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So, just a little side commentary about writing and such.  I know I should be working on my character profiles for the Fire and Light backstory, but I was just reading Ilarra 2.0 and I was instantly reminded of an Itanya post I made over two years ago.  I have mentioned that I want to refashion some of that to something stand alone.

I first created Itanya twenty years ago.  She’s been my Mary Sue for a long time.  She has grown a great deal from the angsty teenage half-demon that she was twenty years ago.  She adapted to the situations I put her in.  I have had good friends that I wrote with that helped that growth.  The coolest thing about her is that she married Razoras.  I married the player behind Razoras eventually.  I have to say that the player is much cooler than the character, even if he can’t animate tables.

Despite all the deep Mary Sueness of the character, I have a deep abiding affection for her.  I think I can make her into something better.  To do that, however, I have to strip away a lot of what has changed her over the years.  She needs to exist in a world that I create myself, as opposed to the one I have shared with Tribute and Lightsinger for so very long.

So yeah, I was talking about Ilarra 2.0.  She just posted a story about torture and unbalance.  Part of that is essential to Itanya and what she is.  Booze Cow made a comment in her gDoc about writing what you know.  It seems strange to admit that at least part of the pain I write for Itanya is something I know, but it is.

Anyway, I am going to start working on converting this short story post that was once part of a fairly important thread into something that I can combine into this new world.  I’ll be documenting that process over at the Blood of Roses blog, since I do not want to clutter up this one.  I’m still working on Fire and Light.  I promise you’ll see updates.  I just wanted to capture this idea while it was tickling at me.  Sometimes, that is what you have to do.

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