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So was talking about Molty Core and how much I hate it today on twitter and I got the idea of doing a Green Eggs and Ham style of protest.

With help from @liesandperfidy and @fyriat:

I do not like a molten core.

I do not like it, it’s a bore.


I would not run it on a mage.

I would not run it on a class with rage.

I would not run it as a cat

I would not run it with a bat.


I would not run it for gold.

I would not run it with a cold.

I would not run it for a hat.

I would not run it to make things go splat.


I would not run it for that Golemag trick to see Ragnaoros

I would not run it for the horrid run back as a ghost.

I would not run it to decurse

I would not run it to rehearse.


I will not raid the Moldy Core!

I hates it so, it is a bore!

The raid it puts me straight to sleep!

Now stop asking,

Hah! You’re a sheep!

((Written with Keltyr’s assistance.

You can read Part one here and here. The first half of part two can be seen here))

Part Two:

Their group finally had a strongly defended route to the sewers and Dorri and Kel formed one of the three teams searching. There was time for one last sweep before they were forced to retreat. The houses they walked past had been ransacked either by their fleeing owners or the rabid Silver Covenant soldiers and their allies.

“This area looks clear.” Dorri’tow commented as they looked through the windows of another building. Keltyr grunted with acknowledgement.

Both of them froze as laughter echoed off the stones. At the far end of the lane, a group of four Silver Covenant came out of a house. Dorri ran towards them as Keltyr’s light empowered shield flew past her. All four quel’dorei were stunned as the shield bounced among them, ricocheted off the wall and then back towards Keltyr.

Dorri gutted the first quel’dorei before he was able to recover, but the others were ready when she turned towards them. One of them, wielding two swords, moved to engage her, while his fellows tried to retreat into the house.

Dorri’s opponent dodged her initial strike, pushed her back and then tried to move to block Keltyr from following his retreating companions. Keltyr forced the man’s swords down with his shield and then sliced his sword across the quel’dorei’s vulnerable throat. While the soldier gasped for breath, Dorri viciously cleaved through his back. She pulled the tunic off the body to wipe the blood from her face.

“Help!” Dorri looked up as one of the men Keltyr had chased into the house, suddenly ran out screaming. She formed the light into a stunning hammer and walked over to the escapee. Dorri took a moment to look into the house and caught sight of a small body, either a woman or a child.

“You don’t deserve help.” She hissed and drove her sword through the man. She dismissed the spell that held him and stalked towards the open doorway, wiping her blade clean with the silver and blue tabard of her last victim. She tossed the tabard as she crossed the threshold and bent over the small body, a young boy dressed in simple robes. He was sprawled face down, and axe deep in his back and a tiny stuffed tiger clutched in one hand. Dorri snarled and slammed her fist into a nearby wall. The bastards that had done this had died far too quickly.

She could hear Keltyr upstairs, saying something angrily in Thalassin. Heavy thumping down the stairs that led to the narrow house’s second story drew her into the hallway. She arrived in time to find another quel’dorei, a woman this time, trying to crawl towards a back room. There was a silk scarf with jewelry scattered around it. Dorri killed the battered thief without a second thought and ran up the stairs.

A sin’dorei man lay across the second floor landing. His sightless eyes stared at the ceiling. This was not the first family they had found dead in their home today, but it was one too many. She did not bother to check if the door in front of her was locked, Dorri kicked it open, slamming it against the wall.

A sin’dorei woman’s body was flung across the bed; her blood had stained the coverlet red. Keltyr’s phoenix shield lay where it had fallen after it had tore through a Silver Covenant soldier’s throat. Keltyr had looked up when she burst into the room, but had quickly turned his attention back to the man he had pinned to the floor beneath his knee.

“The others?” Keltyr asked as he bent down and wrapped the quel’dorei’s long white ponytail in his hands.

“Dead.” Dorri confirmed, hanging back in the doorway so she could hear if anyone approached.

