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I am feeling cranky today for a whole host of reasons and have been less than pleasant to people I know. So, Fy breaks out his wit.

Fyriat: Otherwise I’ll start telling people a-side that Tarelyn is slowly turning into a worgen

Itanya: 😛

Fyriat: You’ll have to flee from hordes of rolled up newspapers

Itanya: /darthno

Fyriat: Or I could say it was happening to Cylinn
You thought she was dumb before!

Itanya: A rabid stupid and angry thirteen year old girl
nothing could go wrong

Fyriat: Okay, I need a minute
Trying not to bust up laughing and get people to look at me funny

Itanya: Heee

Fyriat: Got the image of a worgen running out of the Pig and Whistle
only to collide with the door
flat nosed worgen!
which led to the image of a weresheepdog

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