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Today we announced the end of the Anvil raid. I admit that even writing this blog post has caused me to choke up more than a few times. The illustrious panzer cow wrote once about how the Anvil had trained him to be better than he thought he could be. I feel much the same. The Anvil took a nubbly mage and made her into a good raider and, I think, a fine officer.

When I agreed to take on the raid leadership crown, I did so only with the acknowledgment that I worked for the officers and not the other way around. It has been both a frustrating and rewarding experience. I have tempered a lot of my angry outbursts and learned a lot about people.

But, I suppose it is the nature of all things to eventually come to an end. The appeal of ten man raiding along with the lure of guild cheeves has drawn people away. In addition, some long standing members have either changed their game focus or stopped playing all together. As the officers stressed and fretted over things in the past few weeks, it became apparent that we were fighting a losing battle. In the end, we knew we would not serve our raiders well to continue lying to them or ourselves. The stress of trying to make it all work was killing some of us, me included. We were done. And, as expected, Gharr and I turned off the lights and shut the door. Cause we’re both terribly stubborn people (though he is typically nicer than me).

But not all of it is bad.

I will get to do at least one ten man raid with people who are totally rad. There is a silver lining on everything.


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My man is president today

I have read and heard people both elated and disgusted, happy and sad, vindicated and devistated and everything inbetween over the election of Obama as president of the USA.  This post is not about any of that.  It is not gloating, but elation.  In the belief that this is not only the president we deserve, but the man we need.

To those for whom Obama was not your choice, I respect your right to disagree.  I understand that some of those who are overwhelmed with giddy happiness can be crude and insulting in their victory.  Try not to paint us all in such harsh terms.  Those that I have known to be displeased with the results of the election, I have avoided your blogs and conversations.  The angry and bitter recriminations do not sit well.  I am not a woman of broad brushes and to see those that I normally respect and enjoy engage in such behavior annoys and saddens me.

To those for whom Obama was our choice.  It is our duty to not only be gracious in our victory but also understanding.  What we saw in Obama was not what some others saw.  That does not make them stupid, crass or tyrants.  It simply means that we must work harder to help them see what we see.

Being sometwhat Agnostic, I would still ask everyone to pray for the man that now leads our country.  May he provide the guidance and light that we need in these times of uneasy and darkness.


((And I already have to add a post-script to this.  Insulting and argumentative posting will not be tolerated.  I don’t care what side of the political fence you are on.))

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1) McCain calling for more off shore drilling.

John, john.  I used to be for you.  I was one of those people that rooted for you in 2000.  I’m one of the people that got angry when you party pulled the rug out form under you.  I’m one of those swing voters you might have been able to count on.

It’s true, you lost my vote when you decided to support the American Governement using torture, but this last thing is beyond ridiculous.  Offshore drilling is not going to stop the rise in gas prices, even if it were viable and safe (which there is no guarntee that it is).  It will take years before any new wells will produce a decent amount of oil.  This is pandering.

Is it possible that you believe that people are stupid enough to fall for this?  You should have stayed as the man you were in 2000.  You should have stayed different and unusual and cocky.  We loved you then, John, when you were a man we could truly believe did what he thought was right.  We like that, after all, America reelected George Bush for reasons like that.  Now, you just look like any other pandering politician.  In a contest against a “man with a vision” trotting out the same-old, same-old, is a recipie for disaster.  Just as Hilary Clinton.

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RIP Tim Russert

The face of Meet the Press has died of a hearth attack.

I haven’t watched Meet the Press much lately, but Russert always seemed to be a voice of calm and relative reason in the sea of rabid politicos.

His shoes are going to be hard ones to fill.

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Oh, and one thing I really wanted to mention and forgot while I was in Karazan.


Edwards endorsed Obama.  That’s my guy!  You did the right thing. John.  I am so proud of you.


A bitter middle class American

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I’m pretty opinionated.  and I think that W is an idiot, but hearing the political talking heads on Morning Edition (NPR News, if you didn’t know) complain that Bush never mentioned the Palestinians being a sign of negotiations break down is just mind-boggling stupid.

He was there for the 60th Aniversary of the founding of Israel.  He’s a complete dunderhear, but yeah, let us have him insult the country that he is there to congratulate for their survival.

It’s called diplomacy, idiots.  Sometimes people make me want to scream.

(Of course, Bush also had to poke at Iran at the same time.  Jesus, our president needs an adult.)

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