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So the bastard made this post about how fantastic his current SO is and how he doesn’t mention just how awesome she has made his life.


How harsh stings the guilt.  I too do not let it be known just how much of an impact Razoras has made in my life.  Admittedly, he’s been influence my life more than Shannon has impacted the Bastard’s, cause we’ve been at this influencing thing for a bit longer, but it doesn’t diminish the awesomeness.

So, impacts:

1)      He’s the reason I moved to Oregon, which has been one the single best things I have ever done for me. (Yes, yes, I was pissed as hell at him over it, but it still turned out good.)

2)      He understands when I say “I’m having a bad metal health day” without trying to analyze me. 

3)      He knows when to walk away when I am angry and when to stick around. 

4)      He rolls down the window to yell “seagull” at random times and other obnoxious embarrassing things.  He doesn’t let me take life to seriously.

5)      He knows just how to talk to me when I am mad at someone else.  He can always manage to make me look at something a different way.

6)      He reminds me that we’re a team and not competing.

7)      He talks me down from being a rampaging bitch and also when I am being righteously angry.


This is not to say he’s perfect, but he is perfect for me.

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