Keltyr tugged his prisoner’s head up, and spoke into his ear. “You want to be like the humans?” His voice was harsh, as he slammed his sword back into it’s sheath. Ragged cries of pain were the only responses the blood knight got as Keltyr tightened his grip. Keltyr pulled his knife and sliced the top of one ear off. “If you want to be like them, you should look like them!” Keltyr slammed the quel’dorei’s head against the floor and then cut the tip off the other ear.

Dorri grinned as Keltyr slammed the man’s head against the floor a few more times. Then he retrieved his shield and cut the ears of the man killed with it. Keltyr pushed past her, heading for the stairs.

“What about him?” She asked Keltyr, following.

“Leave him with his shame.”

Once they were on the first floor, Keltyr removed the ears of the thief and walked out the way they had come in. Grabbed the silk scarf of the ground, shaking it free of the stolen trinkets. He wrapped the ears he had collected in it and tucked it into his belt. He never looked at the dead boy, but Dorri saw his hand tighten on the hilt of his sword as he walked swiftly past it. Out on the street, he took the ears of both men she had killed and then turned to walk further down the street.

The makeshift silken pouch was a bloody mess when they reached the edge of the sector of the city they had claimed. Keltyr let another body fall to the cobblestones and continued to walk away from where they should be going. Dorri waved the two sin’dorei children they had just rescued from confinement down the street, pointing to where the distant figure of a rogue waved.

“Kel, we’re moving outside of our corridor.”

He moved onto the next house, wrenching the door open and then slamming it shut when it was empty and quiet. “There are more houses to check.” Dorri nodded grimly and searched the eerily quiet street with him. They had begun to circle around and head towards one of the main streets of the city when they heard the sounds of fighting nearby.

Keltyr ran towards the front door, while Dorri ran through the alley to the back. Dorri hoped that the sobbing she heard from inside did not stop before they found the children making the noise.

((Written by Bricu with help from Threnn.

You can see both halves of Part One, Here and Here ))

Part II

Within the blink of an eye, Bricu and Threnn were standing shoulder to shoulder with others from the Alliance. There were a few familiar faces–including one green haired Kaldorei who wore the same Colors as the paladins, but tried to disappear in the crowd–but before either could say anything, Varessa Windrunner addressed the crowd with the a carefully crafted, and lovingly delivered, speech.

“The Sunreaver’s Sanctuary is still crawling with those Horde-loving Sunreavers. Jaina will have sent the reasonable ones to the Violet Hold. The rest refuse to leave, raising their weapons against us. Show them the cost of their defiance. They now face the judgment of the Alliance, the Silver Covenant, and the Kirin Tor!”

Her zeal was unmistakable and infectious. The crowd swelled and pushed forward into Dalaran’s streets. Several of the soldiers hollered and chanted, some banged their swords on their shields. Others marched with precision.

Bricu turned to Threnn. She shook her head while he held up one finger. Then, turning towards Varessa, he raised his voice above the din and asked a question–


Varessa turned her gaze towards the two paladins who did not seemed to be swept up in her rallying cry.

“Go find those lying rats and exterminate them!”

“The lyin’ rats in their homes? In their sanctuary?”

“That is what I have said, Northman, now get to…” Varessa said.

“Got any torches then?” He asked.

“For?” Varessa asked haltingly.

“Well, last time I went ‘round kickin’ in folks doors an’ draggin’ folks inta the street, the Bloody Prince gave us the order ta put them ta the torch as well, ta cut down on the plague. So, I’m just checkin’ on how closely yer modelin’ this particular order. Are yeh just inspired by ‘im, or are yeh goin’ full bore Bloody Princess an become Necromancer-enhanced-wonky?”

Varessa Windrunner glared at the paladins, studying their faces and clearly noting their colors. “I do not care for your tone or your words, Northman.”

“We don’t care for your orders, Lady Windrunner.” Threnn said.

