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We’re having a big RP shindig to prep for Mists.

Head to Too Many Annas for all the details.


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Verdus: /grumble


: /grumble


Verdus: /grumblemumblegrumble

Itanya: Glorious happy day!

Verdus: why?! why is this a happy day?

Itanya: Because we’re alive!
And there are rainbows
and kittehs
And I’m good enough, smart enough and doggone it people like me!

Verdus: that must be nice

Itanya: You’re the one who wanted to be all positive!

Verdus: :-\

Itanya: These are the fruits of your labors
though I think they taste kinda like chicken

Verdus: eww, chicken-fruit
okay, now i’m just grossed out

Itanya: /giggle

Verdus: bite into an apple and get… chicken?

with chicken juice dripping out of the core?
oh god why
why would you do this to me?

Itanya: roflmao

Verdus: god, it’d probably even be raw chicken, too
cuz, y’know, raw apples

oh god i kind of want to throw up now

Verdus:…you’re writing up a gtalk madness on this right now, aren’t you? :-\

Itanya: Oh yeah

Verdus: goddammit


Fyriat: Does this apple taste fowl to you?

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Star Wars Stuff

I’m working on a series of WoW stories right now, but I had to share this.

Chiss Keltyr and Kafekta from their days in the CEDF

Done by the very awesome Micer

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“Pill, go away, I have a story to write.”




“Corspilla, GO AWAY.”

“I wont! You always write about grouchy mean paladin and the booze thief, or that blue skinned thingy or the red skinned stabby lady. Sometimes you even write about the prickly priestess! You never write about me!”

“Now, Pill, that’s not true.”

“Is too! What about the whole story about me learning to turn into things? You never even wrote about the turkey adventure. And I was supposed to turn into a huge dragon and glomp the booze thief and burn him too!”

“I got sidetracked. Not like I finished Dorri and Keltyr’s Cata stories either.”

“So? I don’t like them.”

“You don’t like anyone.”

“do too! I like Davien and… Verdus! I like Verdus.”

“You like Verdus because he gives you drinks and lets you light him on fire.”

“I haven’t lit him on fire in years. I haven’t lit ANYONE on fire in years. I’ve been good. And it’s boring. Booooring. BOOORING.”

“For the love of god, stop shouting.”



“ng” *mad cackling*

“This! This is why you don’t get any writing. Cause you are so obnoxious.”


“FINE! I’ll write some more about you learning to turn into creatures. okay? Just shoo.”


“No, I need to go home so I can raid.”


“PILL! Shut up, I said I do it, leave me in piece.”

“And no more blue lady.”

“Don’t push it.”


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SO! This is kinda an anti annoyed list. I spent the morning down on myself.

I talked about it in a post earlier. I wont dismiss my own feelings by saying it was silly. Cause that irritates me when I’m upset. It can be frustrating for people that I talk to. They can get the impression that I am trying to pin the blame for my frantic emoness on them. Not the case, but it can be easy to get that impression.

But in talking, it was brought to my attention that some of my frustration about Raid Negativity rest with me. I did not ask some people about stuff directly. And those details are important. So, I eat my crow. It’s not very tasty.

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I got into a discussion today on twitter about writing. I stopped calling myself a writer right about here. It took the wind out of my sails hardcore when it come to writing and I have been struggling to regain my personal footing when it comes to writing and how I feel about it.

This is not a call for anyone to harass the people involved with that contest (all of whom I consider my friends). The person I talked to about the contest was not mean, bitchy, dismissive. She’s someone I talk to about things. And, usually, manages to get the worst of me in a bad mood out of left field. And handles it DAMN WELL.

Mostly, it was just a thing in a line of things that made me second guess everything.

(And reminds me that I miss writing for a workshop, with good feedback. We tried that once with the Riders. And I wish we still did it.)

I’m being Debbie Downer here. Talking about writing makes me sad.

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1) Negativity in raiding

yes, this really can be done. Yes, you can do this. Stop arguing with me. So tired of hearing from my co-lead that you are all bitching to him. I’m driving this bus, talk to me. Hell talk in raid chat. Conversate. We can work this out.

It’s really not that complicated. It’s not, I swear. I am not a super player. My best asset in a raid is not output, but understanding mechanics. I have great ideas on how everything works. Trust me, we can do this. I understand it might not come easy at first, but we can.

But the flat out refusal to believe? Why am I even trying then?

2) I have heard these questions before

These are the same questions you were asking, while denying you didn’t need a break from raiding. Why are you asking me these questions?

3) Yes, I know you really want your legendary.

I really want you to have it. You know, I have an uncompleted legendary too. This other guy has a legendary. That other server I am on? We’re working on our third staff. I know, frustrating. But really, chill the fuck out. If you want to know why raid leaders as a whole hate the damn things, it cause they cause shit like this. Or drive people to directly disobey their raidleaders to get it completed. (And get ratted out because the people who helped them bragged about it in an alt raid. /facepalm He thought it was funny.)

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