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Reflections on past mistakes

I help herd cats. That’s what they call it. I help gather people together for raids and try and keep them moving and successful. The hardest part of raiding is dealing with the personalities, so they say. Sometimes, I’m pretty good at this.

Sometimes, I am bloody horrid. Most of those times have something to do with my temper. I have one. It will occasionally get the best of me. Since I have been a raid leader, it has happened twice. Both times I still feel the outrage was justified. My regret is that I let my temper get the best of me. Not that I was upfront with two people that I thought they were out of line, but that I did so in a way that was incompatible with what I feel is correct behavior. The bad behavior of others does not excuse my bad behavior.

But, it’s done. Gotta deal with the consequences. Even if I wish certain people would actually tell their stories truthfully. See, I can do that. I can say that I handled those two incidents badly, but I feel the right final outcome was made. It might be cringe worthy, but it is the truth.

Still, I wish I had not lost my temper. Luckily for me, there are people who get loosing one’s temper from time to time and they are good at slapping me down when it gets bad.


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