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OPB wrote this short ficlet for me this morning:

She saw him from the sky, his hair as red as the flames she loved, and dismissed him with a “Bah!” He argued with the Skyguard while Corspilla pulled her ray in for a landing. As ray handlers and Aether techs cheered her landing, she responded with an “OI!”

He turned to face her. He smiled at her. He returned the same greeting. Same syllable. Same inflection. Same accent.

As her temper broke, her fire was easier to call to her fingers, “I burn yer bloody beard right off yeh feckin’ tosser!”

Fire lept from her fingers, yet his beard was saved by the Light. He shouted something to her—all grin and Northern charm—but all she could hear was the same accent that corrupted her speech. She called her ray back to her, ignoring the Skyguard that tried to hold her back. “Piss off yeh wankers,” she shouted as she climbed into the sky.

In the sky, her fire faded and her magic swirled around her to protect her from the outside world. She worried that her magics could not stop the North from infecting her further.


It took about 30 minutes to get this done up in reply.  Sometimes, the little fics just fly.

She normally did not ride her raptor in Thunder Bluff, but it was faster than running.  True, it was a short walk from the portal opening to the inn and the room she shared with Davien, but she could barely contain herself.  Her fingers twitched with the desire to light things on fire.  Lighting the object of her ire had been prevented before, but she could hardly contain her frustration this time.  Month and Months of trouble and insanity and now they were getting answers.

She had confirmed that Davien was at the inn, practically shouted at Lin, Kaasmi and Gharr to be at the room now.  All three of them had responded, if somewhat dismissively.  She had no idea if they would be there.  In the end they would all know.   There was going to be a reckoning.

It was all she could do to keep from viciously pulling the raptor to stop.  No matter how angry she was, she would not hurt one of her animals.  She would not lose another one.  “Stay here, ya hear?”  The raptor used its stubby arms to search her spiky hair for a tasty treat.  It warbled softly as she pushed away the arms and ran through the common room for the stairs. 

She could not take two of them at a time, but she could run up them.  “Move!  MOVE!”  She lit the tail of the offending Tauren on fire, cackling as it hustled out of her way.  The Bull glared at her but silenced as she turned and snarled at him.  She cackled again and took the last few steps at top speed, running for the end of the short hallway.  

She pushed the door to the room open, ignoring the way it slammed against the way.  Her fingers twitched in anxiety, now that she was faced with her goal.  Pill did not doubt what she knew.  She fixed her gaze on Davien, quietly sitting in a chair.  The slightest indulgent smile touched Davien’s face.  Noxilite’s Loremistress was used to her rushing around, though it was normally about some new alchemical concoction or a new animal befriended.

This was different.  This was important.  “I know who has my strings!”  She shouted, picturing the face of the offending soul in her mind.  Fire lit the tips of her fingers as she saw his smiling face.  She would burn his beard off; she would!  The Light could not protect him forever.

“Who is it, sweetling?”  Davien’s voice was calm, but Pill could hear the curiosity in it.

“I saw him with the skyguard, saw him, even greeted him.  I was trying to be nice…  trying to be pleasant.  And it just came out.  Bloody wanker!”  She tried to take a breath, shaking with the effort of controlling herself to get this all out.  “See how he’s got me talkin?  Can you hear it?”  Her voice raised in the urgency.

“Pill, calm down.”  Davien’s hand on her wrist and Pill looked at the taller woman’s face, forcing heself to focus.  “Now, who is it?”

“It’s your friend!”  She spat the words out at her friend and Lore Mistress.  “It’s that tosser, Bricu!”


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