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SO! This is kinda an anti annoyed list. I spent the morning down on myself.

I talked about it in a post earlier. I wont dismiss my own feelings by saying it was silly. Cause that irritates me when I’m upset. It can be frustrating for people that I talk to. They can get the impression that I am trying to pin the blame for my frantic emoness on them. Not the case, but it can be easy to get that impression.

But in talking, it was brought to my attention that some of my frustration about Raid Negativity rest with me. I did not ask some people about stuff directly. And those details are important. So, I eat my crow. It’s not very tasty.


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I got into a discussion today on twitter about writing. I stopped calling myself a writer right about here. It took the wind out of my sails hardcore when it come to writing and I have been struggling to regain my personal footing when it comes to writing and how I feel about it.

This is not a call for anyone to harass the people involved with that contest (all of whom I consider my friends). The person I talked to about the contest was not mean, bitchy, dismissive. She’s someone I talk to about things. And, usually, manages to get the worst of me in a bad mood out of left field. And handles it DAMN WELL.

Mostly, it was just a thing in a line of things that made me second guess everything.

(And reminds me that I miss writing for a workshop, with good feedback. We tried that once with the Riders. And I wish we still did it.)

I’m being Debbie Downer here. Talking about writing makes me sad.

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1) Negativity in raiding

yes, this really can be done. Yes, you can do this. Stop arguing with me. So tired of hearing from my co-lead that you are all bitching to him. I’m driving this bus, talk to me. Hell talk in raid chat. Conversate. We can work this out.

It’s really not that complicated. It’s not, I swear. I am not a super player. My best asset in a raid is not output, but understanding mechanics. I have great ideas on how everything works. Trust me, we can do this. I understand it might not come easy at first, but we can.

But the flat out refusal to believe? Why am I even trying then?

2) I have heard these questions before

These are the same questions you were asking, while denying you didn’t need a break from raiding. Why are you asking me these questions?

3) Yes, I know you really want your legendary.

I really want you to have it. You know, I have an uncompleted legendary too. This other guy has a legendary. That other server I am on? We’re working on our third staff. I know, frustrating. But really, chill the fuck out. If you want to know why raid leaders as a whole hate the damn things, it cause they cause shit like this. Or drive people to directly disobey their raidleaders to get it completed. (And get ratted out because the people who helped them bragged about it in an alt raid. /facepalm He thought it was funny.)

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Right, for those people who are new (within the past year, most likely) This used to be a regular part of my blog. A list of what is annoying me right now.

Here we go

1) The name calling of people who disagree with you over Ji Firepaw (Or any other issue, obviously, but this annoyment came because of the Ji controversy)

Thanks for the neckbeard comment, bro. Yes, I know you just retweeted it. Fantastic. You just called me a neckbeard. Cause that is not nearly as insulting as what you think Ji was doing.

Disagreement is fine, but that shit is uncalled for. From you, I expected better.

2) Working to damn much.

I’m tired. I am hella cranky. Tired and cranky. What does this make me aside from more unpleasant than usual? Oh, that’s right, paranoid. Because being paranoid on top of everything else is so effective.

Screw you brain chemicals. You suck.

3) “I am SO busy”

What? You think I’m sitting at my desk eating bonbons? I’ve got a backlog of filing on my desk. Don’t tell me how you need time off or how busy you are. I’ve put in 60+ hours a week for the past three.

One of you works from home and the other of you works ten minutes from work. I have an hour commute in the morning and an hour (if I am lucky) at night.

the hell with both of you. Oh yeah, and time off… well wouldn’t that be nice.

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I can see both the frustration at being overwhelmed and the frustration at getting no resistance. Gunny put a very diplomatic face on his post. He said good show to his opponents. He also makes a valid point about how he is not going to stop. When you get a group of people together, you have to keep up the momentum or you lost it.

In truth, it is not Gunny’s responsibility to see that numbers are balanced. His obligation is to his group alone. But that also does not mean that he cannot express his regrets that there is not a sizable response to what he does. There is a great deal of difference between a typical @post and a post saying “thank you guys for following me.”

