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Last night I went on an SSC raid with my Warrior.  The raid was to gear mains and alts for an alliance raid that I was once an alt tank for back in the vanilla WoW days.  The loot rules were kinda stringent.  (and I am not posting to critize their loot rules.  I knew what the rules were going in.)  I thought I would be okay with it and it turns out that I didn’t feel that okay with it when the raid was done.

Now, my warrior is the least geared of all my 70s.  Since I started raiding hordeside and accepted an officer position in the raid alliance Hordeside, I just haven’t had much time to spend on her.  Knowing that I was going to go to SSC, however, I spent pretty much every second of free time on her.  Farming SSO rep, farming Scryer rep trying to get golds.  In the end, I was able to get rare quality blue gems stuffed into her tanking gear, but I walked into SSC with seven gold, not exactly enough to get some good enchants. (or any)

For the most part, the instance went fairly well.  I’m a competent tank and I was not a main tank.  It was the loot that kinda annoyed me.  As I said, I was aware of the loot rules when I set foot in the instance.  Still, knowing that there was barely a chance in hell that I would get anything (aside from a pair of off-spec boots) was rather annoying.  I left the raid feeling pretty annoyed.

After thinking about it for a while, I realize that gearing yet another 70 for raids is not only pointless, but silly.  When am I ever going to find the time to really play my warrior?  She’s fun, but its a choice between working on her for raiding and leveling an alt or playing in the beta.  Leveling an alt or playing the beta are more relaxing.  I spend most of my time balancing three horde alts for raiding.  The desire just isn’t there.

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