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Oh hello Blog!

So was talking about Molty Core and how much I hate it today on twitter and I got the idea of doing a Green Eggs and Ham style of protest.

With help from @liesandperfidy and @fyriat:

I do not like a molten core.

I do not like it, it’s a bore.


I would not run it on a mage.

I would not run it on a class with rage.

I would not run it as a cat

I would not run it with a bat.


I would not run it for gold.

I would not run it with a cold.

I would not run it for a hat.

I would not run it to make things go splat.


I would not run it for that Golemag trick to see Ragnaoros

I would not run it for the horrid run back as a ghost.

I would not run it to decurse

I would not run it to rehearse.


I will not raid the Moldy Core!

I hates it so, it is a bore!

The raid it puts me straight to sleep!

Now stop asking,

Hah! You’re a sheep!


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Verdus: /grumble


: /grumble


Verdus: /grumblemumblegrumble

Itanya: Glorious happy day!

Verdus: why?! why is this a happy day?

Itanya: Because we’re alive!
And there are rainbows
and kittehs
And I’m good enough, smart enough and doggone it people like me!

Verdus: that must be nice

Itanya: You’re the one who wanted to be all positive!

Verdus: :-\

Itanya: These are the fruits of your labors
though I think they taste kinda like chicken

Verdus: eww, chicken-fruit
okay, now i’m just grossed out

Itanya: /giggle

Verdus: bite into an apple and get… chicken?

with chicken juice dripping out of the core?
oh god why
why would you do this to me?

Itanya: roflmao

Verdus: god, it’d probably even be raw chicken, too
cuz, y’know, raw apples

oh god i kind of want to throw up now

Verdus:…you’re writing up a gtalk madness on this right now, aren’t you? :-\

Itanya: Oh yeah

Verdus: goddammit


Fyriat: Does this apple taste fowl to you?

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“Pill, go away, I have a story to write.”




“Corspilla, GO AWAY.”

“I wont! You always write about grouchy mean paladin and the booze thief, or that blue skinned thingy or the red skinned stabby lady. Sometimes you even write about the prickly priestess! You never write about me!”

“Now, Pill, that’s not true.”

“Is too! What about the whole story about me learning to turn into things? You never even wrote about the turkey adventure. And I was supposed to turn into a huge dragon and glomp the booze thief and burn him too!”

“I got sidetracked. Not like I finished Dorri and Keltyr’s Cata stories either.”

“So? I don’t like them.”

“You don’t like anyone.”

“do too! I like Davien and… Verdus! I like Verdus.”

“You like Verdus because he gives you drinks and lets you light him on fire.”

“I haven’t lit him on fire in years. I haven’t lit ANYONE on fire in years. I’ve been good. And it’s boring. Booooring. BOOORING.”

“For the love of god, stop shouting.”



“ng” *mad cackling*

“This! This is why you don’t get any writing. Cause you are so obnoxious.”


“FINE! I’ll write some more about you learning to turn into creatures. okay? Just shoo.”


“No, I need to go home so I can raid.”


“PILL! Shut up, I said I do it, leave me in piece.”

“And no more blue lady.”

“Don’t push it.”


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I am feeling cranky today for a whole host of reasons and have been less than pleasant to people I know. So, Fy breaks out his wit.

Fyriat: Otherwise I’ll start telling people a-side that Tarelyn is slowly turning into a worgen

Itanya: 😛

Fyriat: You’ll have to flee from hordes of rolled up newspapers

Itanya: /darthno

Fyriat: Or I could say it was happening to Cylinn
You thought she was dumb before!

Itanya: A rabid stupid and angry thirteen year old girl
nothing could go wrong

Fyriat: Okay, I need a minute
Trying not to bust up laughing and get people to look at me funny

Itanya: Heee

Fyriat: Got the image of a worgen running out of the Pig and Whistle
only to collide with the door
flat nosed worgen!
which led to the image of a weresheepdog

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So today I found out that there will be another holiday cheeve this Winter’s veil in WoW. It involves those horrible holiday sweaters. I was mildly amused by the idea of Keltyr in on of these. but I soon hit on something even funnier.


So.. new PvP cheeve for winter’s veil “a-caroling we will go.” Have to go to each capital and carol with a holiday sweater on. LINEDAN IN A HOLIDAY SWEATER!
Where is Lore?

So, I hoped on twitter and Lore soon provided me with this piece of genius:





what are you on about?

I linked him the picture




/giggles out of her chair and onto the floor


you forget that you wouldn’t be able to see the sweater under all the armor


Do not care LINE DANCE IN HOLIDAY SWEATER IS Instacool! Like caps and Fezzes


the disgusted look is about right though
although…what are those lines behind him like he’s farting?

My whole afternoon has been made awesome!

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Working on a story with Keltyr and Loreli.

I look away from twenty minutes to do some work and I come back to this:

There was fighting and they won and then they drank and passed out. The end. 😉

Alternatively: Lars was tragically lost in the battle, Dorri and Kel triumphed and turned this into a trashy romance novel with ripping bodices and flowing elven hair. *nod* You should know the bodice belongs to Kel not Dorri… >.> Its a very nice bodice though. Silk ties, brocade and lace. VERY fetching! Brings out the green in his eyes! They were buy one get one half off at the Silvermoon flea market. But he was afraid Dorri would kill him if he bought her one too. So he offered it to Fabrio but things just got awkward from there. Meanwhile, on the awesome side of things, our brave and selfless alliance heroes were doing things and being awesome. Cuz that’s what they do. Meanwhile, the Riders were probably doing stuff too.But nobody likes them anyway

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Itanya: I push buttons


Itanya: And Fy bitches about being harassed about walking off a cliff in BC

Linedan: well…yeah

Itanya: THAT is from me being a noob in BWL
“You just clicked the ready check”


Itanya: “I just pushed the button”

Linedan: I never knew where that came from
I thought it was just a Bika silly

Itanya: My SECOND week in the raid

Linedan: nothing beats rank 1 SW:P

Itanya: Nope
Not a damn thing

Linedan: not even Fy in SSC

Itanya: though “What is through this door” also comes close

Linedan: what was that from

Itanya: Evictus in Karazhan
The dragon was through that door, btw

Linedan: heh

Itanya: There was also Fy going, I wonder how close I can get to Aran

Linedan: I don’t think I’ve done anything that legendary

Itanya: Which is how we found out that Aran will target you through the walls
I love how Hammaryn did the whole LK strat in MS paint
And then Kansin walked off the edge of the platform

Linedan: I mean, there’s “WHEEEEE”
but I don’t think I’ve reached quite the heights of epic fail
(not for lack of trying a few times)

Itanya: Me either
On another note, I am not sure that Kel and Dorri would have bonded as well, if Kel’s ego did not need soothing
Kansin kept needling him about that in Shattrath

Linedan: awww, Hydross brought you together in twu wuv

Fyriat: Twoo Wub Fwuu Failure

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