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((Nothing much, just a bit of political spin by my noble Sin’dorei shadow mage))

I am tired of listening to excuses of why the actions of the Kirin Tor against those they once called their own are justified.

I am tired of hearing how it was not a strike against blood elves, but against a faction. A faction made solely of Sin’dorei. A faction they had no choice to support if they wished to stay with their homes and livelihoods in Dalaran.

Now we have been told to present our evidence to a human so that our family and friends can gain clemency! What fools do they take us for? We have twice trusted in the safety of Dalaran and twice have we been betrayed.

There is always an excuse from those who shout for the Alliance, but those same people demand blood from the entire Horde for the actions of one person.

I find it hard to believe that this purge of Dalaran was not planned. Now the Alliance has a massive movable arcane fortress at their command. And a host of mages willing to do their bidding.

How much longer before their Silver Covenant brethren turn on those who guard the Sunwell?

I have always been reluctant to support an all out war, but what choice do we have? We must do all we can to protect ourselves. The Alliance has shown that they want to destroy us, to replace all of the Sin’dorei with their bloodthirsty allies, those of our own blood that have shunned and abandoned us in their pride.


(Speech give by Lady Then’liath Firebloom to the Magistrate after the purge of Dalaran)

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