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Been a while since I did one of these and some of you probably already know what is coming.

1) I don’t care how funny, amusing, icky, ridiculous or monty pythonesque you found the cyber.  I still think that chasing them down and shooting off fireworks at the “appropiate” moment was disgusting, childish and distasteful.

2) Now someone got a forum ban because of your “brilliant” stunt with its epic and explict screen shots.  Congratulations.

3) Dragging it into “RP” so you can be witty/fucking center of attention.  Well bulley to you.  I’ll be playing my troll hunter or out of those channels.  That way I don’t tell you exactly what I think right at that moment.  My temper gets the best of my mouth sometimes.  And honestly, I don’t think some of you understand that my disagreeing with you doesn’t mean I’m not your friend.  (Friends tell you when they think you are doing wrong.  that is what you have friends for)

4) Saristane is back.  Here I thought he had kept his word and stopped posting.  No, he just had a forum ban.  One day, some chick is going to deck that hypocritical asshole.  It might be me.

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