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Everyone has their own way of getting started.  I have two basic ways that a story goes from a nebulous idea to a full fledged bit of writing.  One is the scene.  Most of the stories (and games I have GMed as well, but more about that later) start with just a small snipped, a phrase of conversation and a vague sense of who says it to whom.  Then I flesh out the scene and fill in the details.  However, since I’m doing this as a kind of exercise, this won’t be one of those stories. 

The second way I go from idea to story is to start with an idea of what I want to tell.  This is how things often work with the overreaching arch stories I write with Pill or Tarelyn for WoW.  Most of the time, these stories take places in worlds I have already fleshed out and I am trying to fill in a space or just fleshing out something.  I actually have a few stories like this stored up for just these occasions. 

I would really like to rework “Misery Love Company,” which is the story of how Itanya and Razoras first meet, but I am in the process of reworking that entire setting to make it more stand alone as opposed to being a shared world.  So doing that for this exercise would be far too much work.  Instead I am going to work on a background story for another world I am reworking, but it is farther along than the world that Itanya and Razoras inhabit.

The world of “Fire and Light” has been in the reworking stages for years.  It started out as a Star Wars campaign that blossomed into something more.  The story itself appealed to me enough that I wanted to retain it and at least serialize it.  This creates some problems because in the end, it does not fit in with true Star Wars cannon.  We did things in that campaign that made the story and characters vibrant and the RP we did truly engrossing, but it varied from Star Wars.  Most of the work of that is already done.

So I have the where.  Now for the what.  So, what can I write that will help to flesh out the world in my head?  In this case the what will determine the who.  This morning driving to work, I debated two scenarios. 

There are two primary female characters in the story.  One is Cygna.  Cygna is a passive character.  Eventually she marries the protagonist of the story, but I have never liked Cygna.  I did not like her when I created her as an NPC, but the characters liked her.  I tried to kill her twice and she was saved both times.  Despite all this, I have no real sympathy for her.  I probably should write something to flesh out her background, since she is fairly important to the overreaching plot of the entire story, but I dislike the character that much.

The second is Selene.  Selene is my kind of character.  She’s strong and determined.  She has flaws that make her appealing.  I should say that the same people that adored Cygna had no great love for Selene.  They had no reason to.   So, that choice was easy, I am going to do a background story for Selene. 

So that’s my goal for today.  I’ve got the who, what and where done. 

Next, we flesh out the setting and the arch of the story.

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I have started working on my creative writing blogs.  Each story has its own site.  All three stories have already been on the interwebs in one form or another for many moons.  This is just a way for me to tell them.

I have no idea what sort of schedule I will place on myself for those.  I suppose I will probably ramble on about them here along with everything else.

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