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Just a quickie right now:

Verdus: and there’s freaking jackhammering going on outside! frequently!
it sounds like some kind of geological fart. all the time.

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Excitement in the Undercity

“Well what does it say?” Dorri tried to read the letter that Kel was scanning. Her fellow blood knight grunted in response. “Come on, give it up!”

She went to grab for it and Keltyr pulled it just out of reach. She glared at him and then kicked him hard in the leg. The loud clang of her boots meeting his greaves echoed off the stone walls of the alcove they had stepped into to avoid the Undercity traffic. Undeterred by his lack of reaction, Dorri called on the Light and stunned him. She leapt up, snatched the parchment and ran for the walkway.

A shield of shimmering gold light slammed into her back. Dorri stumbled forward a few steps, gasping for breath and trying to force her legs to move. She barely had the presence of mind to roll up the letter and stuff it into her breastplate. Light fell on her from above, setting her nerves aflame with its touch. She turned her head to catch a glimpse of Keltyr running at her at full speed. She judged him in returned, reveling in the sudden burst of speed.

He chased her around the auctioneers,. They both ignored the cursing patrons that they pushed out of the way. Dorri used another judgment born burst of speed to head into the city’s outer ring. One unfortunate Forsaken in robes went tumbling into the green slimy river that circled through the underground complex with a wail and a large plop, as Dorri barreled past him over a bridge near the war quarter.

She was about to cross over another bridge, heading back towards the center of the city in the hopes of putting Keltyr off the chase just long enough to actually read the letter, when a flash of bright red fire caught her eye. She paused for just a moment to watch the fiery bird fly towards one of the large gaps in the upper wall that lead towards the old sewer system of Lordaeron. A number of Kor’kron where chasing it. She thought she heard the bird squawking in terror.

Dorri turned to point out the bird to Keltyr just in time for him to slam his shield into her chest. She was knocked backwards into a stone wall. Gasping for breath, she glared at Kel.

“It’s not my fault you turned around.” Unable to catch her breath, she angrily slammed an armored fist into his side. A move he had taught her months ago.

The fiery bird flew behind him, right over the slime. This time she was certain she heard it saying something like “stop chasing me.” She pointed at it, but Keltyr ignored her outstretched arm. She scrambled away from his retaliatory punch.

“Bird!” She finally managed to croak out.

He paused for a moment, “what?”


“There’s a Druid of the Flame in the City!” One of the Kor’kron pounded past him, shouting and sending the merchants and various passers by scurrying.

“It’s an invasion!”

“Protect the citizens!”

The rest of the squadron of defenders ran past them, following their leader.

Dorri pulled Keltyr out of the way as one of the abominations rumbled past, trying hard to keep up with the fast moving orcs. The small passageway seemed little used, but there was a deep red light coming from just past the bend. Sharing a look with Keltyr, they ran towards the light. Knowing that they could steal the glory of at least one of the kills from the orcs.

The passageway opened up into a high domed chamber. It looked like it had been unused for a while, since a portion of the ceiling had caved in. The flame corrupted druid was flapping indignantly at the cave in.

Dorr was about to go charging in, When Keltyr grabbed her arm. “I’ll bring him down where you can stab him.” Keltyr threw the large pack he had been carrying onto the ground and pulled the canvas away from a bulky box. With practiced speed, he unfolded the apparatus.

“Keltyr, Dorri! I am so glad to see you!”

Dorri looked up from where the familar voice was coming, only to see the bird transform into a kaldorei. She was not sure why the voice sounded so familiar. It had to be a trick! “Hells, shoot it!”

With a grin, Keltyr lit the fuse on the portable cannon.

“Wait! What are you doing! Don’t shoot me!” The Kaldorei threw up his hands in front of his face and then with a flash of smoke and the stench of brimstone he changed into a Tauren druid, one they knew very well..

Dorri and Kel both reached out to move the cannon, but it was too late. Despite the fact he had ruined a pair of Hammaryn’s best shoes a few years ago, Verdus was occasionally useful. It was too bad, Dorri thought. Provided that it was not a trick. The fuse burnt down and then there was a large sproing from the cannon and it fell apart with a large bang.

“DAMMIT! I swear I got it right this time.” Keltyr kneeled beside the portable cannon, picking up the parts and looking over them.

“Thank the Earth Mother!” The tauren scrambled to the side as a cannon ball rolled past him. Dorri punched him in the shoulder. “Ow!”

“What’s with the disguise? Wasn’t very smart you know. Whole city is looking for a flame druid invasion now.”

“I didn’t know it would do that.” Verdus held out a necklace that looked tiny in his large hands. ‘I found it on one of the druids in the Firelands. I was going to take it to Moonglade. I just stopped for a rest and then people tried to stab me.” The steady rise in tone hinted at the druid having one of his moments. “What if it happens again? I better just put it away.” He stuffed the delicate piece of jewelry into a belt pouch and looked over her head. “Is that a portable cannon?”

“Hells…” Dorri muttered as the Tauren bent over the cannon that Keltyr was still fiddling with. If she was lucky, he would pack up the contraption shortly and they could finish with this stupid job for the Ambassador. Wait, job for the ambassador! Dorri pulled the note out of her breastplate. She had been so caught up with the chase that she had forgotten why they had been in Undercity to start out with.

“Well this is interesting.” Dorri folded the letter back up and then glared at the self satisfied smirk on Keltyr’s face. Damn, he had finished reading it before she had snatched it out of his hands. “I guess we’ll be going to Gilneas.” Definitely better than going back to observing the Cenarion Circle. Anything was better than just observing.

“After Brewfest.” Keltyr began packing up the portable cannon. “Two weeks of leave for fetching a simple note and then we can tell the Ambassador that we will gladly go to Gilneas to try and verify these rumors.”

“Gilneas?” Verdus looked from her to Keltyr. Dorri could hear the Tauren torn between curiosity and wariness. “What’s in Gilneas?”

“Things to kill.” Dorri grinned and walked in step with Keltyr back towards the main corridors of Undercity.

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