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1) 1/3 of my raid goes missing, all for different good reasons.  This is why I feel like I cannot take a day off.

2) I am answering phones and playing with a spreadsheet.  I make 8K less than I did before I got a college education.  I do not even work in anything remotely related to my college education.

3) Did I mentioned I make 8K LESS than I made before I went to college?

4) Did I mentioned that I was answer phones and playing with a spreadsheet?

5) DId I mention that was boring?

6) Did I mention that my leg has been swollen to 22 inches for three weeks?

7) Did I mention that my leg has not been unswollen for over a year?

8 ) Did I mention that these things have made me irritable, grouchy and generally unhappy?  (Heh, I know I have)

9) DId I mention that I hate being irritable, grouchy and generally unhappy?


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