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Jenesis of on the Arthas server posted this nugget of wisdom today:

This is why you absolutely MUST have a set way to join the raid team as a full-fledged member. STICK TO IT. I am a full advocate of “Don’t mix casual girlfriends with the raid team” because of this reason.

Tell this girl if she wants to join your runs she has to do three things:
1. Gear up for the minimum requirements
2. Read up on the fights and show she has a working knowledge of them
3. Submit a formal application to your officers for membership into the core raid team

If she’s not willing to do these three things she just wants a free ride.
I see this ALL the damn time. Girlfriends in game who put no effort into the game but expect everyone to bend over backwards to make up for their lack of initiative.

STOP THE FREE RIDES. Girls/girlfriends in this game are not going to learn to be better raidteam members or better players if you coddle them and don’t hold them to the same standards as every other member.
Ask yourself…if this player wasn’t a) a girl b) an Officer’s girlfriend, would you let said player onto the raid team unprepared? No.
I can understand people wanting to play with their SO but when you choose to be an officer in a raiding guild you are put into the position of making sure the raid team functions. Sometimes this means excluding weaker players even if they are the SO of said officer. He’s putting the best interests of his girlfriend first and doesn’t seem to realize the work that was put in to get that initial raid team rolling.
Fine…he wants to put his girlfriend first he shouldn’t be an officer. A raid is a TEAM. Every player has to contribute.
I have no problem with people playing with their SOs…but a raid environment is a numbers game. DPS, healing, threat, gear. If the numbers don’t add up the bosses don’t go down. If she doesn’t care enough to understand this than she doesn’t care enough about the raid team, she has no business being on it. If your officer cannot see this he shouldn’t be an officer, or he should find a guild that will accommodate both of them.


Make her earn her spot. Because if you start to show favoritism to players who don’t try to prepare themselves you’re going to have a mutiny on your hands and a typical “Girl-drama bomb” scenario.

Just gotta love these idiots who are so caught up on the girl thing.

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