damn hungry
You should go see what Fenniel has in his loincloth
Wow that did not at all sound like what I wanted to say

Verdus: O_o
/vomits up shield

Itanya: Eww. going to have to clean that

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Lore says that I should stop taunting her, but how can I stop when I get these!

Fabrio when he was younger, before the scourge

My Dorri Chibi!

And this last one, which just blows me away!

Shield to the face!

Linedan and I agree that the last is one of those definitive pieces of art that really captures so much about the character. Thank you Lore. I am blown away by your generosity.

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While my blogging and writing have been sporadic, I have been doing other things. A little less WoW and more of my share of the household duties. So my health continues to improve. I had to buy new shoes. Oh, and I actually walked a mile a few weeks ago at one time! My right leg continues to shrink (though let me tell you, it’s kinda icky with all the loose skin as the fluid retention really decreases.) I never expected that at all.

And an even sillier note, it is Keltyr’s Birthday. And while he is busy at work, trying to do all the things, I thought I would give him some tips on things to look out for!

Like this guy!

Or this dude

And this guy here

And, most importantly, stay away from these:

Happy Birthday, dude. It’s a real honor and pleasure to be your friend.

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