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Okay,  So as you all know, I made it into WoW beta.  I let this suck a little of my usual blogging time.  Anyway, here are my goals for this week:

1) Apply for at least three new jobs that have a listed salary of at least $16/hr. and are closer to home.

2) Increase my Nordic track time to 20 minutes (currently at 10)

3) Continue to watch caloric intake for the week.

4) Complete 2/3 of the mailing list given to me by my boss.

5) Clean up my work space and get all lingering things done.

6) Spend at least four hours on writing projects

7) Clean the bathroom.

8 ) Do 2 loads of laundry beyond what is required for work/after work.  Fold the results and put them away.

9) Clean my desk and find a workspace for beads.

10) Watch at least one movie (dvd) with my husband.


10 things.  I can do that.

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