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1) McCain calling for more off shore drilling.

John, john.  I used to be for you.  I was one of those people that rooted for you in 2000.  I’m one of the people that got angry when you party pulled the rug out form under you.  I’m one of those swing voters you might have been able to count on.

It’s true, you lost my vote when you decided to support the American Governement using torture, but this last thing is beyond ridiculous.  Offshore drilling is not going to stop the rise in gas prices, even if it were viable and safe (which there is no guarntee that it is).  It will take years before any new wells will produce a decent amount of oil.  This is pandering.

Is it possible that you believe that people are stupid enough to fall for this?  You should have stayed as the man you were in 2000.  You should have stayed different and unusual and cocky.  We loved you then, John, when you were a man we could truly believe did what he thought was right.  We like that, after all, America reelected George Bush for reasons like that.  Now, you just look like any other pandering politician.  In a contest against a “man with a vision” trotting out the same-old, same-old, is a recipie for disaster.  Just as Hilary Clinton.

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