“Then leave, but know the Kirin Tor will remember that you did not aid us when we called.”

“That’s clever, given yer track record. The first time yeh fuckers called on us, it was ta torture folk in the North. This time it’s attackin’ civvies. So let us end this ‘aid’ with words from the North: get fucked.”

Bricu fired off his traditional salute to authority, while Threnn kept her one hand on her blade, the other on her husband. The walked out of the Violet Citadel, heads held high.

“I don’t think this will win you Jania’s affections….by the light.” Threnn said, her voice catching.

“It’s bloody worse than I thought.” Bricu whispered.

Men and women from across the Alliance strode through Dalaran, dispatching Sin’dorei with careless, nearly bloodthirsty ease. The few respectful ones made motions to arrest and detain the fleeing elves. Most did not even bother with the pretense. They sacked stores and homes with abandon if not out-right glee. Familiar faces–some very well know to both Bricu and Threnn–were slinging spells and slitting the throats of Sin’dorei men and women. Some who put up a fight, others who were running away, and a few who begged for their lives.

The brave soldiers of the Alliance put them all to the sword.

Bricu took out his hearthstone from his pack and looked to Threnn.

“This isn’t our fight.”

“Not this time.” Threnn said.

“Fightin’ our own folk isn’t right.”

“This isn’t either.”

Threnn drew her sword and Bricu put the hearthstone away. He took the axe from the sling on his back and rested it on his shoulder.

“Yeh know love, no good deed goes unpunished.”

“When has the threat of punishment ever stopped one of us?” Threnn said, as she headed towards a cluster of Sin’dorei homes. A cluster that two men–a dwarf and a human–in Alliance colors had already begun to attack. They could both hear the elves scream as the dwarf kicked in the door.

Bricu and Threnn rushed to the front door. The dwarf who kicked the door in stood over a family of five–two young elven boys, one young girl and their parents. The mother, dressed in the robes of a magistrix, was passed out bleeding from a vicious cut just above her eye, while the father was trying to shield the children. The Dwarf menaced them them with two wicked looking hand axes. The human was pilfering through the families’ magical trinkets,lecturing them about duty and honor.

“You bring this on yourselves, you know.” He said, slipping a gold and emerald bauble into his pocket. “If you had just stuck with the Alliance and didn’t betray us time and time…”


The pedantic soldier turned, raising his sword, towards the charging northman. Bricu slammed the head of his axe into the man’s chest, sending him sprawling.

“Run the fuck out o’here!” Bricu yelled in Thalassian.

The Sin’dorei urged his children to run, and pulled his wife towards the back room.

The dwarf also shifted towards Bricu, bringing his hand axes to bear, but his attack was interrupted mid swing by Threnn’s parry. Mindful of the smaller space, Threnn ran her the blade of her bastard sword up the hand axes, locking the wicked barbs on the axes to her sword. The axes and the sword creaked with the strain, but the steel held together. When she was standing chest to chest with the dwarf, she grabbed the blade with her left hand, and pulled it into the dwarf’s cheek. Free of the axes, she brought the pommel of her sword with a crack onto the dwarf’s head. He collapsed into a heap on the floor.

As his companion fell to the ground, the human pulled himself to his feet and ran–whether it was to find the family or find another way out, neither Bricu nor Threnn could tell.

“Go.” Threnn said, “I’ll keep watch.” She set herself a the door, watching for more of her countrymen.

Bricu ran further into the house, looking for the one that almost got away.

Itanya: What? When a sadist and a sadomasochist are in love these things happen

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I have missed you guys so much

((Written with Bricu, Threnn and Keltyr. Bricu and Threnn written by Bricu with help from Threnn. Dorri and Kel parts written by me with help from Kel))

((Part one: Bricu and Threnn found here))

There was a slowly growing throng ahead of them in the large sewer tunnel and it continued to grow as more people came through portals. Dorri kept as close to Keltyr as she could, uneasy in the press of strangers. They were mostly sindorei, but there was a scattering of the other horde races mixed in. Her sense of unease continued to grow. What were they doing here in the Dalaran sewers? What was so important?