Now, for a point of reference, I was on my alliance paladin when they hit Stormwind. I was flying toward the portals when I saw shouts in orcish. I looked on my RealID and saw Alanth in an Alliance city. I was all like “WTF” and he was like “If you don’t want trouble, get outta there.” And I said “FLEE!” and I did.

There was no harassment for my choice to flee the scene. There has also been no harassment from my Horde friends for declining most PvP invites lately. I also was involved in Malkavet’s world tour. I helped maintain “operational security” on many of our city raids. I don’t always mesh well with people who run those. What Gunny posted about the type of leadership needed for PvP is right. And I am one ornery bitch, so instead of making a nuisance of myself I sit out and glower. Meh, it happens.

The point of all this is just a suggestion of thinking about your presentation and considering what someone else means when they post. And thinking about what you yourself mean when you post. I am queen of being pissy. And not a single person who has been around me for a longer then a five minute RP roll knows it. And the fact of the matter is that sarcasm doesn’t transfer well over the internet.

Honestly, considering the blow up on other posts today, I expect a lot more vitriol. But I think that a lot of the problems are not from this PvP post, but a collection of irritation that just burst all over the place. So far, I have seen a few people talking about leaving the facebook circle entirely and one person who took a break to keep from feeding the cycle. I am not usually an advocate of taking a step back. I’m usually the person in your face over something I don’t like, but I think that taking a moment to think here might be a good idea.

The constant wrangling on Feathermoon over PvP is not new. We’ve been arguing with each other over PvP since Taren Mill. Since Queue tripping. Since Insurgency of Westfall. Most of the people in this thread have been through all that. PvP can make people crazy. (You ask Ebon about me cursing him out for talking shit about Alliance and storming off of vent) We all need to stop encouraging the cray.

I can’t believe I am saying this. But be excellent to each other. Now that I have dated myself, get the hell off my lawn.

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1) In the past week, I have had three maybes for my Friday raid.

I want to raid. I like to raid. Filling three slots, two of them healers and one of them my co raid-leader does not make for calm Pill times. No worries, I will muscle through. Just /flailing some.

2) Still not sure what to say about the whole Rift vs WoW thing. Still worried that if I say I don’t like something, or that I am hesitant it will blow up in my face.

I do not want to be left behind in Rift, mostly because I do not want to treat this game like a solo game. So, I have to go and push a little at leveling. I have done two dungeons now, but most of it is pretty hit or miss.

Here’s the big thing though, I would much rather be playing WoW. I really like WoW. I like how it looks. I like how it plays. I understand the story and lore and the complexity. I don’t get that with Rift. Maybe I will, but the game does not live for me yet. That makes it really hard for me to get into the heads of my characters. I sort of understand the older two. I have their personalities, but I do not know who they are. And even while playing I am not getting a sense of the world. It still seems very dry to me.

There are a lot of mechanics in the game, but the world is still not all there. Mechanics are just mechanics. I need to game to live. It’s not there yet. It has potential, but so did Warhammer. At least there is more of interest to me than there was in LotRo, which completely seemed bleh to me.

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About two years ago I started a not exactly regular thing on my blog, called the annoyed list.

It had me growling about my co-workers and going off about things in WoW

Today I thought I would bring it back.

So, the return to the list edition!

1) Spending four hours fixing Quickbooks

Half of my day was spent fixing this damn thing. Time I could have used doing a ton of things. Thanks a ton.

2) Generally WoW apathy.

I still like WoW. I still have stories to tell. And well, the whole RP falling apart thing is probably completely on my shoulders.

3) Tired of seeing blurry.

It’s getting better, but it still frustrates me.

But, as I read over the annoyed list I saw one thing about my leg having swollen up to 22 inches. It’s now gone down to less than 19! The first time it has actually started to lose volume in more than three years. It’s not fantastic progress, but it is some.

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