Magister Rommath, head of the blood mages and the Magistrate, appeared at the center of the group, floating a few feet off the ground so he could be seen by everyone. Keltyr tensed at her side. More trouble, it had to be. The past few weeks had been little more than one bit of trouble after another. But Rommath in the Dalaran sewers surrounded by members of the horde could only mean things were going from bad to worse.

“Right, gather up you lot.” A mage appeared at her side, trying to get the milling group away from where the portals were . “Magister Rommath will update you.” The mage’s voice was bored and officious. Dorri moved to change the tone, but Keltyr stopped her.

“Let’s hear what this is about first. If it’s stupid, you can teach that one a lesson.” Reluctantly, Dorri nodded and then followed Keltyr in the circle that surrounded the magister. As Rommath cleared his throat, it was obvious that the speech the magister was giving had been repeated more than once before.

The muttering died down quickly and Rommath continued. Proudmoore had removed all protections from Aethas Sunreaver and any that claimed allegiance to him. The crowd groaned. They knew what was coming.. Escort duties often paid well, but they were also tedious and often involved heavy lifting. But Rommath continued talking. Any Sunreaver, any horde sympathizer in Dalaran would not be allowed to leave the city. They were to be detained in the Violet Hold.

The sindorei in the crowd cried out, but they were hushed as Rommath continued talking. Aethas Sunreaver had already been taken. Then the worse came, Vareesa Windrunner, the leader of the Silver Covenant, was taking charge of subduing those that resisted. Everyone who had been in Dalaran during the Northrend campaign knew what that meant. If she could find a way, Vareese Windrunner would see any friend of the horde dead. She hated them. She hated her former kin most of all.

They were there to get out as many of the Sunreavers as they could. Dorri had her suspicions as she watched a few people drawn out of the assembly by members of the Magistrate. Hand picked by Rommath, no doubt, for whatever the real goal here was. She and Keltyr would never be on that list.

Finally, the Magister drew the briefing to close. “And try to stay clear of the Silver Covenant. We don’t want to cause a scene if we can avoid it. Not yet, anyhow”

Magister Rommath walked away, leaving the throng to organize themselves. Dorri’tow looked towards Keltyr, but he had already begun walking towards a tight knot of sindorei, fellow soldiers. They had met in Kun Lai, rescuing members of the Reliquary from torture and death at the hands of the Mogu. The group made room for Keltyr and then Dorri to join them.

“First the humans, then the orc warchief and now our own former brothers…”

“None of those prissy bastards are my brother.” Keltyr snarled. Most of the group nodded in agreement.

“What are we going to do?”

“Some of my Uncle Jaeren’s family are still in the city, western quarter, near the sanctum. I’m going to make sure they get to Silvermoon.” Quickly, Keltyr sketched out a plan that involved the entire cadre, issued orders and they were on the move.

Before they emerged into the underbelly of the city, they paused. The tunnel they had selected should take them close to one of the exits to the city above. The group paused as they heard screams. A woman ran towards them, dressed in sunreaver colors. They parted to let her escape past them and then formed a wall to protect the woman’s retreat. Three queldorei dressed in covenant silver and blue pulled up short at the sight of them. Behind them at the entrance to the sewer tunnel, Dorri could see at least one body dressed in red.

“Take the whore and leave while you can, sindorei scum.” One of the three began to slowly back away. “The entire city will be locked down soon enough.” The retreating warrior pulled a device from his belt.

“We were told to avoid the Silver Covenant.” One of the leather clad assassins spoke softly. “We can go around.”

Dorri had already charged ahead with a snarl.

“We kill anyone who gets in our way.” Keltyr shouted as he followed after her. “Selama ashal’anore!” They took their justice from the corpses of their enemies.

((Working on a storyline involving the Purge of Dalaran with Bricu, Threnn and Keltyr. Bricu and Threnn parts written by Bricu with help from Threnn. Dorri and Kel parts written by me with help from Keltyr.))

Part One: Bricu and Threnn

As Bricu and Threnn flew past the watch towers, they could see that Lion’s Landing was mobilizing. This high up, the camp resembled a kicked ant hill: little things working at a frenzied pace. The close they got to the landing, the more detail they could see. Soldiers, priests, mages and all of the support an army needed was gathering near the docks, gryphons and portals. It was as orderly as such a chaotic thing could be.

When they landed their mounts, before they could even speak to each other about what they had witnessed, a short, whip thin human approached them. She was not in any uniform either of them recognized, but she carried herself in the fashion that self-important people typically walked. Given the knives on her belt and the dark leathers she wore, her position was fairly easy for both of them to identify. The woman addressed Threnn first:

“Threnn Bittertongue, as a medic you and your husband are to report immediately to the Violet Citadel for further instructions.”

Threnn looked the woman up and down before answering carefully.

“No. Not until you give us due cause to follow some orders.”

The woman bowed slight, “Knight Commander Aileen Torquay, now of …”

“The Service.” Bricu interrupted.

“Bittertongue, you are also to report to the Citadel. Lady Proudmoore and Lady Windrunner have an operation that needs to be addressed by individuals with your talents.”

“Standard rate o’pay?” Bricu asked.

If Torquay showed any irritation at the interruptions or the discussion of payment, she did not show it. “For today, the standard rates negotiated with your former handler will be kept; however, after the mission today, we will have to have a discussion. The market for paramilitaries has changed. Now, hurry, or I’ll activate the clauses that reduce your pay.”

“Such a motivator!” Bricu said. He shouldered his axe and headed for the portal. Threnn snapped off a sharp salute before following. Half way up the path, she stopped and turned to face Aileen Torquay.

“This mission you’re sending us on. To Dalaran. You’re taking the fight to the streets?”

Torquay simply smiled, “It’s not much of a fight. But we are bringing a weapon to bear. Now, Threnn, you need to catch up to your husband. I’m sure you’ll both enjoy this particular job.”

Aileen Torquay turned her attention to another round of adventurers landing. Threnn watched her order more people towards the portal, before meeting Bricu.

“Everythin’ alright?” He asked.

“We’ll see love. Ready to listen to your old flame give out orders?”

“Yer ne’er gonna live that down, are yeh?” Bricu asked.

“Not while its funny, love.” She held out her arm. Bricu held onto her arm as they crossed the arcane threshold and walked into the sanctum of the Kirin Tor.

((Nothing much, just a bit of political spin by my noble Sin’dorei shadow mage))

I am tired of listening to excuses of why the actions of the Kirin Tor against those they once called their own are justified.

I am tired of hearing how it was not a strike against blood elves, but against a faction. A faction made solely of Sin’dorei. A faction they had no choice to support if they wished to stay with their homes and livelihoods in Dalaran.

Now we have been told to present our evidence to a human so that our family and friends can gain clemency! What fools do they take us for? We have twice trusted in the safety of Dalaran and twice have we been betrayed.

There is always an excuse from those who shout for the Alliance, but those same people demand blood from the entire Horde for the actions of one person.

I find it hard to believe that this purge of Dalaran was not planned. Now the Alliance has a massive movable arcane fortress at their command. And a host of mages willing to do their bidding.

How much longer before their Silver Covenant brethren turn on those who guard the Sunwell?

I have always been reluctant to support an all out war, but what choice do we have? We must do all we can to protect ourselves. The Alliance has shown that they want to destroy us, to replace all of the Sin’dorei with their bloodthirsty allies, those of our own blood that have shunned and abandoned us in their pride.


(Speech give by Lady Then’liath Firebloom to the Magistrate after the purge of Dalaran)